An Analytical Exploration into the Promise of the Forbidden Planet

  • Fathers Rights
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Misandry
By Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr. Author




Chapter Title
0 Table of Contents and Introduction
1 Definition of the Problem
2 Infusion of Mythology Against Patriarchal Systems
3 The Courage to Rule Within a Home
4 The Law as We Know It
5 Plague Upon Nations
6 The House that Hillary Built
7 Abstract Reasoning
8 What Fathers Should Do
9 The Death of Modern Feminism
10 The Real Price Fathers Pay
11 A Momentary Walk To Rediscover the Obvious
12 War
13 The Silent Treatise
14 The Hive
15 What Could Have Been
16 Feminist Lies and Disinformation
17 Feminist Hate
18 My Personal Experiences
19 The Real Effects of Fatherlessness on America
20 American Men as Conquerors
21 The Promise of the Forbidden Planet
Appendix A Father's Rights Fact Sheets (311 Kbytes)
Appendix B Charts (593 Kbytes)
Appendix C Maxims of Law (203 Kbytes)
Appendix D Glossary (35 Kbytes)

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This book is a Free Public Domain publication, placed here to help Fathers and those scholars seeking to understand the present Aparthied being inflicted against American Males and especially, the Institution of Fatherhood. Please freely disseminate and publicize this work that will remain in the public domain. Fathers, who need to fight this system, will be armed with the facts and figures which are applicable to this war against them. Those so armed, will be able to enforce their rights as Fathers, to their own children, and defeat those working against Fatherhood. Author's information has been catalogued after many years of study of this Domestic Enemy which invents Fatherhood into a crime, and inflicts a needless war against them in which to obtain money, power, and the ability to usurp and overthrow the foundation of our free society: The American Home and Family.

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