This page is devoted to exposing efforts by various individuals and organizations aimed at shutting down this site and thereby curtailing the First Amendment right of free speech of the author through any of the following efforts:

Affirmations like that above help reinforce the idea that our message is getting out, that the information and tools we provide are useful and effective, and that the battle is being fought and won.  The greater the number of affirmations, the more effective we recognize that our message is.  We wish to thank the following scum-bags listed below for such confirmations and affirmations of the value of our work and success.  And by the way, we'd like to recommend that these people GET A REAL LIFE and do something good for society, instead of trying to perpetuate slavery to our own ignorance and to the IRS by squelching the few sources of truth that remain in a culture that is saturated with destructive and misleading media propaganda.


Since Feb. 2002, some persons have been impersonating our email address by sending out emails with damaging virus attachments that have our email address as the source.  We have an article posted in our Computers and Information Security section showing our users how to track down the offending imposters and get them in trouble at:


These imposters have also been imputed to be sending out internet pornography with our source address, an act which we find repugnant and abominable.  In most cases, the damaging or offensive attachments are *.pif or *.exe or *.gif files.  This kind of mischief is not difficult to do and anyone can change the source address configured in their email program.   The fact that an email has been received with our email address as  its source does NOT therefore mean that we sent it.  We are certified computer security experts and can attest that we have never been the source of these slanderous or mischievous emails.  Our system has remained very tightly locked down with virus scanners, firewalls, and security logging ever since we stood up this site in Nov. 2000, and we expected this kind of mischief.  Such activity would therefore appear to be an attempt to:

We would appreciate being notified of any such instances of impersonation which you are aware of.  In the case of complaints or false complaints of criminal occurrences received by any government entity about us, we would appreciate a good faith inquiry and notification of us by the government long before any criminal charges are anticipated so that any misunderstandings about such impersonations can be promptly rebutted and resolved at the lowest possible level prior to escalation.


Since Nov. 2002, some persons have been signing us up on adult website to receive promotional offers, advertising, and free porn, thus attempting to flood our email inbox with adult content in an effort to corrupt, embarrass, and harass us.  No problem, we have rules defined to discard this content.


We've had only two people so far email to us unsolicited highly inflammatory and accusatory emails.  One person was apparently an atheist upset with the Christian content of this website and the other was an IRS agent on a military retirement whose job would be eliminated by ending the income tax.  Since we posted our dialog with the IRS agent whiner here starting on November 2002 and made an example out of him as a FOOL on our Contact Us page, no one since then has tried to harass, slander, or criticize us either via email or via phone.

We haven't heard from anyone who has used our materials and been injured or damaged by them in any way.  We don't get any complainers among the people who do use our materials or have used them in the past.  We do, however, have a tremendous number of people committed to submitting research that improves our website and our book, and we really enjoy these submissions because they add a lot of value and fill in missing holes in our research that benefit a lot of people.


The list below is by no means inclusive, but is only a sampling of the hundreds of megabytes of logs we maintain on illegal or government activity aimed at this site.  All other uses of this site are strictly confidential.

We'd like to caution hackers of this site that the utmost security measures are in place and we have the means to trace out every unauthorized access and identify the specific machine used to launch the attack.  All such attacks will be reported to Hackerwatch.org.  You are also wasting your precious time attacking this site, as the administrator is a network security specialist and a network engineer with over 15 years experience. 

We would also like to thank the Treasury and the IRS for visiting our site and downloading our Great IRS Hoax book and so far not refuting it (silence is agreement, in the legal field).  The following IP addresses originating from inside the Treasury and/or IRS have accessed this site (and even this page), downloaded our book, and have not emailed us to refute anything:

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys!  Tell everyone you work with about this site!  We need more people like you working for the government!  For the rest of you readers, please write Barbara and thank her!

And lastly, we have a special message for our IRS and DOJ readers who perpetrated the above harassment and violation of Constitutional rights.  Click here to read it. (requires free Macromedia Shockwave viewer software before clicking)

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