by:  Steve Miller
Version 2.7, August 2016 Edition
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1        Introduction

2        Section 2: Fundamentals

2.1   Is Satan deceptive, If possible to deceive the very elect?

2.2   What is an oath?

2.2.1  Salute oaths

2.2.2  Swearing oaths

2.2.3  Worship oaths

2.2.4  Oath history topics

2.2.5  Supreme Court Cases On Abhorrent Oaths

2.3   A perjury oath is always a religious ceremony

2.4   Can you sell your soul with a signature?

2.5   What is a Beast?

2.6   What is a Mark?

2.7   What is a Name?

2.8   What is Christ’s name

2.9   Is a perjury oath a form of worship?

2.10 What is an image?

2.10.1       Do you Worship graven images?

2.10.2       Supreme Court Confirms Government Is A Graven Image

2.11 Obey Authority part 1: We are all created equal

2.12 Obey Authority part 2: Obedience to false authority is mutiny

2.13 Obey Authority part 3:  Romans 13 exousia

2.13 Are unalienable Rights granted by government?

2.13.1      Your right to contract part 1: Your sacred right to contract.

2.13.2      Your right to contract part 2: your commerce is now regulated

2.13.3      Welfare part 1: Lordship

2.13.4      Biblical warnings against accepting welfare

2.13.5      Receiving welfare is a form of worship

2.13.6      What is lordship?

2.13.7      Can you take care of yourself?

2.13.8      Debtors must lose

2.13.9      Can a slave own anything?

3        Section 3: Endtime prophecy

3.1   Prophecy

3.2   How will we recognize the mark?

3.3   The first and second beasts

3.4   Right hand and forehead,  Revelation 13:16

3.5   Revelation 13:13 Great signs, even fire from heaven

3.6   Signs of Revelation 13:14

3.7   Revelation 13:17 No man might

3.8   666 – the number of man

3.8.1     The number 666

3.8.2     Possible meanings of 666

3.8.3     Calculating the number 666

3.8.4     Other biblical occurrences of 666

3.8.5     Subjective ideas about the meaning of 666

Ancient sun worship Babylon Mystery Religions

4        Section 4: Can social security numbers be the mark?

4.1   Introduction

4.2   Social security is not a trust fund nor insurance

4.3   Welfare part 2: Federal entitlements, such as SS, are not for Christians

4.4   Court cases forcing people to get an SSN over their objections

4.5   Who can qualify for a Social Security Card?

4.6   Qualifying for a Social Security Card

4.7   Consequences of getting a Social Security Card

4.8   You waived your right to earn wages

4.9   Your Government’s definition of the word “Citizen”

4.10 Parens Patriae (daddy government)

4.11 Does getting an SSN change your citizenship?

4.12 Socialism is not compatible with Christianity

4.13 Will the Lord punish someone for getting a Social Security Number?

4.13.1   Who then can be saved?

4.13.2   Commandments

4.14 Work without a SSN?

4.14.1   IRS Authority

4.14.2   Employment is not employment

4.14.3   Employee’s I-9 and W-4 forms

4.15  Citizens do not pay income tax

4.16  Federal ownership of slaves

4.17  Conclusions of law

4.18  The missing Eagle wings

4.18.1   A foreign authority issues Social Security Numbers

4.18.1   Washington DC is a colony of the Holy Roman Empire

4.18.3   The Revolutionary War Did Not Win Independence

4.18.4   District of Columbia Is Land Cession From the Pope

4.18.5   Other Federal Topics

4.19  Answers to skeptics

5        Section 5: You want to be left behind

5.1    Christ’s Timeline

5.1.1   TIME LINE

5.1.2   Christ will not come in secret

5.1.3   Watch therefore, for your Last trump

5.1.4   Where does the mark of the beast fit into the timeline

5.2    What AntiChrist?

5.3    What about the rapture?

5.3.1    You want to be left behind

5.3.2    When is the tribulation?

5.3.3    Who will be taken away?

5.3.4    Targeting those who are to die

5.4    What 42 months?

5.5    What about the 70th week of Daniel 9:24?

5.6    What man of sin, son of perdition, restrainer?

5.7    What abomination of desolation?

5.8    What third temple?

5.9    What false prophet?

5.10  What noisome and grevous sore?

6        Section 6: Are you serving the Beast Authority?

7        Section 7: Reference

7.1    Your Government’s definition of the word “MUST”

7.2    Your Government’s definition of the word “Person”

7.3    You waived your right to a trial by jury

7.4    Government authority no longer comes from "We the people"

7.5    Politics  = Beast Power

7.6    Other Marks: Birth and Marriage Certificates and ID cards

7.7    Other traps: Power of Attorney, interest, federal districts

7.8    Why have a government?

7.9    The purpose of Civil Government

7.10  Separating Church from State

7.11  Your Chain of Command:  Proof that you have been overthrown

7.12  Some additional thoughts

7.13  Resource LIst

8        Index


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