Students of history are well aware of the fact that America has adopted (in the last thirty years) the same economic system that bankrupted Cuba and Russia. This system is called "Socialism" when it first appears, and it is called this for good reason, for it is not real, genuine, "Marxist" Communism - the kind that Trotsky and Martin Luther King believed in. The brand of "Communism" that is being adopted is the Lenin-Stalin, Totalitarian "Police State" of Russian history (1920-1990).

The marks are unmistakable

1. "Separation of Church and State" (which is IN the Communist constitution. Note: not anything about "laws against a religious establishment"!).
2. God and the Bible out of all schools.
3. Government seizure of land and bank accounts (USSA: "Unified Search and Seizure of Assets").
4. Total bureaucratic control over all industry, medicine, education, farming, transportation, and communications.
5. A veritable jungle of rehabilitation centers and "delinquent centers" built to imprison anyone who is not "politically correct."
6. A spy system set up to reward each citizen for "informing" on another citizen, so they can "cash" in on the "search and seizure of assets."

This produces a nation of journalists: everyone becomes a "newsmonger" or "newshound," a snooper trying to "get something" on somebody for profit (1 Tim. 6:10).

 The Russian brand of communism is "alive" and it is thriving in America.

The outstanding "Marxists" of today do not carry a "card," and they will not be found on any "party roll." The majority of them are news media reporters and publishers, and the next largest group are university and college students. Karl Marx was a student journalist. So was Lenin.

There were many Communists in France and Germany preceding Engels (1820-1895), but it could never get the hold on Germany and France that it got on Russia, although its founder (Karl Marx) was a German, not a Russian.

It was German nationalism (Bismarck: 1880) and French nationalism (Napoleon, 1812, etc.) that kept these countries from trying to convert the whole world to a mass of neuters.  The first official Communist party in the USSA began in the early 1900's.  By 1930 you could find the raised fist salute (the official salute of all Communist troops throughout the Spanish Civil War) shown on cameras where New York workers were on strike.  They wore Russian cossack boots and hats.  The hammer and sickle was a cute little misleading symbol, meaning "Farmers and Workers" ("Peasants and laborers") Unite!  Old "Uncle Joe" (FDR's term for Joseph Stalin), was christened Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili: he was a college student (Divinity) who edited a newspaper.  Communists are either intellectual philosophers, or news media reporters.  None are "farmers" or "laborers."

Engels was a German who lived in England; he financed Marx since Karl was a lazy loafer, who was drunk a good bit of the time, while he watched two of his children die of malnutrition.  Engels said simply that "Before the proletariat [i.e., "the workers, laborers, farmers, etc.] can take over, there has to be a dictatorship."  Lenin and Stalin obliged.  Hitler did the same thing.  But Adolph called his totalitarian police state "National Socialism."  Lenin called his "a Socialistic Republic."

In "Socialism you can own some property but you have no control over it or your income. It is like owning a yacht, but the ACLU, the NAACP, the HEW, the EPA, and the HRS tell you who you can have on your yacht, where you are to sail, how long you are to stay out, and what your passengers are to do while they are on "your" yacht. (In short: the Democratic Party, backed up by the news media. That is "Socialism.") Most Socialists identify this police state with "Christianity." They think that if you are a "do-gooder" to your "fellow man," and "make the world a better place to live in" you are "following Christ." This has been taught in every church in the FCCC and the NCCC since 1905.

Socialism is the first step to Russian Communism.

All Socialists place man's physical needs above his spiritual needs. All Socialists are Humanists, in temporary disguise. A Socialist is a New Age "Global" Citizen who believes in salvation by works.  Nicolai Lenin (1870-1924) was a government bureaucratic official--not a "proletariat." Lenin had nothing but contempt for the masses (i.e., Lincoln's and Mao Tse-tung's and Castro's "the people").  He was a match-mate to Adolph Hitler.  In 1905 and 1917, the "Duma" set up a provisional government, and the Germans smuggled Lenin into Russia to take it over.  The "Soviets" (Workers Council) came under the "Bolsheviks," led by the "red" armies against the "whites" till all government resistance was eliminated (USSA: 1995-1996), and all rebellion was put down (1921).  In 1919, Lenin had formed an international Commintern for the spread of International Communism.  He got a neat loan of several million dollars from Herbert Hoover to keep Russia from starving (1921-1925).  See "Slick Willie" and your tax money.

When Lenin kicked off, Joe Stalin took over, by eliminating his arch rival Trotsky (1897-1925).  He did a neat little "hatchet job" (literal) on the student journalist: he had him assassinated in Mexico.  Once in, "Uncle Joe" hit up FDR and the American taxpayers for $34,000,000 worth of tanks.  They shelled out.

Stalin set up the present "Soviet Republic."  It is set up as follows: The USSR "Supreme Soviet" and the "Central Committee" run things.  The president of the Central Committee is also president of the Supreme Soviet: i.e., he is a dictator.  The Supreme Soviet has the "Soviets of the Union" and "Soviets of National Ties."  (Note Lincoln's "preservation of the Union" by armed warfare and bloodshed).  The Central Committee controls the "All Union Party Congress," and the regional and local committees (headed up by "Commissars").  Twenty, elect, choice, elite, big shots make up the "Presidium" of the party. They are in the Central Committee.  In the USSA, this is called the "CIA," connected with the "CFR."

Now, you have the ideal setup for a totalitarian "Fourth Reich."  You can control 1,000,000,000 people in Russia, Eastern Europe, and America through less than 50,000 "change agents."  Every Russian has a right to vote,but this right means he has a right to approve or disapprove of a candidate selected by the Communist Party.  If he enters a vote against him, it costs him his job (see "affirmative action" IRS tax inquiries, EPA investigations by Army Engineers, "sexual harassment" on the job, "ethnic slurs" on the job, etc.) or his life (Waco, Texas; Boise, Idaho; CIA assassinations, etc.)

Once Stalin and Lenin had things in hand, he great and noble "do-gooders," who had the solution to man's economic problems (which were the source of his religious and social problems!) proceeded to murder more than ten times as many people in sixty years than all the Czars in Russia had murdered in 200 years.  The details are all recorded in the works of Alexander Solzhenitzen.  Twenty million arrests were made; seven million of those arrested were executed, and the rest were sent to concentration camps for hard labor (1930-1938).  Armed teams of military troops (DEA, CIA, BATF, FBI, and "Delta Forces") "collectivized" the farms by killing every farmer (Kulaks) who wouldn't turn over his private property.  Five million of these Kulaks were murdered trying to defend their land with single shot rifles and pistols, while the "peacekeeping" forces dedicated to "keeping the peace," etc. (see Somaliland, Granada, Peru, Bosnia, etc.) were armed with tanks, flame-throwers, aircraft, machine guns, and artillery pieces. Three million of these farmers were labeled as "potential terrorists," and were shipped, by rail, up into the Tundra, with the benevolent "caring and sharing" government dumping them out of the train (twenty to fifty at a time) into the snow, in temperatures below zero. Less than ten thousand survived.

This is the logical end of Socialism. Total, absolute control.

It is the final goal of the female Clinton administration.

The first, official Communist Party in the USSA was formed in 1921. From the start, it was governed by the Central Committee and Commintern in Moscow. Its first "chairman" was William Foster (1881-1961), assisted by Jay Lovestone. Karl Prussian, a secret agent for the FBI, met with official members of the Communist Party when they met with M. L. King Jr. and heard the Communist directives read at those meetings. He swore before a notary that all Communist directives, at every official meeting, recognized King Jr. as the outstanding representative of the Communist Party, and its goals in the USA. It recommended that he lead in demonstrations to tear up civil cohesion.

In 1943, "Uncle Joe" (FDR's bosom buddy!) dissolved the Commintern, after killing ten million of his own people. He did this to make FDR think that Russia had become a Democracy. (See Slick Willie and Yeltsin in 1993). He set up a totalitarian police state that made Lenin look like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

It is now 1994. Where are we? We are at the brink of a totalitarian police state that will make Hitler's Third Reich look like an experiment in welfare handouts.

Russian Communism is now the politically correct position of every politician in America:

1. Gun control, so the slaughter and arrests can begin.

2. God and the Bible out of the school, 
so the change agents can raise atheists who will rebel against parents.

3. Control of these children so they can be used against the parents (Russia: 1930-1990).

4. Under the pretense of "peace keeping," "social justice," "racial equality," "affirmative action," "environmental ecology," "behavior modification," "clarification of values," and "economic recovery," etc. mass arrests are being planned. The Russian Communist form (as defined by Lenin and Stalin: not Marx and Trotsky) is being set in place. No Communist belongs to the "party" and no Communist has to carry a "card." Russian Communism in the USSA is "legit." It has a "license" to operate. What were "bomb throwing Bolshevists" are now called "Environmental Activists." You don't have to worry any more about Walter Reuther, Earl Browder, Gus Hall, Whittikar Chambers, Alger Hiss, and FDR. What you deal with now is Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Jane Fonda, Slick Willy, Janet Reno, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, National Public Radio, "Donna," "Diana," "Hillary," Life and Time magazines, the NEA, DEA, CFR, CIA, FBI, HRS, IRS, EPA, ACLU, and the NAACP.

If you throw in ninety percent of the senators and forty percent of the representatives, and the Catholic head of the FBI, you have "The Central Party."

In the USSA, the NKVD (KGB) is called the "FBI" and "CIA."

The goal of American Communism is to disarm
the populace and confiscate private property.

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