Below is a scanned image of the second panel of a tri-fold, six-page, pamphlet the IRS sent to Bob Newland. The pamphlet first appeared on the Naked Government Website located at:

Below each panel, we will set the record straight with a rebuttal to the IRS' claims in order to clarify the points and set the record straight.

The first page reads:



Prepared by
North Central District
Internal Revenue Service

Serving Minnesota, North Dakota, & South Dakota

IRS' Tax Protester Rebuttal, Page 2


IRS CLAIM 1:  "All spread similar messages and their messages are false."
REBUTTAL 1:  The IRS is spreading the largest amount of false information by not clearly defining the
     significance of the term "source" as it pertains to gross income, and by progressively obfuscating the tax       
    code over the years to complicate it so badly that your average citizen doesn't have a clue what is in
     it's 2,000 pages to figure out what he owes.    In order to qualify as gross income that is
     taxable, income  must not only be of the type that is taxable, but must also derive from a taxable source, as
      narrowly defined in  IRC section 861 (26 U.S.C. 861).   Nowhere in this section do you find income of citizens
      from domestic sources as being classifed as "gross income" from a taxable source.  This is consistent with
      the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1 through 3, which limits the role of the federal
      government  to that of regulating foreign commerce and interstate (not "intrastate") business transactions
      and trades, which are subject to excise taxes.

IRS CLAIM 2:  "The courts have ruled that the code affects all U.S. Citizens throughout the nation."
REBUTTAL 2:  More IRS subterfuge.  Did you notice that they didn't say the code "makes ALL US
      CITIZENS liable for paying tax", nor did they define WHO is liable for paying tax?  Why?  Because they
      could be prosecuted for fraud if they said that U.S. Citizens living in the 50 states with domestic income
      have income that is defined as gross income that is taxable under IRC section 861.  There is a big difference
      between being "affected by" (in this case being aware of) the tax codes and being "liable" for tax!