TESTIMONIALS: Family Guardian Website

"I can't thank you enough for your website. You are a true patriot. Thank you."
[R. Rajter, 12/30/2004]

"I find your website to be incredibly informative and upsetting as I'm sure all of those that view it's contents are. "
[J. Greenhut, 11/7/2004]

"God bless you. Your site is fantastic and full of the most onpoint, useful information anywhere. Let me say how much I appreciate it and keep up the good work."
[J. Wright, 10/28/2004]

"THANKS, man! You are doing absolutely magnificently in providing education and enlightenment so that we can reclaim sovereignty!!"
[M. Phillips, 9/21/2004]

"First, I want to say you have an incredible web site! Great stuff! I really appreciate all the time you have put into this most important work. I also watched one of the videos - again, awesome material!" 
[M. Santoro, 4/13/2004]

". . . I have spent a MASSIVE amount of time on your pages in the last few days, and thank you so much for being an example!  I am working through all of the material, and really enjoyed the way you handled the hearing at the IRS office. J Big Thumbs up!" 
[J. Shore, 3/17/2004]

"Just to let you know I am still working on my degree in higher IRS regulations through the Family Guardian Fellowship Institute of Higher Truth and Knowledge course.  WOW!  If anything at all, I am impressed with the organization of information that has made it so simple to obtain and apply the facts to my particular circumstance.  Thanks again for all of your hard work and sacrifice." 
[L. Howell, 3/13/2004]

"You said you didn't want opinions, but I must give you one anyway. Your website is awesome."
[T. deSabla, 12/5/2003]

"I would like to commend your excellent compilation on your book and your website, because it is a truly remarkable masterpiece. I wish you well, and I once again praise your masterful compilation. thank you" 
[TurboT16314@aol.com, 10/29/2003]

"Awesome site!  I have forwarded links from it to many like minded folks interested in sovereignty....Please keep up the outstanding work!" 
[T. Sirgo, 10/18/2003]

"I just wanted to give you my support and thanks.  Your work is incredible and I deeply respect your efforts to restore this nation to lawfulness.  ....     I just finished listening to your July meeting with the three letter guys.  You’re an inspiration to all of us.  Your work here is going to change the world." 
[A. Werth, 10/11/2003]

As I begin reading the documents you provide I feel the surge of true freedom course through my body and my spirit. It is the freedom of Christ, the freedom of Truth. I pray every day that the good Lord opens my mind to see truth and gain wisdom to exercise that truth.

I have become an astute student of law, government, and society. I have determined to assist in halting the tyranny overtaking our great land. No longer will I remain an ignorant slave!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to God and acting on the dangerous call He placed on your life. I've seen great patriots and great men of God and you are among them. I only hope and pray that I can join and fight in this movement and cause with such conviction and strength as you possess." 
[R. Schneider, 10/1/2003]

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your site famguardian.org and what amazing information!" 
[J. Claiborne, 9/22/2003]

"Thanks so much for maintaining a great site! Studying the material here, is much cheaper than going to college to learn statutory BS that is a lie anyway." 
[S. Mathewson, 8/23/2003]

"You're website is absolutely fantastic - I've caused quite a stir by posting much of the tax information at my work, and it's opened up the eyes of quite a few people...I believe the "tipping point" is close at hand for governmental reform!  Keep up the good fight,  God Bless" 
[M. Lang, 7/27/2003 ]

"Wow what a web site.  I am overwhelmed.  I will order your book asap. " 
[Richard, 7/22/2003]

"Thank you so much for the use of your site, it goes without saying that it is bar none the best there is. You are quite the brilliant one." 
[K. Dixon, 7/7/2003]

"I have been familiar with you and your website for some years. You have done much outstanding work and I applaud your brave stand for freedom and efforts to combat the lawless IRS and and it's corporate dupes." 
[Tom Galvin, 6/6/2003]

"I think that you have done a wonderful job in informing the public about the IRS scam. Your web page has some very pertinent information on it. I was particularly amused about the information that you put there and addressed to government/IRS agents who might think they will raid your site. That's very good. Always take the high ground." 
[R. Texas 6/5/2003]

"I just found your site last week through the AWARE Group, and I must say that I'm VERY impressed with it."
[R. Gaumond, 5/9/2003]

"You should be extremely proud of the immense amount of good solid information you have compiled. I for one am very appreciative and thankful for your efforts on behalf of us all." 
[D. Ditto, 5/7/2003]

"I'd like to thank you for your incredible work on your book and website. It has allowed me to graduate from kindergarten to, oh, maybe, junior high or high school in tax freedom perspective in just a few short weeks of intense study." 
[J. Ferguson, 4/10/2003]

"You are to be commended for such a comprehensive web site. I almost get overwhelmed by so much to study. And I thank you for providing so much freely. You surely have obeyed the Lord Jesus when He said, "Freely ye have received, freely give." And being a "semi retired" pastor with little of this world's goods, I sure do appreciate ALL your efforts. You also encourage me that you bring so much of the Word of God to bear, since I am often criticized for being a rebellious Christian because I do not accept the "party line" about taxes, etc."
[Baxter, Missouri 4/5/2003]

"The information contained in this website is EXPLOSIVE to say the least. As a patriot you rate WAY up there in my opinion." 
[R. Senne]

"Abusive taxation in this country has made the task of inflicting other abuses onto the unwitting individual so much easier that the process has become routine and predictable and is constantly on the increase.  But, to cut off the financial source of their abuse is certainly a big first step in prevention of further abuse through the democratic system.  And here, I have brought up another disappointing aspect of the passive slavery in this country; how many people are even aware that the constitutional government of this country is republican and not democratic or even know or care about the difference?  I hope the number is far greater than my limited experience has shown.  If I ask twenty-five people about the difference, I am lucky to find even one who knows about the deception and cares enough to discuss the issue.

"The people are too busy with their eight-hour per day slavery and their own self-imposed distractions of taking the children to soccer practice or watching the television or attending sports events to even give their rights or the peril of their country a second thought. They just don't have the time.  And, it's just not important anyway. 

"The government-controlled education has precipitated such a complete trance-like state of cognitive dissonance that people are, it seems, simply incapable of understanding the truth no matter how well the facts are presented nor how compelling the argument.

"But I have to say, for you to have been involved in your search for such a short time, what you have accomplished is no less than remarkable.  I could not have done as much in ten or fifteen years time.  If you can put so much time and effort into helping this country free itself, one citizen at a time, from the domestic enemies who have acquired their power to oppress, in large part, from the illegal taxation fraud, then the least I can do is to absorb the information you have provided and make as many others aware of the process needed to achieve freedom as possible." 
[R. Blevins, 2/20/2003]

"... thank God for your site. I am sure you have made some 3 letter agencies unhappy with all of the truth published here." 
[Paul, 2/14/2003]

"I like your website and recommend it to many people. " 
[J. Rizzo, 1/23/2003]

"I have finished reading EVERY shred of information on your site relating to marriage, divorce and family matters. I've also read all the jokes, listened to the songs and checked out all the links....Thanks again for making your website. It's like a University for Christians and Truth seekers! Awesome!" 
[S. Grovin, 1/9/2003 ]

"Your website is a godsend! ... Thanks for all your good work." 
[D. M. Leugers, 1/7/2003]

"Thanks for putting together such an incredible site.  I most appreciate your efforts!!" 
[Louie,  12/22/2002]

[Mike and Carol from N.H., 11/30/2002]

“Excellent site. I have not seen so much great info in one place ever before!.”
[M. Bauman, 10/26/02]

"Thank you for writing a thoughtful and thorough rebuttal to the PDF Luckey Report.  I was wondering when someone was going to do it.  It is a frustrating dilemma: the coordinated confiscation of citizens money—and the "legal" system and their minions are willing accomplices.  I never imagined such brazen, systemic corruption was possible in America. SOUTH America maybe, but not in the United States...Thank you for your work in this movement." 
[C. Gyorgy, 10/18/2002]

"I am amazed with your site. I have never come across a more informative site on the web. I can't thank you enough for providing this information to the public. I would love to see you create a infomercial and air it at least once per day. What would it take to make that a reality? I would gladly collect donations for this and I'm certain others would do the same. Perhaps a form or note of some kind can be created and given to those making donations so they can deduct it from any taxes they are liable for. I see different people everyday in my work and I inform them of the tax issues. I always tell them about your site and 'We The People.' I just can't say enough good things about your site. Keep up the most excellent work." 
[B. Rush, 10/17/2002]

"What a great website! You are a genuine PATRIOT and I am grateful for all the information you have compiled and offer."
[S. McKenzie, 10/8/2002]

"I want to thank you for the amazingly comprehensive and extensive research compilation you accomplished in 'The Great IRS Hoax' and your respective website. Your efforts have saved me and many others years of preparatory work.  Wish I had paid attention to your work sooner.  As a compiler myself of sovereignty-related information and references, I understand how much work it takes and what presence of mind to hold all that information together.  Thank you so much for your dedication and service to the 'freedom movement.'

I have downloaded and printed the entire document, read it, took notes, indexed and cross-referenced it along with the DOJ Criminal Investigation Manual. I have spent weeks pouring through research and documentation in preparation for what might become the 'trial of the century.' I will fight for my freedom with all the resources I can muster." 
[Johnny Liberty (Johnny Van Hove), 10/7/02; http://www.icresource.com]

"The site is incredible, and right on the money. It disspells myths of all kinds concerning the fallen theories of some freedom fighters. Best Blessings and regards for Family Guardian"
[L. Williams, 8/20/2002]

"I just wanted you to know that I came across your website and think it is the best thing on the Internet. Very informative and plan on sending a link to all in my address book." 
[A. Marta, 8/8/02]

“I just wanted to commend you on your very informative site.  I became aware about 10 months ago.  I have been discouraged by this situation for years.  I was happy to see there are many like-minded people out there who are fed up with being robbed each year.”

“I have already spent hours researching your site and downloading pages for future reading and printing.” 
[B. Rush, 7/30/2002]

"I want you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing with your website. The information and the tools are superb. What I can download in a short time must have taken you endless hours to prepare. I only hope that everyone I tell about famguardian.org actually looks at and uses the information. Very truly, "
[Richard C. Keech, M.D.,  6/30/2002]

"Thanks for the tremendous effort that you have put into the collection and running of your website.  Its a shame that it takes more than just making the information available to get the word out.

Thanks to your work and data collection and the complete body of evidence that you present, I am inspired to do what I should have done a long time ago at my mother's urging, become an attorney so that I could fight for the rights of the people as guaranteed in the Constitution.  For years as a teen I would argue with my mother about much of what I saw the government doing (as seen in the news and such).  She suggested that if I wanted to have a significant impact on the way this country works, I needed to do it through the law and that eventually I could effect change if that was my goal.  So I think I am going to become an attorney and practice "Constitutional Law" and "Civil Rights Law".

"So maybe there will be at least one HONEST Lawyer working to track and watch the government." 
[R. Winter, 5/14/02]

“I absolutely agree your work is second to NONE!! I would like to link your site from  www.uslawbooks.com/ajs/”  
[Sir Martin Davis, U.S. Lawbooks, http://www.uslawbooks.com, 3/25/02]

"Man, what a GREAT site! I only wish we had the same amount of research and  documentation for Canada as you do for the IRS." 
[C. Givens, 3/13/02]

"First of all, your efforts to free our country of the incremental socialism that has been forced on us during the 20th century are to be commended. If the population had 1/10 the patriotism and love for our heritage that you have, we would all be a lot better off. My personal warmest wishes and deepest respect are yours sir." 
[K. Cannon, 2/28/2002]

"I have been looking at your site and .... it is GREAT! I think you should get more stuff, what have you been doing? I'm JOKING!  Man, I like it. And your reference to God ..... well that is what we need more in the world and nation!  GREAT job!" 
[T. Bernard, 1/17/02]

"I must first start off by telling you what a wonderful website you have, it works in perfect conjunction with The Great IRS Hoax [book]....All I can say is that 'you're brilliant.' ... I've spent well over two hundred hours in the past two months researching this issue, and I've read MANY conflicting viewpoints. Your ideas and beliefs not only seem to be the strongest and best presented, they are in unison as well, and do not conflict from one page to another, as I've found in some sites and books. I also commend you for not 'selling' your information, as I'm sure you spent an amazing amount of time researching and writing." 
[Jim S., 1/6/2002]

"Thanks for all the time and effort you have out into this website. You truly have fulfilled the holy writ in that you love your brother as your self.  God bless you." 
[J. Whitney, 12/14/2001]

"I just found your site through a post from a fellow member of the Tax-Freedom-Now group (Irwin Schiff). I wanted to tell you that I am totally impressed with the valuable information you provide to anyone free of charge." 
[G. Slaughter, 11/30/2001]

"I have to say that your web site is the most extensive on the issue of Income Taxes that I [have] come across." 
[Daniel, 11/21/2001]

"The information on your site I find to be extremely accurate, amazingly understandable, and a HUGE blessing to those of us in America that are getting educated on all the deception out there....Thank you for all your efforts, it made a huge impact on my views and my growth. " 
[M. Rothbauer, 9-20-2001]

"I really enjoy your website.  You have links to unlimited resources.  I am in full agreement with your arguments." 
[J. Galaska,  8/31/2001]

"You are doing a great job with this site.  The information is so powerful and informative!" 
[J. Gresczyk, 8-9-2001]

"Thank you for fighting the giant monster.  You, Shulz, and others are real heros.  I'm inspired and preparing my fight as well.  God Bless and keep it up!" 
[P. Meyer, 7/28/2001]

"I have wondered for so long how someone would charge another for information of this import.  Your site is a God-send and I wish to let you know that I am appreciative of it. ...I believe that there is an abundant resource of persons who wish to complain when given the opportunity but a scarce amount of those willing to complain will stand! up to the bully to see what will happen.  I sincerely believe that there is a great amount of 'dirty Dancing' going on within Title 26 and have found numerous loop de-loops and dead ends trying to understand it myself.  I really can't believe that no one has attempted to get the whole title thrown out as Void for Vagueness. " 
[L. Wainwright, 7/7/2001]

"I laud your efforts.  As a student of the constitution and a patriotic defender of our God-given rights, I am impressed and grateful for your contribution to freedom in this country.  Thank you.

"I have had the pleasure of referring other, God-fearing people to your website.  They also have gratitude and respect for your efforts." 
[L. Austin, 7/6/2001]

"I'm sending this message from your web site; terrific!  What a lot of info you have.  I've visited it before and downloaded that tome [my book] but don't remember if I've ever contacted you directly.  Anyway, thanks for your work and for including my own work, 'The Colossal Fraud of Involuntary Perjury'...on your list." 
[Pitman Buck, 5/30/2001; http://www.pitmanbuck.net/]

"I can't begin to thank you for all the time and information you have put into this website.  It is proving most beneficial to me and is helping me greatly in understanding the true meaning of freedom.  Thank you.  Keep Fighting the Fight!" 
[J. Douglass Constiner II, 5/30/2001]

"I just wanted to express my appreciation of the monumental effort you have put in to share the truth.  I have been reading and hearing about this stuff for years, and now, because of your effort, I am finally starting to be able to see through the maze.  Since I logged on to your web site I have not been able to stop reading..." 
[Greg, 4/21/2001]

"Incredibly good work. . .  What a service you have provided your fellow citizens of this republic.  Thank you, and God bless you." 
[D. Zuniga, Laredo TX, 4/12/2001]

"I just found your site...I saw your hitmeter only registering 1, so I assume it is broken!  Or it should be.  I am one of a growing number who have stopped filing and paying, because of the dignity I must live with.  Finding this out has been an adventure and will continue to be.  Thank you for this great page." 
[G. Easton, 4/10/2001]

"You have by far, one of the greatest web sites I have ever had the 'right' to read and study.  I stumbled across it in a search for knowledge on building codes and their application...Anyhow, I began to dig into legal resources and the like and discovered that a building permit was actually a contract forced through threat and deception.  With encouraging sites like yours, I am no longer afraid to skip the permit, do my research, and secure my God given rights to use my property as I see fit.  Thanks again for the encouragement and God Bless you and yours.

As soon as I get time, I'm going to conduct an in-depth study of your tax information.  That is another topic of law that disturbs me. I never have been able to figure out how I can be directly taxed (unapportioned) against my constitutional rights.  Thanks for being such a diligent citizen.  You would no doubt been party to signing the Constitution." 
[B. Taylor, 3/30/2001 ]