Paul Leinthall
Paul Leinthall is an example of someone who markets the Nonresident Alien Position (as we call it in our Great IRS Hoax Book) advocated by:

We also endorse the nonresident alien approach in our book, The Great IRS Hoax.

We provide  copies of all of the marketing materials used and sample answers provided by Mr. Leinthall as a way to enlighten you on the Nonresident Alien approach.  We believe this information may prove very educational for our readers.  We aren't either advocating or condemning Mr. Leinthall's approach here by any means. We don't use his services or benefit in any way by including his information here.  We include Mr. Leinthall's materials and approach here simply and only as an educational vehicle to learn about some of the different approaches various tax freedom groups are taking.  

We have excluded the Application form, because you can get that from Mr. Leinthall yourself and we don't want to be accused of marketing anything.

We have no experience using Mr. Leinthall's methods or services but most of what we have read from this man so far has been consistent with the methods advocated in The Great IRS Hoax.  The only exception we have found is his stance towards taxability of wages for those who work for the U.S. government.  He says (in his "Do You Know Your Proper IRS Status?" document) that those types of individuals can't escape paying taxes and he can't help them.  Our approach integrates the 861 Position for such occasions so that even that type of U.S.** source income is not taxable whereas with his approach it would be.  Mr. Leinthall's  service is the only service we know of that uses the nonresident alien position.  Everyone else pushing the nonresident alien position sells information but not services.  We have queried him and his associates on repeated occasions for more information about their services, and in particular a detailed process document showing everything they provide, when it is provided, sample forms, and so on. We have not gotten what we asked for.   The only reason we have not used their services is because:

  • The cost of the service, which is $2500 for an individual and $3,100 for a couple.
  • There are aspects of the service that is provided that are undocumented.  THE COMPANY provides copies of ALL of the items they send to the IRS to you as part of the service.  10% of the company services, however, are undocumented according to Mr. Leinthall , so that you can't know everything you are paying for.  I suppose this is done to ensure that people are loyal to the company and don't leave THE COMPANY to try to do things on their own after some OJT and watching what they do and how they do it.  This makes their business process proprietary and unmarketable.  How can you sell what you don't understand and market what you can't completely explain?  That is the "cognitive dissonance" and logical contradiction I have been immobilized with ever since I learned about Mr. Leinthall's service.
  • Because you don't know everything you are paying for, you have to trust THE COMPANY to keep you out of trouble and none of the people affiliated with the company are ever identified, including the founder of the mysterious COMPANY.  But you also have to depend on a mysterious group of people you've never met and can't know to be doing what they are supposed to do, and that's very scary for most people to do because interfacing with the IRS is so administratively intensive and the COMPANY does everything for you.  If ignorantly and naively trusting the IRS was what got people in trouble and made them financial slaves to the government to begin with, then why would we want to fall into that trap by trusting an anonymous COMPANY?
  •  The obscurity and anonymity surrounding people working for THE COMPANY and their processes and services is something that we have serious questions about.  If THE COMPANY were more up-front, clearly documented all the services it provides for the $2,500, and all the people working at THE COMPANY were completely identified, I'd feel a lot more comfortable about trusting them with $2,500 of my hard-earned money.  Mind you, however, that I have had no reason to believe they can't provide what they say they can provide.  And if their services are legitimate, why wouldn't they want to be identified and be held liable for poor performance if their techniques don't work as advertised 100% of the time (for 1,500 people) as they say in their marketing materials?
  • Discussions with Mr. Leinthall to date on this one "TRUST US, WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING BUT CAN'T TELL YOU AND WON'T IDENTIFY OURSELVES" subject have been fruitless, but otherwise, we really like what they have to offer and I have learned quite a bit by reading about their products and services.

Should you decide to sign up for Mr. Leinthall's services, we would very much appreciate getting feedback on the success of his methods and anything new techniques you learn for dealing with the IRS that do not appear in The Great IRS Hoax book but which are effective and useful.  We'd like to inform our readers with statistical evidence on the success of the various methods described on our website.

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Mr. Leinthall passed away after the last newsletter above.  So far as we are aware, no forwarding address or contact information was provided to clients to allow service to continue.  This is typical of secretive operations and the very reason why we do not advocate secretive operations. Technically their operation is good, but when all of your service depends on one "hero" individual who is the only person who knows anything, and this person dies or moves on, a lot of orphaned customers are left behind who frequently hurt.  Don't say we didn't warn you above.