Persecution of Tax Honesty Advocates
The court rulings below are rulings from U.S. District Court ordering various organizations to stop promoting various flawed tax arguments documented in our PDF Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid pamphlet..  They are provided here as means to educate yourself about the illegal and fraudulent methods that our covetous government uses to silence the First Amendment rights of various freedom and government reform advocates.

After reading through the histories of the individuals below, we hope you will learn the following valuable lessons about how to stay out of trouble as a person who expects a law-abiding, accountable, and limited government that obeys the Constitution and enacted law:

  1. If you are domiciled in a constitutional state of the Union, ensure that you do not file resident or "taxpayer" forms with the government or use government identifying numbers.  The following free document contains a procedure to  show you how to properly reflect your status on government forms and in government computer systems:
      PDF Path to Freedom, Form #09.015 (OFFSITE LINK)
  2. Do not trust anything that anyone, including us, tells you and do not tell clients that they can or should trust anything other than what the law actually says that they have personally viewed with their own two eyes.  Another way of saying this is don't presume anything.  The Bible says that presumption is a very serious sin.  Numbers 15:30.  Verify absolutely everything for yourself that you have time to verify, and apply the standards of truth found in the pamphlet Reasonable Belief About Tax Liability (OFFSITE LINK).

    "Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins; Let them not have dominion over me. Then I shall be blameless, And I shall be innocent of great transgression." 
    [Psalms 19:13, Bible, NKJV]

  3. Do not challenge the lawfulness of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is entirely Constitutional.  What is unconstitutional and illegal is how it is misrepresented and enforced by IRS employees.

    3.1  The income tax is routinely misrepresented as a "direct, unapportioned tax", when in fact it is an excise tax upon a voluntary "trade or business".  This deception is why most people falsely believe it is mandatory.  Click here for an article on this deception.

    3.2  It is misrepresented as "public law" when in fact it is "private law" that only applies to those who explicitly or implicitly consent in some form by either their action or inaction.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for details.

    3.3  It is illegally mis-enforced outside of the federal territory, domiciliaries, and franchises that it is limited to.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for details.

    3.4  Most people comply with what they "think" the law requires based not on their reading of the law, but on what someone with a conflict of interest tells them.  Their compliance is based on "best industry practices", ignorance, superstition, and "political correctness" rather than what the law actually says.  America was founded as "a society of law and not men", but our tax system functions the exact opposite of this.

    3.5  The IRS routinely deceives the Americans public about what the I.R.C. requires of them and does so with impunity.  The lies and omissions in their publications and their manipulation and regulation of the tax preparation and legal communities is what keeps most people in bondage to their unlawful enforcement.  Click here for an article on this subject.

    3.6  Presumption is illegally, prejudicially, and routinely used in order to compel "nontaxpayers" to become "taxpayers".  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for an article on this subject.

    3.7  Penalties are routinely applied unlawfully against those who are not subject, thus using acts of international terrorism by the government to encourage more "voluntary compliance" by nonresidents located extraterritorially.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for an article on this subject.

  4. Everyone you help must agree in writing that they are "nontaxpayers", "non-resident non-persons", and are not engaged in any excise taxable activities or government franchises such as a "trade or business".
  5. Ensure that every interaction you have with the government keeps the burden of proof SQUARELY AND EXCLUSIVELY upon them to prove that you are liable, rather than you having to prove that you are NOT liable or responsible. It is impossible to prove the NON-EXISTENCE of a thing and the government can never prove you are liable with evidence. See: Government Burden of Proof, Form #05.025.
  6. Ensure that every interaction you have with the government is couched as an OFFER of a loan of your exclusively private property with conditions and that you are a the Merchant and they are the Buyer under the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.). The Merchant always sets ALL the terms of the interchange and hence, you can never lose in such an interaction. See: Path to Freedom, Form #09.015, Section 5.5.
  7. Don't personalize your discussion by attacking specific personalities within the government.  This only makes enemies.  Instead, focus on objective, scientifically verifiable facts and reasonable sources of belief (OFFSITE LINK), law enforcement, and legal education.
  8. Do not get involved in preparing tax returns, and especially don't sign returns as a tax preparer. A claim for return of funds unlawfully paid to the government by a "nontaxpayer" is NOT a "return" as staturily defined, but a claim under the common law. See Legal Requirement to File Federal Income Tax Returns, Form #05.009;
  9. Do not get involved in asset protection, including preparing or administering trusts, corporation soles, etc.
  10. Do not accept "taxpayers", domiciliaries of the federal zone, federal "employees", or federal benefit recipients as clients.  All of these people are the only proper subject of the Internal Revenue Code. Everyone you help must agree in writing that they are "nontaxpayers". "nonresidents" but not aliens, and are not engaged in any excise taxable activities.
  11. Do not provide "legal advice" and provide a disclaimer for everything you say.
  12. Do not sign IRS form 2848 power of attorney forms on behalf of clients. IRS forms are ONLY for statutory "taxpayers" and "taxpayers" may not use the materials on this site to interact with the government or legal profession. It is furthermore a crime for a private human not serving in a public office to impersonate a public officer by using a "taxpayer" form. All "taxpayers" are public officers. See Why Your Government is Either a Thief or You are a "Public Officer" for Income Tax Purposes, Form #05.008.
  13. Do not engage in "tax shelters" of any kind.  Only "taxpayers" can pursue "tax shelters" and our members are not "taxpayers". This may also eventually implicate you in wire fraud or money laundering charges.
  14. Learn the law, so you can competently protect yourself.  Otherwise, in addition to being bilked by the government, your legal ignorance will cause you to be bilked by the attorney you will have to hire to defend yourself.
  15. Do not become so absorbed in your own pride and ego that you ever get to the point that you won't listen to and learn from others.  This kind of irrational pride is the cause of injurious presumption.  Always be willing to entertain that you could be wrong, and investigate everything people say about you when they accuse you of being wrong.  Refusal to listen or admit one is wrong is a fatal flaw that has damaged many who had good intentions, but who were stubborn and arrogant to their own injury:  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins that the Lord absolutely HATES.  See Prov. 6:17.
  16. Study your enemy carefully and learn from his tactics.  Prepare for them in advance.  Most of the people below did not know how to do legal research, and that skill is the chief weapon of the enemy.  Click here to start your own odyssey in learning how to do legal research.
  17. Do not put all your eggs into one or even a handfull of silver bullet arguments.  All you do is make your opponents approach easier this way.  Make the mountain of evidence they will have to produce to prove you wrong so voluminous that they don't dare confront you, and make sure that everything you understand is documented somewhere in your administrative record with the agency you are interacting with so that they can't avoid admitting it into evidence if they ever do go after you criminally.

  18. Emulate the techniques of your enemy to advantage yourself in any battle with them:

    18.1  Use pseudonyms instead of your real name. The IRS uses pseudonyms for all its agents so use a pseudonym for your name.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for an example.

    18.2  Disclaim responsibility for everything you say and insist that the only thing people can rely upon is what the law actually says.  Click here for an details.

    18.3  Use franchises to protect your position and ensure superiority over your opponent.  The income tax is a franchise/excise tax that puts everyone who participates at a severe legal disadvantage in any federal court.  Our Disclaimer makes use of this website into a voluntary franchise which puts anyone in the government who uses the materials here as evidence at a severe disadvantage in court and makes them into the substitute defendant and forces them to stipulate to admit everything on this website into evidence and that it is truthful and accurate.  Basically, they agree by contract to lose any court battle before it even begins.  Click here to read or disclaimer.

    18.4  Define or redefine all the words the enemy uses to describe you in order to prevent them from creating false presumptions about you.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for an example.

    18.5  Emphasize that you reserve all your rights and do not consent to any proposition of the enemy whenever you communicate with him in court.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for an example.

    18.6  Insist in any battle that the government plays by the same rules as they impose upon you.  PDF Click here (OFFSITE LINK) for details.

  19. If you want to get involved to oppose government lawlessness, don't do it with the goal of money or profit in mind.  Truth, justice, and religious faith ought to be your main reasons.  Remember that greed and covetousness are the chief causes for the government lawlessness we observe today, and two wrongs DO NOT make a right.  Never forget that the Bible says that the love of money is the root of ALL evil:

    "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 
    [1 Tim. 1:10, Bible, NKJV]

This website follows the above guidelines religiously, as reflected in our About Us page, section 12, and it is the only reason we have been able to stay out of trouble and continue to educate people like you.

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