The Faith of Great Scientists

January 1998 MIT Independent Activities Period,

Seminar and Discussion Series.

How did the Christian faith, which so many great scientists professed, influence their scientific thinking, and how did their science affect their faith?

Fridays at noon, Marlar lounge, 37-252 (70 Vassar St, Cambridge)
except 30 Jan 98 at Plasma Fusion Center, NW17-218, (175 Albany St).

Robert Boyle, the Christian Virtuoso.
Prof Edward Davis (Messiah College), 9 Jan 98.

Newton - Rationalizing Christianity.
Prof Rosalind Picard, 16 Jan 98.

James Clerk Maxwell and The Christian Proposition.
Prof Ian Hutchinson, 23 Jan 98.

Pascal: Divine Proofs.
Rev. Kevin Ford, 30 Jan 98 (NW17-218).

Lunch time lectures and discussion, led by MIT and visiting professors, open to all. Bring your own lunch!

Contact: Ian Hutchinson, MIT, (617)253-8760.