Frequently Asked Question #25

Dear Family Guardian,

I am currently living in the United States Virgin Islands, primarily to remove myself from "the states" as much as possible. However, my wife wants to return so that she could make a living in her chosen profession. Therefore, I have some questions regarding finding a church that actually teaches what the Word of God says regarding taxation and other subjects concerning governmental authorities. Of course, every Christian I know says that I am not being obedient because I choose not to pay income taxes. Also, other issues that are listed in your book that I have been learning about regarding our "relationship to the governing authorities" have become quite controversial.

My thoughts when I visit these churches that if they are misquoting scriptures about these particular areas, possibly they may be misquoting scriptures about other areas.

All I want to know is the truth. Just the truth. I am not asking too much. I have gone from one church to another since being saved in 1976, and I just want to know the truth. It seems the more I dig, the worse it gets when it comes to a particular church's beliefs. This is very discouraging as a Christian.


It's just hard to find a church that is not surrounded by "governmental influence."

I heard Dr. Charles Stanley state that we of this nation ought to back up the president with the war with Iraq. I had a serious problem with that because I have had a lot of respect for this man. I have changed my mind. Is it me or is the world of Christians going crazy?

I even have a problem with going to a church that is decorated with the American flag. It just doesn't seem to belong in there. I attended one church that had the entire back end of the sanctuary draped with a 50 foot American flag. I could no longer attend that church.

I have been studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses. They seem to make some sense. however, they seem to fall into the same category; ruled by the government.

Any advice, brother?

Wayne C. R.