United Nations Charter:
A fairy tale for grown-ups
Written July 1993

From time to time we have printed "rib ticklers" or "thigh slappers" to add a little spice to the dregs of the Laodicean diet. Among these were to be found such "boffers" as:

"The founding of the United Nations will usher in the greatest period of peace
the world has ever known" (Truman)
"I said it before, and I will say it again, your boys will never have to go overseas again
to fight another war" (FDR);
"Integration will do away with violence and hatred, and usher in social justice"
(any nut speaking on CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, or writing for Time, Life, or Newsweek).


 However, we thought you might like to see one more, in print--the most hilarious scenario ever written for professional comedians in this century. It is called The First Book of the United Nations (Franklin Watts, Inc., N.Y. 1959) and was written by Edna Epstein to be used as a textbook in the Middle Schools (formerly Junior High Schools) in America.
The writer tells us that "the United Nations is a mirror of the world as it is" (p. 80). That is, the looking glass (James 1) that God ordained to show you what 'the world was" has been replaced with an assembly of unsaved politicians. "The United Nations is the ONLY world organization equipped to deal with differences among nations" (p. 79). However, they teach there are no differences between races, religions, or sexes. The "differences" they deal with are, therefore, imaginary. The UN "helps to keep peace" as "workers for peace and a better world."

This "better world'' under the "peace keeper" sported forty-two wars as soon as it was founded:

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cyprus, Crete, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Honduras, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Iran, Honduras, Greece, Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, the Chad, Rhodesia, Angola, Bosnia, Serbia, Yugoslavia, etc.
 "One of the main purposes of the United Nations is to promote human rights and freedoms. Laodicea: the rights of the people. For the first time in history, the United Nations has worked out an international definition of the rights of man (p. 56). Since then, every December 1 0th is known as Human Rights Day (p. 57)."
"Rights" given by WHOM?

Some government? Then a government controls your rights. It can take any of them away overnight. These "rights" are given by the UN, apart from God: the right of individuals to "life, liberty, and security..." (Except in the case of protecting your wife and family, or property from rapists, robbers, muggers, sex perverts, the IRS, the HRS, and black mobs that resent jury trials.)

No man in America, or the UN, has the "right" to choose his business associates, his tenants, or even his employees. No man in the UN has the right to ignore, or exclude, anyone he doesn't like, from his own private life. More than toleration is demanded; he is ordered, under the threat of arrest or fine, to keep company with people he does not want to keep company with.
        With this in effect, this facsimile of Pogo and Krazy Kat says you have the right to "associate freely with other people." But you cannot really associate FREELY at all, for "other people" are defined in the sentence as "you will associate freely with all people we tell you you have to associate with."
        "This is also a great accomplishment in the progress of mankind" (p. 57). It has been practiced in all concentration camps, rehabilitation centers, jails, penitentiaries, and armies for more than 4,000 years. All there can "freely associate" with the "other people" who are incarcerated there with them.
        "It has stopped wars that were already being fought on the battlefield." Forty-five of them in less than fifty years.

        This Fairy Tale organization that exists for the sole purpose of furnishing realists some laughs, and for the purpose of soothing the shattered nerves of day dreamers, has a Charter. The Preamble of the Charter says this:
        "We, the people (see Lenin, Castro, Marx, Lincoln, Mao, et al.) of the United Nations, determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war [forty-five in less than fifty years] which twice [World War I and II] has brought untold sorrow to mankind, reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights" (instead of God or the Bible) "to promote social progress (drug traffic, faggot takeover of public school systems, etc.) and better standards of life (Ethiopia, Somaliland, downtown New York, Chicago, E. St. Louis, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc.) and for these ends to...live together in peace with one another as good neighbors" (Lithuania and Russia, Moldavia and the Ukraine, Bosnia and Serbia, Laos and Cambodia, Ireland and Ulster, Iraq and Iran, Israel and Syria, etc.) "...to unite our strength to maintain international peace [forty-five wars in fifty years] to ensure...that armed force shall not be used, SAVE IN THE COMMON INTEREST..." (p. 81).
        Therefore, Kuwait was in the "common interest," the invasion of Afghanistan was in the common interest, the absolute and complete denial of all civil rights in Beijing was in the common interest, and the murder of four hundred Protestants in Ulster by the IRA was in the common interest, plus the killing of fifty-four people in Los Angeles (because a jury gave a verdict that was not in "the common interest") was also in the common interest.

        Footnote to the side show: "The power and influence of the United Nations is due to its prestige as an organization that represents world opinion" as its "moral authority" (p. 85). Wide-open Mafia drug traffic, international 'terrorism, no checks on adultery, fornication, bestiality, sex perversion, or pornography, no Biblical convictions, no mention of the Ten Commandments, no mention of Jesus Christ (or prayer to Him) allowed at any "assembly" or "council" meeting. The United Nations replaced God as the moral authority. Then it had the gall to talk about " rights. "
From WHOM?
Man is freely entitled to all of these "goodies," is he? Who says so?
Did they read it in a book somewhere? Who wrote the book?
Was it just an instinct or "feeling" they had about something?
        A man has a "right" to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, does he? Where did such a ridiculous fairy tale come from? No man in America has those rights, although they are found in our documents. If your "happiness" depends upon you disciplining your own children, choosing what school they attend, and protecting them from sex perverts and jungle culture, how could you "pursue" it in America?
        We recommend for Side Show of the Year, the United Nations Charter; the funniest piece of slapstick comedy ever committed to print. For sheer meaningless nonsense you would have a hard time beating it. Even the nonsense in Cracked and Mad has some meaning to it. The United Nation's profession of faith is a minstrel show run by Charlie Chaplin.

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