How Jesus' Followers Died

"They that lived godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."

  1. MATTHEW: killed by the sword in Ethiopia.
  2. MARK: dragged to death in Alexandria, Egypt.
  3. LUKE: hanged on an olive tree in Greece.
  4. JAMES the GREATER: beheaded at Jerusalem.
  5. JAMES the LESS: thrown from the Temple pinnacle, 
  6. then beaten to death.
  7. ANDREW: bound to a cross, but preached until he died.
  8. THOMAS: run through with a lance in India.
  9. JUDE: shot to death with arrows.
  10. SIMON SELOTES: crucified in Persia.
  11. MATTHIAS: first stoned and then beheaded.
  12. PETER: crucified with his head downward.
  13. PAUL: beheaded in Rome.

-- Railroad Evangelist

-- Requoted in America Today

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