The Revival of Real Communism

Since the "only thing that men learn from history,...etc." one should not be surprised to find a thing repeating itself over and over again completely undetected by the news media and "informed sources."

During the past few years, the press has been "having themselves a ball" pretending to be for everything they have been against for years, and pretending to be against everything they have been promoting for forty years.  For years (since FDR) the news media has been dedicated to promoting Communists (M.  L.  King Jr., Walter Reuther, Gus Hall, the Hollywood crowd, etc.), communist causes (the NCCC and attacks on Senator McCarthy), covering up for Communists (Bernadette Devlin, Patty Hearst, the Black Panthers, et al), and using Communist methods (gun control, progressive taxes, family pools, ecology, etc.).  Now suddenly the press has decided that "Communism" is PASSE.  This is done on the grounds that eastern Europe has revolted against Russia

While doing this, the press supported THE leading Communist in Africa; a terrorist named Mandela.  The press supported Castro when he spoke at the U.N.  Concurrent with a man standing alone, unarmed before a "Communist" tank in China, is a front page photo of Mandela raising his fist in the official salute of the Communist party in Cuba, Spain, New York, and the Bolshevik Revolution.  The press called this clenched fist the "black power salute" between 1960 and 1980.

The press (Life, Time, Gannett, CBS, NBC, Hearst, Luce, ABC) is evidently PSYCHOTIC.  The Chronicle of the Twentieth Century, which has over two thousand pages, documents the entire news media debacle from its first efforts to get America drunk again (it accomplished this) to its last efforts to disarm the populace in America so criminals could have access to their money, property, and persons.

Did it ever occur to you
that the reason why there was a massacre in Beijing
was because none of the "people" had weapons?

I am going to say some "hard things." Nonetheless, they need to be said, as the news media has evidently so thoroughly brainwashed the American people they think that Communism is going out of business.  To the contrary, it is experiencing the greatest REVIVAL it has seen since the Russian Revolution.  The revolution was against the "establishment"; that is what is going on today now on a worldwide scale.

Communism is coming in as THE form of government.

The American people have been kidded (FDR) into thinking that "democracy" is the antithesis of Communism.  To do this the news media had to sell them on two things:

1) Democracy is synonymous with capitalism--which it is not.
2) A Communist country is run by military dictators (Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Sandinista,
Mao Tze, et al)--which it is NOT.

What the communists on the "nightly TV newscast, the NEA, the NAACP, and the ACLU are not telling you is that real Communism--the Marxist-Trotskyite kind--has never been tried out one time on the face of this earth.

The closest thing to it was the Welfare Socialistic State of FDR or perhaps the "birth-to-death welfare" Socialism of Sweden, but FDR's was almost a one-man rule (like Hitler or Mussolini), and Sweden's is controlled by an OLIGARCHY of bureaucrats.  Real Communism, until NOW, has never been tried out very long anywhere on this earth.  What the Comintern and KGB in Russia called "Communism" was a dictatorship under Lenin, a military dictatorship under Stalin, and is now an oligarchy of 125 men guiding the Central Party.  "Communism," as defined by Karl Marx and Trotsky, never showed up in Russia ONE TIME since 1921.

Without wasting time asking anyone's opinion about these matters, let's get to the heart of the matter.  Classic Communism is "THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT." That is the classic definition.  The news media definition of Communism is private interpretation based on Socialism.  Russia began this way in 1917-1921 and quickly vanished into a compulsory dictatorship. China began this way under Mao after World War II, and in less than five years vanished in a military dictatorship.  The "revolt" in Beijing was a student-journalist (Communist) revolt against a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP that had been in power for forty-eight years.  Because Mao had a "red book" and professed Marxism, and talked about it, meant nothing.  No "proletariat" opened their mouth while he was in control.  When they did, his tanks squashed them in the streets; ditto Fidel Castro, the great "Marxist."

The closest America came to being a real Communist satellite was in 1964 after a real Communist--M.L.  King Jr.--"revolted against the establishment" and proposed a mongrel mass of undifferentiated "proletariat" who ran things.  He went down in history as a champion of "Democracy" and "freedom." The truth is, "the people" lost more RIGHTS due to his work between 1964 and 1974 than they had lost between 1800 and 1900.  The most damaging thing was every man, woman, and CHILD in America (both black and white) lost their right to "freedom of association." They could no longer choose their friends, associates, employees schoolmates, or playmates.  The government chose them.

In classic Communism, "the people" overthrow the "establishment," take control and then "redistribute" the wealth of the country, soaking the "rich" and feeding the "poor." In classic Communism, marriage is an arrangement for convenience and ATHEISM is taught in the public school system.  The nearest thing to a Communist country in the world today, along these lines, is AMERICA.  Russia had in its Bolshevist Constitution a clause on absolute separation of church and state.  It was used to imprison 100,000 professing Christians and kill at least 90,000 of them.  (Some statistics say 5,000,000.)

This enigma can be solved if one takes two things for granted at the start, and I take both of these things for granted.
1) No country's success is due to Capitalism, Communism, or Catholicism.
2) As long as evolution is taught, or even believed, no form of government will work.

Animals in a jungle will go by ONE LAW and one law only; the law of the Alexandrian Cult among Fundamentalists:  "What I prefer is the final authority." Animals are amoral in their life styles.  Marx was an animal, like Darwin, according to everything that he professed.  You are an animal, according to both of these religious "confessions." The law of the jungle has nothing to do with Capitalism, democracies, republics, church states, or Communism; it is much more crude and much simpler and far more basic.  It is simply, "ME FIRST AND YOU NEXT."

That is how ALL Capitalistic and ALL Communist, and ALL Catholic countries operate where the leaders are convinced that Darwin was telling the truth.  Evolution has been THE issue since 1880 because it deals with final authority.  Dog eat dog; king of the beasts, who gets to run who.  Today, the closest thing to mob rule by the proletariat is America, but even here the old bugaboo of "survival of the fittest" will overcome the "proletariat." Karl Marx's thesis was an impossible one due to human nature.  The proletariat will never run any country.  They never have, whether the country was Capitalistic, Communistic, or Roman Catholic.  In America, the legislatures (state and national) and the federal judges (district and supreme) are controlled by the NEWS MEDIA, which increases its percent of being homosexual.  The great "reforms" coming up in America are all Communist-slanted and Communist oriented while the news media is bragging about the "demise" of Communism.

A genuine Communist is not a man like Gorbachev, Kruschev, Lenin, Stalin, or Castro.  Gorbachev, as Lenin and Stalin, simply ran out of funds.  He knew we would bail him out because we did it TWO times before (Lenin in the 1920's and Stalin in the 1940's).  This is the same news media that got rid of the gold standard and brought your beer and whiskey back into the high schools.  It is the same press that is going to disarm you and make you sit down at the table with sodomites infected with AIDS.  It is the same press that got you into World War I and World War II and it is the same press that stopped us before we could end the war in Korea (by crossing the Yalu River), and it is the same press that got 120,000 of our boys killed in Viet Nam trying to put through the Vatican's peace plan for Saigon through John Kennedy.  Same outfit.
According to Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto, what is a real Communist?

1.  Above all, a real Communist is a humanistic MATERIALIST who worships man "in the mass" as a God.  (Masons, Aquarians, NEA, New Age, etc., etc.)

2.  He is an absolute religious fanatic on the dogma of spontaneous generation by CHANCE.  (AAAS, National Geographic, Time, Life, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, and ABC.) All Communists are evolutionists, even if every evolutionist is not a Communist.

3.  He is a revolutionary who believes in DEMONSTRATING by protests and strikes against "social" injustice, and especially the "oppression of minorities and the "down trodden (Third World) masses." The news media is the A-1 example of this conviction of Communism.  Trade unions and the NAACP practice this religion.

4.  He is a "wealth SHARER whose main vocabulary word is `share,' meaning `give me what I want that I don't have.'" That is Karl Marx's original position.  He was neither a farmer or a "worker." He was a student-journalist.  All Communist uprisings in Cuba, Italy, Spain, the Philippines, Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan, and China begin with STUDENTS:  students exposed to a news media of some sort.  Lenin and Marx were both student-journalists.

5.  He is a "one worlder," who envisions a world where everybody "shares" everything and no one fights over land because the land belongs to EVERYONE (Agrarian reform, NRS, TWO, etc.).

You are witnessing the greatest revival of Marxism since the Russian revolution.  This time it will be a RELIGIOUS MARXISM with the Vatican calling the shots.  We call this great new world government "SOVIET CATHOLICISM" and have for more than twenty-five plus years.  The greatest supporter of Communism since 1945 has been the United States of America.  "Communism" would have folded up and gone back to the shelf forty years ago but for Uncle Sam.  As it is, Communism is alive and in good shape.  The only people hurting are the "establishment," but Communism was designed from the start to hurt the "establishment." If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you had better read Isaiah, Revelation, and Zephaniah.  The FUTURE of the present "revolt of the proletariat" against military dictatorships and bureaucratic oligarchies (government by a select "few") is an ironclad MILITARY DICTATORSHIP which will control the proletariat exactly as Stalin and Lenin did, but this time it will be world-wide control which will include all of the "proletariat" in North, Central, and South America, plus Africa and Europe.

It will simply be Russian Communism on a global scale.  No longer will you be able to blame Russia.  You will then be dealing with the Roman Catholic "Man of Sin" in control of the United Nations.  The class-leveling will be absolutely complete with no man able even to "BUY OR SELL" unless he is a Catholic Communist.  Calling the modern movement "democracy" is just too funny for words.  Democracy IS the dictatorship of the "proletariat." It is genuine Communism as defined by the founder of the religion.  AMERICA WAS FOUNDED AS A REPUBLIC, not a Democracy.  She is no longer a Republic:  she is the best example of real Marxist Communism on the face of this earth today and is not only exulting in her success in getting prayer and the Bible out of the school system, but is planning to shut the doors of every Bible believing church in America by litigation and law suits over taxes, social security, asbestos, child abuse, brainwashing.  "cultic" beliefs, and refusal to hire lesbians, homosexuals, and blacks.  This is a "DEMOCRACY." And that is where Poland, Romania, Hungary, China, etc., are headed.  China will be the hardest to convert.  Shem is not as pliable as Japheth.


A final word from Dimitryh Z.  Manuilski, of the Lenin School of POLITICAL WARFARE, in Moscow:  "To win we will need the element of surprise.  So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular PEACE MOVEMENT on record.  There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of CONCESSIONS (see your news media!!).  The Capitalistic countries...will rejoice to cooperate in their own DESTRUCTION.  They will jump at the chance to be FRIENDS (see Life, Time, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, etc.).  As soon as their guard is down we will smash them with our CLENCHED FIST."

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