Standard Operating Procedures of Christian Education!
The conversion of a Bible believing faculty and staff into a Bible-rejecting faculty and staff.

There are certain "Standard Operating Procedures" that are called "SOP," because they never vary; they are "standard." In church history, one will observe two "SOP's" that repeat themselves over and over till no one but a college, or seminary professor, or "Chancellor," or "Dean" could miss them. All of church history from 70 A.D. to 1995 A.D. contains two cycles. One goes like this: A Man, a Movement, a Machine, and a Monument. The other runs like this: Preaching (Evangelism), Teaching (Education), Culture (the "Liberal Arts"), Apostasy. This is the history of professing Christianity from Origen (the first Christian school at Alexandria, 200 A.D.) to Dallas Theological Seminary (Hodges and Swindoll, 1995).

The word "apostasy" means "to fall away from a STANDING position." The Scofield notes (as all other notes on the word) always carefully cover up the truth of this matter by swearing  that "apostasy" can only apply to UNSAVED LIBERALS, or "modernists." This is to protect the faculties and staffs of the schools that taught SAVED CHRISTIAN MINISTERS how, and where, to reject every word, or verse, in the Bible they did not agree with or could not understand. Apostasy does not suddenly "pop up" anywhere. "At the back of every tragedy in character is a long process of wicked thinking" (Bob Jones Sr.). Nowhere is this more in evidence than in higher Christian education.

Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Princeton, and Yale were not founded by Apostates, or "Liberals," or "Modernists"_or even "Neo-evangelicals."  The University of Chicago was founded by Baptists who believed everything recited in the creed of Bob Jones University. If you will look at The Christian's Handbook of Biblical Scholarship (pp. 311-312) you will find that the profession of faith in regards to "the infallible, inerrant, original autographs" of the Bible, as given at Wheaton College, is IDENTICAL to the one that Custer and Neal placed on paper at BJU; that "confession of faith" was mailed out all over the United States. It matches Wheaton College.

All apostasy within the Body of Christ begins with educated Professors.

All apostasy within the Body of Christ begins with educated Professors in Christian seminaries, colleges, and universities (Alexandria, Bologne, Paris, Stuttgart, Halle, Tubingen, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Prince-ton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Louisville Seminary, Dallas and Denver Seminaries, New Orleans and Southwestern Seminaries, Wheaton, Fuller, Moody, Furman, Judson, Stetson, Wake Forest, etc.).
There are no exceptions in 2,000 years.

Now I am going to describe for you, step by step, HOW the transaction takes place:
The conversion of a Bible believing faculty and staff into a Bible-rejecting faculty and staff.

The name of the game is "EGO." "Who (and what) is the final authority for the Body of Christ?"

In the Holy Bible the child of God is worried about the "Nicolaitanes" (Rev. 2:15). Someone (all of them were professing Christians!) was trying to "lord it over the flock" (see 2 John) and "conquer the laity." It was an EGO trip. They wanted CONTROL (see Hitler, CIA, BATF, Stalin, IRS, HEW, HRS, Mao, Castro, FBI, CFR, the news media, etc.).

Paul shows you the difference between a Christian teacher who wants to HELP you, and one who wants to have "DOMINION OVER YOUR FAITH" (2 Cor. 1:24). Now "Dominion" belongs to GOD (see 1 Pet. 5:11, Jude 25, Rev. 1:6, Eph. 1:21).

When you find someone like Mr. Wisdom telling a young preacher that the Holy Spirit cannot ILLUMINATE Bible texts, only SCHOLARS can do that, you know you are dealing with an EGOMANIAC: a born-again, saved, evangelical, fundamental egomaniac. How did this nut get into this psychotic condition. He had to attend a Christian institution of higher learning, and he had to believe the rubbish they taught him.

There are no exceptions in 2,000 years of church history.

Someone_all of the faculties and staffs of all the institutions forgot somewhere down the line that ALL Christians have two natures; college professors, Greek and Hebrew teachers, and "good godly scholars" are no exceptions. They just THINK they are, at times. Self love (2 Tim. 3:2) is the first mark of Laodicean Christianity at the end of the Church Age (2 Tim. 3:1-8). "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

So, Scofield messed with "falling away" in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, and those who could not "endure sound doctrine" in 2 Timothy 4:2-5. He limited "apostasy" to LOST SINNERS. He absolved himself of any guilt. He did the same things in the notes on Balaam, in Numbers 22-24. All the Fundamentalists said "amen," and followed his rotten example. It appealed to their old natures.

Now here is the SOP for ALL major Christian colleges,
universities, seminaries, and institutes:

1. It begins as a missionary training school or Bible institute with the emphasis on reaching unsaved sinners with the gospel. If it is going to be a NON-DENOMINATIONAL school, it may begin with a Day School for kiddies, with the intention of building a SECULAR SCHOOL that uses Christian profession and Christian "standards" to pass off as a BIBLICAL work_without being Biblical.

2. As enrollment increases, "gain" is assumed to be "godliness" (see 1 Tim. 6:5). Note how ALL FUNDAMENTALISTS (Hutson, Pickering,  Towns, Hodges, Hen-derson, Dollar, Custer, An-kerberg, Swindoll, et al.) messed with that verse to absolve themselves of guilt. The "institute" then becomes a COLLEGE, or the Day School becomes a Primary School, then a Middle School, and then a High School.

3. Once the College level is reached, the BIBLE becomes a TOOL for building, or sustaining, the work. In short, it ceases to be "Holy," or even God's Book. It is the school's book, which is to be used to build the work. In comes the Fine Arts, Social Studies, Nurses Training, Bookkeeping, Accounting, etc., and the work is no longer centered on THE BOOK. It is centered on "Academic Standards" and a "Spiritual Environment." (One good gimmick is a "Christ-Centered Curriculum," which means little or nothing except, occasionally, someone leads in prayer, or else "chapel" speakers come in to give the work an aura of being "evangelistic.")

4. Now the course is inevitable. It must "progress" to a university, and whoever heard of a university without a "seminary"?

5. This brings in graduate teachers with degrees, including Hebrew and Greek teachers with OLD NATURES who go to work, immediately destroying the faith of their pupils in the Authorized Holy Bible of the English Protestant Reformation.  Once this faculty gets control ("dominion") over the ministerial students in the university, they can destroy ALL future prospective ministers.

6. The Bible now becomes an object of critical study, and with "academic freedom" any destructive critic (say Afman, Price, Martin, Custer, Melton, Combs, Neal, Panosian, Wisdom, etc.) can stay "in tenure" no matter what kind of spiritual condition he is in.

7. From here on, the sole aim and purpose of the apostate is self-survival: "me first, you next." The INSTITUTION must be preserved at any-one's expense. This will be, mainly, saved young men whom God has called to preach and, refuse to abandon the Book by which they were saved. They become "public enemy No. 1." They are a threat to the teaching profession. They must be run off.

8. Now the Bible has been relegated to THIRD PLACE. It can no longer interfere with the operation of the school. The school has become the final authority. Anyone refusing to accept this position can be ridiculed for not being "scholarly." And since all "good, godly scholars" fear RIDICULE more than they fear God or the Judgment Seat of Christ, control is now complete. No student can ridicule any faculty member, no matter what he does with the Book.

9. You can see, in one glance, that this is the final step in apostasy, and it takes place years before any unsaved professor climbs into the "chair" or gets into the "faculty lounge." Long before any school "denies the Virgin Birth," or the "Deity of Christ," it relegates the King James AV to a secondary, and then tertiary, place of authority. The school is the authority. All you have to do is pick up a NKJV and note God's "child" disappearing from Acts 4:27 (and being replaced with His "servant"), and you know what is going to happen to the Virgin Birth, eventually. All you have to do is pick up an old ASV or a new ASV and look at "God" vanishing from 1 Timothy 3:16 and you know what is going to happen to the Deity of Christ, eventually. True, there are faculties and staffs that don't know this yet, but that is because egotism is always accompanied by STUPIDITY. Any one of them could have found the warning in 1 Cor. 5:6; that is, if they had read a King James Bible.

10. In the Bible Department, the SOP is like this. "If you cannot get rid of the Authority of the Authorized Version by using the Alexandrian Greek texts of Westcott and Hort (Nestle, Metzger, etc.), then get rid of it by using the Syrian Greek of the Textus Receptus (Elzevir, Erasmus, etc.). If that fails, then get rid of the authority of the Authorized text by using "the MAJORITY" text (Burgon, Hodges, Pickering, etc.). But (for God's sake!) "GET RID OF IT!"

The aim and goal of all Christian institutions of higher learning
is to get rid of the Book. It is to be replaced with the opinions
of the faculty members and those who agree with them:

11. Now the school controls the MINDS ("programming," "brain washing") of the pastors who graduate from it. This infects the entire country from coast to coast. It places into the pulpits of local churches  Bible correcting infidels, whose highest authority is the school they graduated from: "Scholarship Onlyism."

This type of idolatry is what produced the civilizations in Central and South America, Mexico, India, Spain, and Italy. Once you abandon THE BOOK as your final authority you must replace it either with YOURSELF (Donald Waite, Chuck Swindoll, Dave Hunt, Bob Jones III, A.T. Robertson, Vincent, Thayer, Zodhiates, Custer, Kutilek, Sumner, etc.), or the scholars who taught you to abandon it (the Jesuits, Westcott and Hort, Nestle, Vine, Vincent, Thayer, the Pope, Milligan, Tischendorf, Kittel, Rendal, the faculties at Tennessee Temple, Liberty University, Wheaton, Fuller, etc.)

Where "man is the measure of all things", instead of the BOOK, you become a Humanist; and Humanism, is just a polite term for ATHEISM, as anyone knows.

As God junks the school, recruiting camps are set up, called "youth camps" or "summer camps." Pastors have to meet here to drum up business for the school. If any pastor aspires to teach in the school he "qualifies" by attacking the Authorized text. Pastors are then organized, and the ones who support the school, financially, are honored; this obligates them to defend the destructive criticism going on in the classroom. No exception in NINETY years.

As the curtain comes down on the final scene in this God- forsaken "Christian" work, and the money piles up "hand over fist," lawns, flowers, buildings, stairways, elevators, rotating stages, orchestras, cameras, fine clothing, staged publicity shots, and musical sideshows become the recruiting gimmicks. The students who come are attracted by wealth, smiling faces, "exciting activities," high academic standards, fancy buildings, guest speakers and TV publicity. The Bible is not a consideration.

Under this mass of carnal, fleshy materialism lies THE BOOK. It is buried out of sight.

And every pastor left in the country who goes by the BOOK, instead of the school, becomes a target for the school to shoot at. For it is the school that took the authority away from the local church and invested it in educated asses in a school.

With the passing of time, all of these "Christian schools" wind up under the control of unsaved teachers.

This is the SOP for all apostasy in church history.


You are safe taking two steps:
A MAN (evangelizing; winning souls), and a MOVEMENT (teaching converts the Holy Bible).

Beyond those two steps you are stuck in humanistic, materialistic MUCK "hub-cap high to a Ferris Wheel."

That is the present condition of American Christianity.
It can thank higher Christian education for the mess it is in.
They, and they alone, are responsible.

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