INSTRUCTIONS:  1.1.  Don't Give Your Children Social Security Numbers

“Once bona fide First Amendment issue is joined, burden that must be shouldered by government to defend a regulation with impact on religious actions is a heavy one, and the basic standards is that a compelling state interest must be demonstrated.”

“Notwithstanding fact that use of social security numbers, combined with computers, was an important tool in efforts to combat instances of welfare fraud, parents, who were recipients of welfare aid, could not be compelled against their sincerely held religious beliefs to furnish social security numbers for their children as a condition to continued receipt of assistance….”

“Plaintiffs do believe that, were their children to obtain these numbers, their spiritual well-being and chance to enter Heaven would be seriously jeopardized; since the children would not be able to shed these numbers when they reach adulthood, a decision by the parents to comply would effectively foreclose the children form deciding the question anew for themselves in the future.”  Stevens v. Berger, 428 F.Supp. 896 (1977)

Public Law 94-455 at section 1211 “Use of Social Security Numbers?” states:

Under the Privacy Act of 1974, it is unlawful for a Federal, State, or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by Law because of the individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number…”.
[Public Law 94-455 at section 1211 “Use of Social Security Numbers?”]

Parents have been led to believe that Social Security Numbers must be obtained for their children before they can be claimed as little exemptions on a tax return.  Once again, the truth within the Law prevails over the popular mind set.  There is no law requiring you to give Social Security Numbers to your children.  Whether or not they get one should be up to them, not the parents.  The Social Security Administration website states that you don’t have to get an SSN for your children:

The Federal Government has also attempted, through the Enumeration At Birth Program (see section of the Great IRS Hoax for further details) to assign Social Security Numbers to infants at birth right in the hospital.  Be advised that there is no obligation for you to participate in this or any other program that seems to require your child to have a Social Security Number.  In fact, all you need to do instead is provide a copy of an affidavit signed by you and notarized stating that:

  1. Your child is in fact yours-perhaps including a notarized photocopy of your child’s birth recorded in the family Bible or form other personal records, and lives with you at your home address.
  2. That you provide for more than 50% of your child’s needs.
  3. That your child is not being taken as a deduction on any other tax return, you can take your child who does not have a Social Security Number as a deduction on your tax return, assuming, of course, you believe you are required to file a return in the first place.

And what is an affidavit?  It’s simply a letter stating the facts in a given situation, signed under penalties of perjury and notarized by a notary public or signed by two witnesses who are residents of your State.  Its just that simple.  And the IRS has no choice but to accept this and allow the parents the exemption with no penalties assessed.  Why?  Because there is no Law requiring the child to have a Social Security Number. 

We talked about the Enumeration At Birth program of the Social Security Administration in section, where we said that the government has been trying to fool you into thinking that your children had to have Socialist Security Numbers immediately upon birth.  When I think of this evil situation of giving Socialist Security Numbers to children who haven’t even touched the ground with their feet yet, I can’t help but think of the story found in Chapter 37 of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.  In that chapter, Joseph, the favorite son of his father Jacob, was despised and envied (See Genesis 37:11) by all of his brothers.  They were jealous of his birthright and the favoritism shown by his father to him above the other sons.  His brothers therefore plotted to sell him into slavery.  They did so by luring him out of his camp and far into the wilderness where his father did not know they were.  Once in the unknown wilderness they cast Joseph into a pit.  At that point they wanted to kill him but one brother calmed them down enough to convince them to sell him into slavery.  They waited till strangers came by and then sold him for twenty shekels of silver.

The Social Security Number is the modern day equivalent of exactly what happened to Joseph.  Here are the parallels:

Object or event in the parable Modern day equivalent
Joseph American citizens, and especially those who are Christian and who put God above the government in their priority list.
Joseph’s brothers The employees of the IRS and the Social Security Administration.  People who work for our government are out brothers and our neighbors and often even go to church with us!
The envy and spite of Joseph’s brothers for Joseph The envy of the IRS and the Social Security Administration for the money we have, and the freedom and empowerment it produces.
Jacob, Joseph’s father God (our spiritual father)
Twenty shekels of silver The money generated by the income tax, which is what incentivizes the judges and the IRS to continue with their extortion and rewards them for lying and deceiving.
The pit Joseph was thrown into to immobilize and control him Income tax returns, which make us and every aspect of our lives subject to the scrutiny and involvement of the government and immobilizes us with fear because of the invasion of our privacy.  Submitting tax returns that could incriminate you is just as bad as being forced to strip naked in front of a government agent for inspection.  Do you think our Constitution permits or encourages that king of tryanny?  Without privacy, we are slaves under the complete control of our government, which immobilizes us and subjects us to the possibility of persecution by our government for our political views and our free speech.  Since the government already has all the evidence they need to bury, all they need is a political reason to persecute us and they can bring you down with your own tax returns.  If you look at anything long enough and hard enough , you can find something wrong.  What if you make a mistake, are they going to prosecute you for fraud?
Slavery The Socialist Security Number and the financial slavery to the income tax that it facilitates.
Tearing Joseph’s clothes and dipping them in blood to show to their father when they returned to make the false report. The deception contained in the IRS publications, which are a fraud designed to convince people to pay an illegal and unlawful income tax.
The lies the brothers told their father when they returned about Joseph being killed The lies the IRS tell the Congress, their own conscience, and the American people to keep us participating in the slavery to the income tax.
Jacob’s mourning when he learned that his son Joseph had died (based on lies from the brothers) The reaction of God when he learns that the evil actions of others, including our brothers, could hurt his beloved children.

Don’t do it!  Don’t sell your kids into slavery!  Read Revelations 13:16-18, and 16:1-2 and then section 1.8.4 of the Great IRS Hoax and you will know that you can’t give them the Mark of the Beast and sell them into slavery without denying your Christian beliefs.  As a bare minimum, let them decide if they want the number and if they conclude that they can’t survive without a number, advise them to:

  1. Apply for a fictitious business name similar to their own real name with their local city.  Fictitious business names can be revoked at any time.  Use a PO box in a foreign country for the mailing address of the registration, so the government can’t locate the applicant.  The business name should be in all capital letters, to emphasize that it is the legal you rather than the natural you.
  2. Get a temporary Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) from the IRS for that temporary fictitious business name.
  3. Use that business TIN to apply for all accounts and jobs they need.

Then after your kids get the job, or loan, or other account they need, cancel the business and/or the TIN also.  Another approach is to change the TIN or the name of the business every couple of years!  If the money they make comes under a business, then they can write off all their expenses to maintain the business, instead of subjecting all their income to taxation and to be treated as profit!

If you would like detailed procedures for living successfully without a Slave Surveillance Number, then the Social Security Number Policy Manual identified below may prove useful: