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  • Jonathan

    November 13, 2021 at 9:24 pm

    Hi there,

    I didn’t know that Dan Evans was the Quatloos guy behind that link but now that you have opened my eyes to that I will be much more aware. He appears to be an arrogant slimeball spreading lies and on a disinformation campaign.

    In August 2021 I sent some old official government documentation initially addressed to some other people to three of four IRS processing centers verifying that Congress House Of Representatives did not enact a law allowing IRS to exist and a National Archives letter that IRS chose NOT to register under Title 31 as a Federal agency which tells me that they do not have any actual authority to do most of what they do.

    Documentation was sent to counter IRS illegal assessments and $20,000 FRP which they later dropped.

    Ogden IRS reply came back with this reply.

    We have determined that the arguments you raised are frivolous and have no basis in law. Federal courts have consistently ruled against such arguments and imposed significant fines for taking such frivolous positions.

    If you persist in sending frivolous correspondence, We will not continue to respond to it. Our lack of response does not convey agreement or acceptance of the arguments stated. If you desire to comply with the law concerning your tax liability, you are encouraged to seek advice from a reputable tax petitioner or attorney. The claims presented in your correspondence do not relieve you from your legal responsibilities to file federal tax returns and pay taxes. We urge you to honor these legal duties.”

    Documentation from which is I also included is operated and maintained by former lawyer Paul Andrew Mitchell(30 plus years of legal experience.) who I was in email talks with earlier this year was also basically shot down and called frivolous by IRS.

    I also submitted a few other documents to try to help deflate IRS world-sized ego to no avail. IRS appears to have this godly attitude that EVERYONE IS WRONG AND IRS IS A GOD mindset. It’s frustrating.

    I was surprised that they called a highly experienced lawyer and two other government institutions as FRIVOLOUS. That is IRS favorite word. They call everything FRIVOLOUS.

    I really am enjoying SEDM and FamGuardian. Tons of information that slices through government propaganda. So glad both exist to help set the record straight and throw off IRS oppression.

    Thank you.


    Jonathan Whitney