Sermons/Studies Dealing With the New
United States of America
The New Breed of Criminal
is Dead?
The Day America
Defend and Deliver
Amerika in Her
Death Throes
The Advances of Communism
in Amerika
The Revival of Real Communism The Success of Russian Communism in Amerika
Revivals In America Today? American History: NOT According to
Public Schools
Latest article 9/15/01
Training Americans How To Quit Thinking The Old Paths! Remember when...?
United Nations Charter - A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups The Roots and Growth of Apostasy A Bit of Real
Black History
Is America the Nation of Babylon?
The Real Criminals
In America
The Disarming and Disabling of America Praise God for the United Nations Why Praise God for the United Nations?
"New America"
Good is Now
Called Evil
Communism Goals in Congressional Record 1963 Problems in
Your Garden?
Happy Birthday
Robert E. Lee
or ML King?
New Order of Barbarians
- from 1969 -
The Ecumenical Movement in Amerika The Real Terrorists
in America
Pursuit of Happiness
God, Guns & Guts The New Terrorists 
in America
The Real Targets in America A Simple Solution 
for America's Problems
A Moment of True American History    

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