Thanks for clicking on this link! This link is intended for tax researchers who want to help by donating some of their research. We are currently involved in extensive research on the following subjects and desperately need research, procedures, processes, and sample documents you have used to successfully do any of the following::

  1. Remove levies with employers
  2. Remove liens on homes
  3. Deflect or stop criminal (and obviously unjust) prosecutions for persons under:
  4. Prosecute IRS agents for wrongdoing
  5. Prosecute judges for corruption or wrongdoing.
  6. Convince employers to stop withholding.

Your submissions will be carefully researched, massaged, and posted on our site for everyone to reuse.  They will also become part of a new book we are writing entitled "Tax Freedom and Privacy Litigation Manual".  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in preventing all of the above types of injustice.  Please email your submissions to the address indicated on our Contact Us Page.

God bless you!

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