If you still wonder what is going on in America, this is a good eye-opener to show you that Communism is NOT dead - it is alive and well in America.  A country who once claimed to fight Communism now embraces Communism.  M. Paulson

Mankind has always courted fables; men love fairy tales. The accumulation of legends, traditions, myths, and "Urgeschicte" (German for "supra-history" i.e., a fairy tale) through the centuries would pollute Lake Michigan overnight. Who could collate such things as Darwin's theory of evolution, Einstein's theory of relativity, transubstantiation in the Mass, Santa Claus, purgatory, the Three Little Pigs, racial integration, Communism, Little Bo Peep, the Third Reich, the Billy Goat's Gruff, the NIV, Smokey the Bear, Ontogeny and Phylogeny, Mary's sinless conception, the Flying Dutchman, Hort's recension theories, the Abominable Snowman, limbo, humanism, peace talks, balancing the budget, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Women's Lib, the Lorelei, Valhalla, the Koran, the NASV, Easter bunnies, "environmental ecology," etc.?

The NRA justly noted (1993) that gun control laws have never worked one time in ANY state where they were adopted, and the cities that adopted them have the highest murder rates in America. Their plea is, "Why do you keep thinking Brady Bills (and "Janet" Bills) will stop the killing when it never has one time in forty years?" The reasoning is sound, but right before the eyes of the NRA (and the ACLU, NEA, DEA, BAFT, and NMCP) is race-mixing, which has been tried (and promoted) for forty years in every State and it has never "worked" one time in any city, or school, where it was enforced. After 1965, the crime rate went up, the drug traffic went up, the abortions went up, the venereal diseases went up; prayer and the Bible went out of the schools, and armed robbery, assault, and rape became MIDDLE SCHOOL problems.

The race mixers blamed it on TV or the breakdown of the "family."

If there is one thing that mankind has demonstrated in regards to "man being the measure of all things," it is that man cannot interpret any FACTS before his face if he has emotional or religious feelings about them. No sex pervert could possibly be more interested in defending his country (if he were in the service), or running an efficient business (if he had a job), or teaching English or Math (if he was a teacher) than he would be in finding a male to fornicate with-or several males to fornicate with. With chronic alcoholics, "community service" as "respectable citizens" is not a priority. A drunken Army officer can be brave in battle but his mind is on getting DRUNK if he is an alcoholic. A sex pervert may be a good entertainer in the music world, but his MIND is not on entertainment: it is on sex perversion. Any man's emotional "orientation" can destroy his ability to think or interpret facts. Integration was never a rational issue: it was an emotional one, promoted by the news media, to the point of hysteria. It is still given that priority. The fruits of it show exactly what it is: degenerate collapse of an entire nation.

One of the current "fairy tales for grown ups" is that Russian Communism collapsed with "Gorby" and now Russia is "Democratic"; so only China and Cuba remain "Communist." This fairy tale is universal, being promoted by ALL news outlets (Life, Time, Newsweek, USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc.). Curtis Hutson bit at it, and then swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker, more than a year ago. He thought the feet on Daniel's image represented a democracy, and with it the collapse of Ironclad Federal control.

On the basis of this fairy tale, Slick Willie and President Hillary just decided to strip you of another $4,000,000,000 and "aid" Russia, the great "Democracy."

Children love fairy tales.

We have news for you. Stalin and Lenin achieved their aim (although Marx and Trotsky flunked); they succeeded in converting the whole world into a vast welfare state controlled by an oligarchy. The greatest "Soviet" today is the USSA ("The United Socialistic Seizure of Assets")-formerly called the "USA." France is a socialistic welfare state; so is Italy, Sweden, Germany, and England. The USA, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, and Canada are welfare states run by a handful of men (sometimes by a drug cartel; or the Mafia, in the case of Sicily) and each nation now pays its citizens to spy and inform on each other. The USSA (formerly USA) has had more prisons (and more prisoners in them) than any country in
the world, outside of Russia, and now (1993) exceeds Russia.

The answer to this (given by the "children") is "SOCIALISM is not COMMUNISM." The answer to that is, Russian Communism was NEVER "Communism" because no such thing as real Communism has shown up on this earth since Acts 2:44 and Acts 4:32.

You see, Marx's Communism was not just Atheism-as the American public schools now handle things-nor was it just a graded income tax (which has been in full effect since 1913), nor was it just the abolition of the private property and the destruction of the family (which the U.S. government and news media have been promoting since 1964). Karl taught the "dictatorship of the proletariat." Good old Honest Abe formulated this as follows: "Government of the people (power to the people!), and by the people (all power to the people!) and for the people ('we the people....') shall not perish from this earth."

Of course it won't: it never was on this earth.

Thank you to the News Media!
Abe told you a fairy tale. Grimm never told one any better. Abe made you think that such a government at one time existed, and that his administration was that government! (Einstein, Hitler, Castro, and Darwin never got any farther out into left field than that!) If Lincoln meant the Republic set up by the founding fathers in the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, then THAT government disappeared in 1861. The Republican form of government set up by the "people" in 1776-1779 was set up by white, law-abiding, straight, Protestant males. There wasn't an Hispanic or black present; there wasn't a queer or armed robber present, and the wives of the founders were not even there when the documents were drawn up. No Catholic priest, bishop, or pope was consulted about ANYTHING in constructing one document.  The present USSA was set up by the news media.  It is an apartheid government that uses females, blacks, criminals, queers (and even CHILDREN) to give minorities government "of the people, by the people, etc."  The USA Today (Gannett's paper) is a joke.  It is a fairy tale for grownups.

Lincoln's pipe dream was Marx's pipe dream; no such thing ever existed on this earth; not one time in 6,000 years of recorded history. All governments are run by minorities who do not represent "the people." They use the people and make a living off them by taking their money, their property, and, many times, their lives. This means that "Communism" in Russia, from 1920 to 1992, never resembled classic Communism one day in seventy-two years. It was a "Union of Soviet SOCIALISTIC (as in Bill Clinton and Hitler's 'National Socialism') Republics." It was run by less than 200 men and held together by getting 300,000,000 people to inform on each other so that 2,000,000 wound up in prisons and 30,000,000 wound up in graves, and the country bankrupted itself economically. That is NOT what Karl Marx and Trotsky had in mind. That is what Lenin and Stalin had in mind.

Mao Tse and Castro took the mind of Lenin and Stalin and "Slick" Willie.

Thus, real "Communism" has never showed up one time on this earth before, or after, the word was coined. It was a joke; like the Assumption of Mary, the Billy Goat's Gruff, the RSV, the "war on drugs," environmentalism, values clarification, Cinderella, the "Final Solution," and Mother Goose.

Legends and myths are the staple diet of the news media, and the "educated class." What collapsed in Russia (1980-1990) was a military dictatorship. It was replaced with a civilian oligarchy-a minority of middle-class politicians who want to keep control of the taxes and public utilities, and the Army. Ditto the USSA. Ditto Panama, Nicaragua, Montreal, Quebec, Honduras, Spain, Bosnia, Croatia, South Ireland, Japan, and China.


The world is not ready for a military-religious-political dictator, for Russia succeeded in spreading THREE ideas abroad, internationally, until now they have become the basis on which all modern governments are erected.
  1. Use the civil rights issue or racial issues as a lever to over-throw all majorities and bring them under the control of the "elect."
  2. Erase the last trace of God and the Bible by eliminating BOTH during the formative years of growth (ages 5 to 15), and replacing them with Darwinism and Atheism (called "humanism" in the "New Age" of Janet, Hillary, Sarah, Deborah, and the assorted lesbians that are not in office in Washington).
  3. Tax the populace out of sight by claiming all the money is going to "help someone out." This will level the classes: no "classism."


If you want to see Russian Communism in action, study the DEA "seizing property" in the USSA without warrant, see the IRS seizing bank accounts without trial by jury, see Janet Reno getting eighty-three people killed on the basis of rumor, see Weaver's wife (Idaho) murdered, while she was unarmed, because her husband was a "racist," and see law-abiding citizens thrown into cells with murderers, rapists, sodomites, embezzlers, racketeers, swindlers, and robbers so they can be controlled by the criminals in the prisons (see any account of Russian camps by Solzhenitsyn, or German camps by Kogon). Watch a "fee" stuck on you at the airplane counter without any Congress passing any law; watch a "fee" show up on a case of oil at Wal-Mart without any "law" being passed; watch the "environmentalists" give an informer $200,000 for photographing somebody dumping plastic bottles into the ocean, and watch the HRS encouraging people to turn in their own neighbors for "abuse," SECRETLY (secret police), so if law suits and "seizure of assets" follow, the informer can get a "cut." This is the course Russia took under Stalin. It was called "Communism." It was a government of demagogues for their own pockets, and it considered "the people" as the enemy of the "administration." So they were all disarmed by gun control laws (ditto Hitler, Castro, and Mao).

By such standards, the USSA is, today, the greatest "Communist" country on earth. It is a Soviet-Catholic set up. We could get along with Russia just fine, or with China or Cuba, for that matter. No one in America votes for or against abortion, for or against federal judges, for or against gun control, for or against foreign aid, for or against integration, for or against declaring war, or for or against taxes. Neither do they in Cuba or China; nor did they in Germany (1933-1945) or Russia (1920-1992).

International Socialism was the final goal of "Communism" in Russia. It achieved this goal with the inauguration of Slick Willie and Hillary. America can now safely "lead the way." Forward into the jungle. Children! Keep your nose in Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes! The press is with you; all the way. They think "Communism" is dead. It is dead like the Mafia is dead. The Mafia, right now, is bigger than General Motors and U.S. Steel. Communism, right now at least the Soviet-Catholic brand is bigger than all the "democracies" on earth.


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