Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

No one needs go into a "long thing" to show how TV has secularized the Body of Christ in America in the last forty years; its fruits are obvious in every congregation from liberal hellholes like the "Glass Cathedral" in Los Angeles to Hardshell Primitive Baptist churches in the mountains of Tennessee and Carolina.  A brainwash job has been performed that began with the motion picture industry after World War 1. The marriage bed, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, murder, thievery, arson, blackmailing, fraud, kidnapping, safecracking, torture, and brawls were paraded before the nation in theatres; with Darwin's inevitable upward surge of evolution (1930-1990), this emerged in the 1990s as torture, murder, sex perversion, vampires, torture, bestiality, incest, monsters, pornography, revolutions, adultery, wars, fornication, dirty jokes, cursing, assassinations, burnings, explosions, etc., in the bedrooms and living rooms of Christian people.

Advertising on TV
But along with this "evolution" came an underground or "masking" operation that few detected.  They forgot that TV time was expensive for advertising, and advertising is how all TV shows stay on the tube.  Without the advertisors, nothing operates. Most American Christians forgot that newspapers and magazines all carried liquor ads back in the pre-prohibition days, so their incomes were tied up with the "Wet or Dry" issue.  Naturally, they could only take one viewpoint on Prohibition.  They took it,
causing 20,000 deaths a year in liquor-related accidents; more than twenty times the number of deaths due to gangster activity in eight years of Prohibition: "Progress," ala Darwin.

Double Speak

Television has placed (for forty years) before the American public so many lies that lying has become a national pastime from the junkies in New York to the White House in Washington, D.C. "Ads" lie.  They use two devices which insiders recognize as "double speak" and "weasel words." The first set is to make anything bad, deadly, gross, obscene, unconstitutional, wicked, immoral, degenerate, or anti-Biblical LOOK GOOD by a euphemism." This practise is now used by all Senators, Congressmen, TV news outlets, daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, National Public Radio, and all press releases (AP,
UP, INS) from the UN and the ECC.

A gas chamber is a "Shower Room" (Hitler, World War 11).
Two-thirds of Palestine is just the "West Bank" of a river.
A Catholic army of terrorists are "political activists.
A Moslem army of terrorists are "Palestinians."
A neutron bomb is now a radiation enhancement weapon.
An MX guided missile is a "Peacemaker."
Poisoning ten thousand acres of farmland was a "resources control program" (Vietnam).
Germ warfare, by air bombs, is "airborne vector."
A mob of armed killers is a "target rich environments'
No troops ever meet on a "battlefield"; they are just "in the field."
Taxes never increase: it is just a revenue enhancement."
There are no city dumps in America; one can find only "sanitary landfills."
No one "dies," they just "expire."
No one is ever buried in a graveyard, it is a "Memorial Garden,"
No one was ever in a morgue; they were in a "Funeral Home."

Do you see the direction?

Nothing negative!

"All is well; there is no Hell" (in the NASV, NIV, Living Bible, etc.) Billy Graham's "Hell" (like the Hell of the Jehovah's Witnesses) has no shame, no pain, no smoke, no torment, no weeping, no wailing, no fire, no burning, no gnashing of teeth, and no "everlasting contempt" (Dan. 12).

The whole operation stinks of women trying to replace males in defining terms.  When you are infected with a terminal disease (GRID), you were only "exposed" to it, and it wasn't GRID; it is called "AIDS" to lessen the blow.  Women, or half-women, are at work.  There are no "whores" or "harlots" or prostitutes: there are only "call girls" or"hustlers" or "swingers."

Some women had been objecting to "whore" and "harlot." Those are Biblical words (Rev. 2, 3, 17).  Someone is worried about how something looks or sounds without regard for what it IS: Eve at work.

The "Bimbos" and "lushes" all died with TV; they are just "chronic alcoholics." With them, another vanishing breed vanished: the bums (hobos).  They were replaced with "street people," while the dopeheads were replaced with "drug abusers."

These new terms are NOT male terms coming from mature men.  They are the work of women teachers, women newspaper writers, women newscasters, and women's "libbers" who cannot face any truth that is plain, straight, honest FACT.

That is one reason why the Bible is banned from children in the schools; it deals with those kind of truths.

Weasel Words

Now , "weasel words" are words like "help, it act," "new," "share", "cope," "acts ," "works," "finer," "better," "improved," "the best," etc.  These are the words that are used more than 500 times a week on every TV network to sell cars, beer, toothpaste, hair oil, aftershave lotion, hairdos, washing machines, soap, movies, magazines, tools kitchen and housewares seeds, flowers, jewelry, political parties, environmental rip-offs, tax rip-offs, insurance, America's foreign policies, music, a rt, literature, clothes,
stocks, bonds, deodorants, and hair spray.

Television is a coveting machine for one purpose only: to giet you to want things you do not have.  This is accomplished by display and advertising.  "Covetousness is idolatry" according to the Bible, so the Bible has to "go" for a real viewer.  I can prove it to anyone who hasn't forgotten how to read third-grade English.  All you need is a dictionary of third grade words to see that from morning to night, and all through the night, you are being bombarded with a veritable barrage of LIES that would justify anything Slick Willie said or did in the time that the news media kept him in office.

Note that a "weasel word" is a word that implies what it does not say it means.  It is chosen to deliberately deceive the hearer (or reader) so he will assume something that the word does not actually say.  For the Christian counterpart, see the writing of any modern apostate Fundamentalist (especially the Christian celebrities who promote twentieth-century (Laodicean) Bible transla tions; i.e., "THE" Greek text, the "original Greek text "Erasmus was a Catholic, "King James was a homosexual," the AV had "alternate readings in the margin , the "AV translators did not profess to be inspired," etc.  This is the result of what you and your family have been exposed to via newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads, and "doziers" advertising products for forty years.  You have been exposed to it for nearly your entire lifetime at a rate and intensity at least twenty times the intensity that your grandmothers and grandfathers (1900-1933) endured.


"This medicine helps relieve cold symptoms." So you bought it thinking that even if it didn't cure the cold (it couldn't), it could stop the symptoms (it couldn't).  It said "relieve" so you thought it would relieve them; it didn't say it would.  It said it would "HELP" relieve them.  The ad actually said nothing at
all.  It is like an NIV reading in 2 Timothy 2:15 or a NASV reading in John 1:18.

"This hair spray will help keep you looking young." So will rest, exercise, diet, and a facelift.  It said nothing about making you young or keeping you young.  It just said you would look like it.  In whose eyes?  Yours?  Your husband's?  Your women friends?  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The ad said nothing.

So you buy the junk because it "helps you feel young . . ." or it "helps you stop this or that . . ." or it "helps eliminate something," etc.  It doesn't actually DO anything.  A cleaner that "helps keep your home germ free" doesn't kill them, doesn't keep them out, and cannot even handle them if they are the wrong kind of germs.

Here's a good one!  "If it's not Budweiser, it's not beer!" You're a liar.  And only a liar would believe you.

Now, America must train its citizens on how to lie so they will believe a lie (2 Thess. 2).  Here are thousands of poor, homely women searching the Clairol counter all day so that their husbands will think they look like the professional model on the package.  No way.  If you have a face that would derail a freight train, no "New" Clairol is going to do anything for you.  Similarly, some men actually think that it they use "Bruit" or "Old Spice" aftershave lotion that a teenaged professional Hollywood model will go completely to pieces over them because they have become irresistible.  We have raised a nation of
liar-lovers.  "Deceivers and being deceived" (2 Tim. 3).

Everything is "improved" or "new and improved," which means ... ? Nothing.  The bottle has a new lid on it. The package is a different kind of plastic.  A spout has been added.  The chemical ratios have been altered.  A different smell has been added. So you pay more and the product you buy is no more effective doing what it was supposed to do than before it was "improved."

Sometimes, to prove that some piece of commercial junk has "improved," the advertiser claims it is "finer" or "longer" or "better" "tougher" or recommended by "most" doctors or contains twice as much of something-or-other as another brand.

Americans are now at the place where they cannot understand one syllable words on a third-grade level.  "This drink looks, smells, and tastes like REAL TEA." What does REAL tea look like? According to who?  What does it smell like?  According to whom?  An Anacin ad used to say, "Twice as much of the plain reliever doctors recommend most!" What pain reliever?  Which doctors?  Horse doctors?  If the' pain reliever was aspirin, then it was twice as much show up.  They cannot read third-grade English.  They want sermons to SOUND good; sermons that say absolutely nothing.  They want to pretend that the
preacher is actually preaching the Bible when he is feeding them garbage.  They are adjusted to this kind of living.  He could say: "Thus said the Lord, you shall share the impact of your life by reaching out and touching others!" And they would respond:  "Isn't it wonderful to have an up-to-date version in modern language you can understand!!"

"Double-speak" and "weasel words," in the living room, dining room, bedroom, parlor, kitchen, and den: twenty four hours a day, through a dozen media outlets.  "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should." Should any cigarette taste "good"?  To whom?  Does it taste good (since it "should")?  To whom?  "Limburger tastes good like a cheese should!"

"Now, at last the Bible in a language you can understand!" "Now, a scholarly work for serious students of the Word of God!" "True to the original Greek text!"  That is a lie that is believed by almost all Chritians today.

Madison Avenue baloney.  K-rations for spiritual suckers and babies.  K-Mart "specials" for silly women and Biblical illiterates.

They were trained in their homes via newspapers, handbills, radio programs, and TV programs. You now have over 200,000,000 of them in the United States who have consumed this "diet" for at least thirty years.

Americans no longer can THINK.

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