Why Does God Tolerate the Devil?

As every Bible believer knows, God did not create any "devil".  He created a cherubim who rebelled against him (Isa 14; Ezek. 28) and became the Devil (Satan).  Jesus mentions Satan 15 times, and the word will be found in seven Old Testament books and nineteen New Testament books.   The name is found in the book of Job twelve times.  All Humanists assume that no such being exists; that is, Job, Moses, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Jesus were all liars.

Why does God allow Satan to do what he does?

1.  To demonstrate His (God's) own long suffering and grace.
2.  To destroy physical bodies.  Heb 2
3.  To keep His children humble.  II Cor 12
4.  To reward His saints for choosing the right side instead of the wrong side.  Heb 11; Matt 24:24; Luke 12:42
5.  To show His own power to preserve man inspite of Satan.  Job 1,2
6.  To offer to every sinner an alternative to "doing right".  No man can claim God forced him against his own will to be good.

To be true to himself and his original goals and ambitions in Isaiah 14,
Satan has to copy of everything God has!

1.  A seed.  Gen 3:15
2.  Children.  Matt 23:15
3.  Apostles and ministers.  II Cor 11:13,15
4.  A church.  Acts 19:37
5.  A son.   II Thess 2
6.  A throne.   Isa 14:12-15
7.  A kingdom   Rev 6:1-8
8.  A city, who is a bride.  Rev 17:1-3
9.  A prepared place.   Matt 25:41
10.  A Bible.   Jer 23: Ezek. 14;  II Cor 2:17
11.  A spirit.    II Cor 11:4
12.  A gospel.  II Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6-9

You may add "a christ" for the "Lord's Christ" Acts 4:26 is not the Devil's Christ; the word "anointed" (Old Testament: Messiah; New Testament: Christ) is used of Christ and Satan  Ezek. 28; Heb 1:9.

You see now why no Charismatic in America is able to do anything with Biblical Christianity except defile it, pervert it, and destroy it.