Well, that's what Logsdon says.  Turn to Revelation 17.  Logsdon was a pastor up in Emmanuel Baptist Church in Holland, and then he left there and went somewhere.  And he's got a book out to try to prove that Babylon the Great is America.  And he doesn't change more than about five verses with the Greek.  But when a fellow changes a verse, I usually leave him.
All right, Revelation 17 on Babylon.  Revelation 17:1:  "And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters."

Verse 3:  "So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness:  and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast..." Now, the Bible is self-interpreting.  If you want to know who this woman is, the Bible tells us who the woman is.  In the same chapter, look at verse 18:  "And the woman which thou sawest is..." what?  What?  "...that great city..." Not a nation!  The Bible says it's a great city--not a nation.

That makes a nice book you can sell, you know, and get all the prophetic students messing around with it, you know.  But that's a lie.  Babylon is not a country; Babylon is a city.

All right, now let me show you some other things about this city.  Verse 4:  "The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet." Are the colors of the United States purple and scarlet?  Do you know of any city whose colors are purple and scarlet?  Well now, if you don't, let's look at verse 9:  "The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."

That's ROME!

Here's a city built on seven mountains that reigns over the kings of the earth, her colors are purple and scarlet.  Now, if she isn't Rome, if you have any doubts, go back to verse 4 and look at it again:  "...having a golden cup..."

Did you ever drive down the streets and see that little gold cup sitting there on the sign with that "RX" sitting on it?  Don't they have that in Los Angeles?  They've got them everywhere else.  Did you ever see that thing out there with a little sign like this, by a church, and here's a gold cup sitting like this?  And then you've got this thing sitting here like that.  Boy, they've got them all over Louisiana, I'll guarantee you.  "A golden cup."

All right, something else about this woman.  Verse 6:  "...the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs..." Do you know of a city built on seven hills who kills saints and martyrs, and has a golden cup, and her colors are purple and scarlet?

So, I've always taught the woman is Rome.  And, if she's the United States, somebody's sure stretching the Scripture.

You know, folks, you're living in the last days.  You know that, don't you?  And this prophecy thing, a lot of Christians go out to sea on it in America.  There are guys who go up and down this country making a living on preaching Ezekiel 38 and 39, and Matthew 24--that's all the Bible they know, and they don't know that!  And you get that way by spending too much time in front of television.  Did you ever stop to think about that television, sitting there giving you a newscast every hour?  And there are items on the half hour?  And that radio on the hour and every half hour?  And the newspapers?  Did you know, brethren, there isn't that much news in the world?  You buy a Los Angeles Times for ten cents--that thing is that thick.  Do you realize that if you took everything that's really news that happened in one year and put it on a piece of paper, it would fit one piece of paper in a year?  It would fit one piece of paper.

And the Bible said in Acts chapter 17, the Athenians spent their time hearing or telling something new.  You get a bunch sitting around:  "What's next?  What's next?  It's shaping up!  It's shaping up!  It's shaping up!" You know, watching every little detail of what's going on.

Well, it sure is shaping up.  But the Bible doesn't tell you about Ford getting that shipment back.  And the Bible doesn't tell you about killing the calves before they go to Honduras.  Now, some prophetic teacher can go through there, you know, "The calves, the pasture,..." and there it is--big item!  Fifteen-minute broadcast, you know.  And then go through here, you know, and, "The ships of Tarshish have gone into captivity." You know, a fifteen-minute broadcast!  And those guys are making a living off that kind of thing.

Now, here's the whole thing.  You know what this Bible says about the future.  They're all going to get together, so the devil will swallow them up in one bunch.  So, every news item is just one more thing to show you they're getting together; that's all it is!  I mean, "Nixon Goes to Red China." Where's that in the Bible?  It isn't in the Bible--except they've got to get together.

So, you don't want to go too much to sea in that thing, you know, locating all those details.

You know what they're doing down in Berkeley?  I mean, they pay those guys down there, those professors, you know, thirty or forty thousand dollars a year, and I could tell them their curriculum without going down there and looking at it.  You know what they're doing down there in Berkeley?  They're teaching the way to get rid of wars--this is what they do in the United Nations and the H.E.W.  and the National Education Association.  You know what they're doing right now?  They're teaching, "The way to get rid of wars is to get rid of differences." It's just that simple!  "The way to get rid of wars is to get rid of differences." That's all they're teaching!  There isn't a lawyer or doctor in this country who isn't working on that.  "The way to get rid of wars is to get rid of differences."

How do you get rid of differences?  You level to a common denominator.

So, everywhere in this earth today, you know what the leaders are doing?  They're teaching you ladies that you're really men!  And they're teaching you men that you're really women!  Get rid of the differences.  See?  That's all that thing is!

You're going to wind up with washrooms with no names on the washrooms.  "Man or woman." They'll make them the same!

All right now, they're going to teach you this:  There's no "Catholic" or "Protestant." The Catholic has to have a Sunday school and bus the kiddies in.  And they're doing it!  And they're preaching, and they've got Sunday school literature.  Now, you Protestants have to wear a cross around your neck.  And put robes in the choir, and put the candles in.

If this room was filled with every leading major scientist, educator, philosopher, lawyer, and doctor in the world in here, I could tell you in thirty minutes everything all of them are doing in this mess, and they couldn't tell you one thing I didn't tell.  Because all they're doing is what I'm telling you.

Now they're saying, "Now you black folks are not black, and you white folks aren't white.  You're the same." See?  So you get a black fellow to talk like a white fellow.  Get a white fellow to talk like a black fellow.  Best way to do it is to give them their music.  Give them their culture.  Mix them up in school.

All right, now, you Occidentals.  You're not really Occidental; you're Oriental.  Shave your head, sit cross-legged, Yoga, meditate, you know--see, you're Oriental.  Now you Orientals are not Oriental-- you're Occidental.

All they're doing is teaching that there isn't any difference in anything, and they hope to enforce that and get rid of wars.  That's all they're working on.

Now, you folks who are rich, they're going to make you poor.  They're going to take your money and "share." Now, you folks who are poor, they're going to make you rich.  Welfare.  They're going to give you the money.

Now, you folks who are old--fifty, sixty, seventy--they're going to make you young.  See?  Just talk and act like "kiddies." And you take these kiddies--eight, nine, ten--they're "responsible adults." They make their own decisions.  See that thing?

In plainer words, when you get that thing right down to it, every major progressive movement in the world is just one movement--just to get them together.  And the Antichrist will come in, and will just swallow them in one swallow.

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