This is a tough article and was written in 1993 - can you imagine the truth of it today?


     Apostasy is always a slow moving, insidious, clandestine, "sneaky" type of thing that "slips up" on one "unawares" (see Jude 4 for the exact definition, and also 2 Pet. 2:1-2).  Now this apostasy does not have to be religious apostasy only: it can be political, economic, social, and mental as well, and it is often an individual matter, as in the case of "Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world," (2 Tim. 4:10), or King Solomon whose "wives turned away his heart" when he was old (1 Kings 11:2-5).

     The damnation of America has been a long, slow-moving, insidious, clandestine operation, highlighted at certain points by great "progressive leaps forward" in "liberty, equality, and fraternity" (French Revolution), as the news media created gods and goddesses to replace the Trinity, and created a body of literature (sexual orientation, emancipation, caring and sharing, values clarification, multi-cultural society, etc.) to replace the scriptures.  The vocabulary of the American people was to be changed from "Heaven, Hell, God, the devil, the Lord Jesus Christ, redemption, salvation, sanctification, fornication, sodomites, evil beasts, devils, generation of vipers, new birth, and witnessing, to sharing, coping, in these areas, the thrust of the narrative, hate literature, ethnic slurs, sexual harassment, right wing extremists, and so forth.  That is, you were to replace the words of gold (see Ps. 19:10; 119:72,127) with DUNG and GARBAGE.

     The key figures in the total destruction of the United States, as a democracy of "free" people, was accomplished by four news media "gods": Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Michael (not "Martin") Luther King, Jr.  Three of them were assassinated: "martyrs" make good press.

     Ole "Honest Abe" did away with the right of the states to govern themselves, so all of the USA became federal property, owned by Washington, D.C.  FDR violated the Constitution further (see Sect. 10, No. 1 on gold) by taking your gold (under threat of imprisonment) and giving you, in exchange for it (1933), wine, gin, whiskey, beer, brandy, and "scotch."  JFK got the emergency measures through (Exec. Orders 10995-161005, Feb. 16-17, 1962), giving SWAT teams the right to trespass, break and enter, and commit armed robbery and murder as part of "law enforcement," and then confiscate your land and bank account, plus your property and your children.  The press never opened its mouth one time (CBS, NBC, ABC, Time, Life, Look, Newsweek, etc.).

     In 1964, M.L. King, the great fornicating Marxist, got the Civil Rights Act through, which forbids you to hire or fire anyone but government approved employees, forbids you to choose a school for your child to attend, forbids you to protect your property from trespassers, and your children from sex perverts: the "rights" were given to the criminals and perverts (see Rodney King for an example).

     In 1993, an armed robber, not only threatening the "rights" of a populace, but their lives (90 mph in a 45 mph zone), was awarded $4,000,000 for resisting arrest.  The same year, Barbara Jensen, a law- abiding citizen (who worked with handicapped children), was awarded nothing after being murdered by four of Rodney's "soul brothers," in Miami.  She had no civil rights.  She didn't have the right to live: she was the wrong color.

In short, there is nothing--I say, "absolutely nothing"--about America, since 1964, that even faintly resembles a republic, or a democracy, or a nation "for whom these noble dead, gave their all that we might live, etc."  Modern America is a police state under the domination of news media gods: these gods are mainly homosexuals, blacks, females, children, and Marxists.  If you want to know what this "shift" has done to the law enforcement agencies, you won't have to study matters long: the "criminals" will have to be people who spank children, or beat up black criminals, or give a man's job to a man instead of a woman, or people who object to sex perverts recruiting their children for their vile practices.  Such people are now "extremists" and "separatists," and are considered by the press and the federal government (Janet, Dorthea, Hillary, etc.) to be the most dangerous anti-Americans in America: they are "anti-lesbian."

     The thing has already gone so far as to call for a meeting of Supreme Court Justices (June 1993) to determine what a preacher can, or cannot, preach in a pulpit, according to the news media guidelines followed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964: anything which could cause anyone to "hate" (or even shun or dislike) anyone involved in sodomy, fornication, pornography, etc.  Any "ethnic slur" is HATE preaching; any condemnation of filthy sex perversion is hate preaching; and any "attack" (i.e., scriptural exposure of a false religion) of anyone's "faith"--except people called "cults" by the news media!--is subject to fine or imprisonment.  Behold the new breed of "criminals."  Extremists and separatists.

In the eyes of the fanatical, left-wing, radical extremists in control (Hillary, Dorthea, Billary, Janet, et al.), "extremism" is Biblical Christianity and Biblical Christianity is "separatism" (see 2 Cor. 6:14; 1 John 2:15; John 17:9).  This is the new breed that must be "committed" as soon as possible; if not to the slammers, at least to a mental health clinic.  Sex perverts are normal: straights are psychotic.  Abortionists and lesbians are normal: street preachers are a threat to national security.  Welfare recipients, depending on Uncle Sam, are desirable citizens: hard-working Europeans will not be allowed to get jobs in America.  They are "extremists," polluted by a "Puritan Work Ethic," etc.  Rebellious, over-sexed, illiterate children are desirable; children who have been whipped and spanked, to learn discipline and duty, are not to be tolerated.  What is desired is one thing and one thing only: a mass of indiscriminate, non-discriminate, cloned automans, helplessly dependent on federal tax money for a living.  (You never heard of any radicalism more "extreme" in your life, but THAT is now the "way of life" in the "New Age.")

     A "criminal," in 1993, is someone like Mr. Scott (a half-blind, sixty-one year old millionaire in California) who was murdered by a SWAT team because it was rumored there was marijuana on his property.  The fact that there was none, did not deter the "law enforcement" officers of Janet Reno from blowing his brains out.

     They murdered Weaver's wife (Idaho) by shooting her in the back when she was not even carrying as much as a BB-gun on her.

     Then they capped the news media fiasco with Waco, Texas, where they got a dozen children killed on the grounds that they all wanted to commit suicide, and there wasn't any way to make a legitimate arrest on a "gun control" charge without murdering eighty-three people--and then blaming it on a kook who was rumored to have had several wives and had abused children.

This is the new breed of "criminal."

     It is no longer bank robbers (Machine Gun Kelly, Homer Van Meter, Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, etc.), or killers (Anastasia, Vito Genovese, Bugsy Siegel, Jimmy Fratiano, Salvatore Gravano), or gangsters (Capone, Luciano, Masseria, Castellano, Bruno, Scarfo, Gotti, etc.), but "extremists" and "separatists."  These two new classes of "criminals" are considered to be such a great threat to the "New Age" and "Globalism" that they rate attacks by tanks, helicopters, infra-red binoculars, professional SWAT teams, and sheriff's deputies.

Behold the new breed - "Extremists" and "separatists."

     No one has overstated anything.  Right now, every faggot and lesbian in Washington is at work trying to find some way to give the "Justice Department" the right to break and enter every private dwelling in America and then make a news media debacle out of the fact that the average American is arming himself to protect himself from Washington, D.C.

     The trick is to get rid of private property: that was the first platform of the Communist Manifesto, written more than 100 years ago.  A corrupt government, engaged in stealing land and seizing a citizen's "assets," cannot tolerate resistance.  The populace must be disarmed (Russia; 1920-1980) before you can STEAL their property, which they worked for and paid for with honest labor.

     You don't have one "right" on this earth, guaranteed by any constitution (or any justice system, or any government) if you don't have the right to fire back at an armed assailant who is coming to take every "right" you thought you had.

     Those who are content with the "right" to abort, get drunk, commit sodomy, enjoy pornography, and live off welfare handouts, etc., are perfectly content to go UNARMED through the next four years.  As long as they can sin and live like the devil, they are content.  But, unfortunately, America still has in it men like the men who put The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and The Constitution, together.  Doubly unfortunate, is the fact that these adult, white males (numbering well over 40,000,000) are "straights" (like their forefathers) and none of them would think of inviting a woman, a black, or a faggot to "Independence Hall," in Philly, to decide anything.  They had one Catholic there, and he was a white, adult, straight MALE.  If you want to see this bunch "in action," just watch any fifty wartime movies made during World War I or World War II.  Those armies were not "New Age" material.  They were not "global citizens" hung up on environmentalism.

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