Amerika in Her Death Throes

Back in 1964, when the so-called "Civil Rights" Act was passed, many lawyers warned the lawmakers that if that bill was passed it would destroy The Bill of Rights completely, and give to the Federal Government "unlicensed power and control" over every facet of American life. In the next thirty years an observant student of history could watch and confirm the systematic realization of that prophecy. What began with "blacks should be able to drink out of the same drinking fountains with whites" ended with a convicted criminal (armed robbery) getting paid $4,000,000, for resisting arrest after driving 90 m.p.h. in a 45 m.p.h. zone. He was black.

The thinking behind the Civil Rights Act had far more behind it than just forcing an employer to hire blacks, when he didn't want to: although that, in itself, is a violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What was behind it was the foresight to see that by giving special privileges--not "rights"--to minorities, you could quickly bring the whole nation to its knees under a Fascist Communist set-up that would make Stalin or Hitler applaud. I am overstating nothing. In the last three years, the "New Age" has sported four incidents that show how Slick Willie and Janet (the Attorney Generaless) are now in control of your house, boat, car, bank account, property, and the real estate of your relatives. This was done by using four "minorities" to run off the founding fathers of America. The men who wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence lacked four essential qualities for setting up a sane government (at least according to CBS, NBC, ABC, Time, Newsweek, Life, and USA Today).

1. They had no blacks present to make any suggestions.

2. They had no women present to make any suggestions.

3. They had no queers present to make any suggestions.

4. They had no children present to make any suggestions.

By all Hillary-Billary standards, they were sexist, racist, child abusing, tyrants. They should have been jailed. They are being jailed now.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 says that no man has a right to protect his own home, no man has a right to protect his family with a firearm, no man has a right to set up a private club, no church has a right to preach its religious convictions if they are contrary to the news media, no man has a right to hire or fire his own employees, no man has a right to protect his children from sex perverts (queers don't reproduce), and no man has a right to choose a school for his child, or prevent his child from being taught humanism and atheism in school.

White, male, straight, adult Protestants received no rights in 1964.

The "rights" were all given to blacks, queers, women, and children .

This installed them as federal agents to be used in getting rid of white, male, adult, Protestant leadership. That was the leadership of 1700 to 1800.

You may not realize, yet, the condition your country is in, because of too much time spent with the news media, but at present (whether you know it or not) the whole country has been set up on a spy system, like Russia (NKVD) was set up in 1919. Informers are being paid to pass on rumors and gossip to the bureaucrats so they can make arrests without warrants, break and enter, and kill (without arrest or trial), and imprison or fine (or confiscate property) without trial by jury. It abusive system is already in operation. No Constitution or Bill of Rights is even referred to in the proceedings, which are often instituted entirely by a judge and without a jury or due process or representation. In a female set-up (Women's Lib) the key word is "rumor": "We heard he had some illegal weapons," "We heard the children were forced to study the Bible four hours a day," "We heard the children were slapped," "We were told that there was some marijuana on the premises," "We were told his shotgun barrel was 1/4" short," "This black said the woman they raped was not somebody's wife but a whore who propositioned them," etc. The key words are "Have you heard?" "Do you know what I know?" "Let me tell you...!" It is now a female judiciary.

Furthermore, under the new female ultra-Communist set-up, the "stool pigeon" doesn't have to appear in court and you don't get a chance to see who it is: he can even be fictitious--nonexistent.

Now this is the set up: it is the present set up. If your next door neighbor wants to get his hands on your property all he has to do is go to one of Janet's "crusaders" and say, "I heard they had a pot party there the other night," or " I heard someone scream there last week," or "I saw him spank his child with a belt," and your home, car, and property will be seized as "assets," along with your bank account. It will be seized before charges are filed. They will be seized on the spot, at less than a moment's notice, and armed S.W.A.T. teams (with tanks and helicopters) will come to make sure you get murdered if you try to defend your home. According to Billy-Hillary's definition of a "family"--any communal group of like-minded people constitute a "family"--Koresh's family (Waco) was murdered.

Now here are four cases; they all took place. Not one of them is science fiction. They all happened in America: "The land of the free" where all abortionists, dopers, whoremongers, criminals, and sex
perverts holler about their "rights."

1. A southern High School principal was fined $200,000, sentenced to five years in a federal penitentiary, and has $62,000 taken from him and given to the Clinton administration (the "govmint"). It was
his first arrest; he had never even gotten a speeding ticket. What was the crime he committed that put him in company with Mafia criminals and 1,000 sodomites?

He had saved up $62,000 to buy some Krugerands with. It took him twenty years to save this money.
The government took it and jailed him. In the "New Age," thrift and saving are not virtues: they are criminal offenses. He had purchased nine cashier checks to mail to the coin company, so he was imprisoned.

2. On October 2, 1992, two dozen officers, plus national guard units, plus the DEA, plus the L.A. Sheriff's Department (thirty armed men in full combat gear) broke and entered the house of a half-blind millionaire named Donald Scott. He was sixty-one years old. They murdered him on a "tip" from an anonymous "informant" that Scott's wife was passing around $100 bills. Another anonymous informant had told them
that Scott was growing marijuana. Scott thought the armed officers were armed robbers, so he grabbed a pistol: they killed him and took his property. No trial by jury, no search warrant, no arrest, no cause for armed robbery: there was no marijuana found anywhere on the two hundred acres. They just wanted his money, so they took it.

Now here is the bait. If you want ten percent of anyone's real estate, all you have to do is be an "informant" and pass along a tip (i.e., "Koresh has a suicide cult and is abusing children," etc.). You then get part of the booty when the owner is imprisoned, or shot. Sixty-five informants in 1992 made over $100,000 each by passing along their female rumors.

3. A man named Weaver (who did not head up a cult, and who had no illegal weapons; and who had no criminal record) was surrounded (at his own private dwelling with his own family) by helicopters, tanks, flame throwers, CIA SWAT teams, and police and was hauled off to prison after they murdered his wife and one of his children. His "crime" was that the bureaucrats had offered him a good, healthy sum to be an informant against Christians who owned firearms, and when he refused, they tricked him into closing a deal for the sale of a sawed-off shotgun whose barrel was 1/4 of an inch short. To this day, no one knows whether it was, or it wasn't. It only WAS, after the bureaucrats acquired possession of it. No trial by jury. No search warrant. This man's name was Weaver. He was absolutely "guilty till proved innocent." They murdered his wife and child by "mistake." None of them were imprisoned or fined.

This is the "New Age"; the "change" that Slick Willy promised.

4. In the last case, the "guilty" (he was never tried, or  brought before a jury) had his "family" wiped out--if one accepts the Clinton Administration's definition of what a family is (of course it has been adjusted to meet the demands of homosexuals) and then claimed that his own "family" burned themselves to death because it had been rumored that it was a "suicide cult"--like Jim Jones. After igniting inflammable material (after breaking and entering, armed robbery, assault with deadly weapons, and trespassing), six dozen deaths were recorded (including a dozen small children). The Generaless (Janet Reno) said, "I heard some of the children were being slapped."

That is the fruit of the Civil Rights Act (1964) with rights for minorities. In this case, "children being slapped" resulted in their being burned to death. They had that "right. "

Finally, the taxpayers had to pay a convicted black criminal -- arrested in the middle of a crime--$4,000,000 because his arrest was "socially significant."

A half-blind, sixty-one year old, white male getting killed to get his property, had no "social significance."

A loner, living with his wife and children in a mountain cabin, had no "social significance," even when his wife and child (neither one of them were criminals) were shot; he was a white, straight, adult, male.

And down in Miami, a German woman visiting America was murdered by four blacks when she got out of her car in the "wrong end of town." She was not a criminal. She was a nurse who worked with handicapped children. She received nothing from the taxpayers. As a matter of fact, CBS, NBC, ABC, Time, Life, Newsweek, and the Clinton Administration didn't repeat the incident, one time, or mention it again, after it was mentioned as a "byline." The woman was a white, straight, adult. She had no "social significance."

America is through.
Her greatest enemy right now is GOD.
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