American History
Bits and Pieces of What We Done Be
Not Taught In Public Schools Today

Because they followed God nation...under God...

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD...
Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly
Psalm 1:1a

There is a wonderful history to our country.  Unfortunately, the counsel of the ungodly has done a great job in lying to the students in our schools for years.  When I started teaching in a private Christian school and then within our own homeschool in our home, I 'discovered' the true biblical history of our country.  God truly had His hand in the foundation of our country and kept His hand on this country as long as His words were respected and turned to by our leaders.

Unfortunately again, even though some make that christian claim, the law of the Lord is no longer respected by our leaders today.  In fact, Gods words are being outlawed in all 50 states in some form or another.  And then besides the obvious, there is the subtle teaching of the ungodly that seems to be believed by Americans today.

This site will contain bits and pieces of true American history.  You can see for yourself how God had His hand over this land for many many years.

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The Father of Our Country - George Washington
The Constitution
The Americans Who Risked Everything
The Complete Star Spangled Banner
Jeffersonian View of the Civil War
New Order of Barbarians

More titles will be added often - keep checking back - we were taught WRONG!

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