WARNING!:  OUR READERS HAVE Investigated this and found that it is a scam!  Here is what one of our readers who investigated this said in an email dated May 31, 2001:

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Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 6:37 AM
Subject: The Ultimate Class-Action Lawsuit

Family Guardian,

Would you explain what's going on with this "Ultimate Lawsuit" stuff. I paid $135.00 for the transcript of case # CIV 00-541 from the Eastern District of Oklahoma and read through it. It mentions NOTHING about the "7 missing sections in the IRS manual". The bulk of the defense in this action was the OMB number and the judge (Frank H. Seay) DISMISSED the action, saying..."the United States asserts that Plaintiffs' claims are overall without merit .." I always look at things with suspect when they are presented as an untruth. The message under the 'ULTIMATE LAWSUIT' heading is not telling the truth. Would like-minded people that are really trying to do something about the unlawful action of the IRS try to scam other people. If this is true than the scammers are much worse than the IRS and belong in the same class together. If I don't hear from you I will assume my conclusions are correct. If I am wrong, show me. Best regards,


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Sent: Thursday, June 1, 2001 5:13 AM
Subject: The Ultimate Class-Action Lawsuit

Hello Family Guardian,

Thanks for sending me the article regarding the "Ultimate Lawsuit." I wrote to them at: You may want to do the same, and send them the article.

Also, their web-site used to list people to contact if interested in jjoining the suit, with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. This is no longer there. I've sent several e-mails to the person I originally spoke with asking questions. NO REPLY!

I told them that my research has shown me that this is a scam. No reply, but will forward to you if I receive one.



PLANETNEWS broadcast...  May 10, 2001

                 FYI...those interested in the IRS class action suit..
                 Dear Friends,
                 I have been asked to explain to you how the Ultimate Lawsuit came to
                 be. A renouned Constitutional legal expert by the name of Dale
                 Livingston from SLC, Utah discovered that in the Treasury Regulation
                 861 it describes what a taxable source of income is. It also explains
                 that as in the 16th amendment too, a interstate or intrastate source
                 of commerce is not a taxable source of income. Since our domestic
                 source of income falls under the intrastate commerce source, it is
                 not a taxable source of income. This of course has helped to win many
                 cases in court especially in Bankruptcy court.
                 Dale was inspired and felt too that there had to be something
                 regarding interstate and intrastate commerce in the IRS code book. As
                 he began his search he was shocked to find absolutely nothing in the
                 current code books regarding these issues. He didn't give up. After
                 spending thousands of hours studying the back issues of the IRS code
                 books he finally found not just a few codes but 7 whole sections of
                 information in the 1949 code book. He was extremely happy but also
                 became angry and disgusted as he found out that between the 1949 and
                 1953 code books, all 7 sections were illegally and fraudulently
                 deleted. In fact the IRS was so afraid to have this found out they
                 did not print the 1954 code book until 1959. When they did this they
                 printed it as a revised edition. Strange, how can it be a revised
                 edition if it was not printed in 54?
                 This fraud and many other obvious patterns of deceit and fraud have
                 been found in the 50's and 60's code books. In other words there is
                 absolutely no way the IRS can wiggle out of this fraud case because
                 it! is in black and white what they did. This information has made this
                 Mass action lawsuit to be the lawsuit of the CENTURY.
                 To validate this, Dale filed a lawsuit in the Eastern Federal
                 District of Oklahoma under the name of Lawrence Buckner. This case
                 was filed to find out two things, how the courts would respond and
                 how the IRS would respond. The IRS became so freaked out that they
                 tried every avenue available to them to declare this a frivolous
                 lawsuit and have it thrown out.
We countered their motions and the
                 Judge refused to let it drop because the evidence was so overwhelming.
                 The IRS is so upset and freaked out over this little evidence that
                 they are currently trying to seek a settlement out of court so that
                 the evidence presented cannot be found out by the American public.
                 We of course will not do this, what will be done is that the lawsuit
                 will be eventually dropped and then in August be refilled with all the
                 the damaging evidence that has been found. I can't wait to see the
                 IRS fill their drawers over this case. All of those who get involved
                 with this lawsuit will be allowed to get back all of their back taxes
                 since 1954 at 3% compounded interest. Also anyone who has had their
                 homes taken, or any other assets taken will be compensated for them
                 too. On top of that, you will never have to pay Federal Income Taxes
                 ever again in your life.
                 If you would like more information regarding this case feel free to
                 contact Les Hollingshead at 480-558-3346.  Don't forget to tell him that
                 John Waszil asked you to call.  
                 Looking forward to hearing from you.
                 "THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE"
                 Les Hollinghsead

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