Revivals In America Today?

Now, as long as the Gentiles listen to what God has to say and believe the Bible and read the Bible, then the Lord will continue to bless them.  And when they turn away, then God's going to cut them off.
Now, you're living in the day and age when God cuts them off.  These things we're talking about here are future, when he wrote this thing.  They're no longer future, brethren.  This stuff started about 1901.  And about 1918, the Lord took the Gentiles and finished them off.  And, since then, He's been renewing His dealings with Israel.
The last revival we had in America was back in 1933, under Billy Sunday.  And since then, we haven't had a revival.  Now, we've stayed afloat on sticks and boards and planks--and mainly boards (trustees and deacons and things!).  And we stayed afloat for about 45 years now, just almost because of the work of about two men--and neither one of them was an evangelist.  One of them was Dr. DeHaan in Grand Rapids, Michigan; he had a radio network all around the United States.  And the other one was J. Frank Norris out of Texas.  And if it weren't for those two fellows there, you wouldn't see any sign of nothing.
You wouldn't see Jack Hyles.  What Jack Hyles knows about soul-winning and about Sunday school organization, he got out of Texas.  And what John Rawlings and what Beauchamp Vick know about building big Sunday schools, and what the Southern Baptists learned about the five-point Sunday school program, they learned from a fellow named Entzminger - who was Frank Norris's Sunday school superintendent.  And if it weren't for that, you wouldn't have anything left.
Today, if you took out two thousand independent Baptist churches in America, and traced the roots of those two thousand churches back, every one of them would go back to Ft.  Worth.  That's right!
I ain't prejudiced; I ain't from Ft.  Worth.  But that's where they go; they go to Ft.  Worth, Texas.
All right, now, you haven't had a revival under Billy Graham, and all this stuff.  You get the wildest stuff listening to radio.  Now, here are some of these charismatic nuts, you know:  "Oh, I'm so excited out here!  Yes, I'm so excited about this program here.  God is doing things here.  Come out and join our services, where God is blessing and people are being saved." You can go to some of those churches for five years and never see a man saved.  You don't believe it?  Go out there and see.  Sit there Sunday after Sunday, and watch the "retreads." Watch the people who have been saved 15 times getting saved again.  That's the people getting saved in those churches.
And all stuff about, you know, "I'm so excited these days.  Yes, God is doing great things!" Well, what is He doing, son?  What's He doing?
"Oh, He's doing great things!"
Awww, shut up!
I mean, I get so sick and tired of them saying, "God is doing great things," meaning, "My records are selling".
I go up and down this country all the time.  I don't see God doing great things.  I see the devil doing some great things.  But the Lord's people these days are few and far between, and they aren't doing much where they are.
I know a fellow last time in Pensacola, I saw where they shut down all the liquor stores in Pensacola.  They never shut them down all the time I've been here.  I never saw them get rid of the go-go girls and the lesbian outfits, and the "lollipup" and the "yum-yum tree," and all this stuff.  If they did, they'd just go someplace else.  There's no revival in this country.
When Sam Jones came into town and preached--they have a town up in Alabama called "Reform," Alabama.  And they named that place after a meeting Sam Jones had there.  And when Sam Jones came into a town and preached for eight weeks, and left that town, there'd be nobody in the jail, the theaters would be closed, nobody would be playing cards, the liquor stores would run out of business.  There wasn't anything left.  And when guys would curse in the streets, they'd lower their voices, so nobody could hear them.
Now, when have you been to a revival like that?
You take Billy Graham.  He may be getting a lot of people saved--and I'm not too sure about that, from the looks of things there.  I don't know how many people you get saved by saying, "Are you lonely?  Are you disappointed?  Are you discouraged?  Let Christ come into your life." I don't know how many you could get saved from that kind of thing.
In the first place, Christ doesn't come into anybody's life when they get saved--He comes into their body.  Just try to hear that one, too.  "And I'm so happy since Christ came into my life." Which Christ?  There are about five of them, you know.  "Christ came into my life." Came into your life?  He's in everybody's life; He's in the devil's life.  There is so much Jesus Christ in the devil's life, he don't appreciate it a bit!
But if you're saved, it's "Christ in you," and it's the Jesus Christ of the Bible who died, and was buried, and rose from the dead.

Revivals in the country?  Right!

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