Press Clippings Related to Nonpublication of Court Judgments


This section contains newspaper articles and other commentary related to nonpublication. Please check back often for updated articles.

Press Related to the controversial use of nonpublication:

  1. The End of Unpublished Decisions? Don't Count on It! Paul J. Glaser, Kane County Bar Association Bar Briefs, December, 2000
  2. Circuit Sticks to Its Opinion Policy Jason Hoppin, The Recorder, September 25, 2001
  3. Unpublished Decisions: Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis Transcript of Discussion presented by The Bar Association of San Francisco, April 24, 2001
  4. Judge Dodges Issue Over Publication Rules Pamela MacLean, San Francisco Daily Journal, March 27, 2001
  5.   A White Paper on Unpublished Opinions of the Court of Appeal Professor J. Clark Kelso and Joshua Weinstein, Appellate Process Task Force, March 2001
  6. Letter to the Editor: 8th Circuit Ruling Revisited Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Washington State Bar News, February 2001
  7. Keeping Mum Kills Precedents David Fine, The National Law Journal, February 15, 2001
  8. Ruling Vacating Anastasoff Opinion U.S. Court of Appeals, December 18, 2000
  9. Court Rules Unpublished Decisions Have Precedential Effect Thomas E. Zehnle, Litigation News, November, 2000
  10. Unpublished No More Mary Alice Robbins,, November 2, 2000
  11. Justice in the Dark Brigid McMenamin, Forbes Magazine, October 30, 2000.
  12. Justices to Review Access to Opinions Frank Murray, Washington Times, October 27, 2000
  13. Legal Shortcuts Run Into Some Dead Ends William Glaberson, The New York Times, October 8, 2000
  14. Publication Rights Roger Parloff, The American Lawyer, October 5, 2000
  15. Unpublished Opinions May Gain New Impact Tony Mauro, American Lawyer Media, September 5, 2000
  16. Anastasoff Opinion Holding 8th Circuit Rule 28A(i) in part unconstitutional U.S. Court of Appeals, August 22, 2000
  17. Publish or Perish Kenneth Schmier, Response to Please Don't Cite This, June, 2000
  18. Please Don't Cite This Alex Kozinski and Stephen Reinhardt, California Lawyer, June, 2000
  19. Arrest Sheds Light on Legal Practice Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, September, 1999
  20. The law's dirty little secret, Scott Winokur, San Francisco Examiner, December 29, 1998
  21. Mom who left 8-year-old alone not a "common criminal," Marin Independent Journal, June 21, 1998
  22. Replacing Stressed Juror Is Allowed; Conviction Upheld, Ana Marie Stolley, San Francisco Daily Journal
  23. Insurance Executives, San Francisco Daily Journal, February 18, 1999
  24. Lawyer says police violated man�s rights, Josh Richman
  25. Personal Responsibility Vanishes, Joseph Perkins
  26. The Year America Lost Its Innocence, David S. Broder
  27. Thomas critizes "distorted" judicial nomination process, Kansas City Star
  28. Agency blasts collegial approach, Associated Press

Press related to Ken Schmier's arrest:

  1. Your Honor, That Was a Forum, Not a Court
  2. Marin Judges, Meet a Citizen Who Cries 'Foul
  3. Lawyer Urges Marin Human Rights to Probe Arrest
  4. County Faces Wrongful Arrest Suit
  5. County Denies $10 Million False Arrest Claim
  6. He Makes a Good Case
  7. Arrest Sheds Light on Legal Practice
  8. Nonpublished Rulings: Disorder in the Courts?
  9. County Cuts Deal with Man Tossed Out of Judges Forum
  10. SF Man Finally Gets a Chance to Speak His Mind
  11. Attorney Gets His Say Before Supervisors Over Judicial Practice

Press directly related to the issue of nonpublication:

  1. 2 Ways Our State Courts Keep Decisions Under Wraps, Kenneth Reich

Press not directly related to the issue of nonpublication:

  1. Growing Use of Private Judges Raises Questions of Fairness Ted Rohrlich, L.A. Times, December 26, 2000

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