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Thomas Jefferson

These sites are sources for the writings of Thomas Jefferson in their original form:

These sites provide background sources and other materials related to the times and writings of Thomas Jefferson:

  • Account of a Declaration

      Thomas Jefferson's account of the circumstances leading to the Declaration of Independence. Also features over thirty historical documents, sixty-seven biographical sketches, and some twenty-five essays about the causes and circumstances of the American Revolution.

  • Archiving Early America

      Presents a large collection of primary source material (original newspapers, maps and writings) from 18th Century America that form an historical record of the Colonial period through the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

  • Conversations on Morality and the Jefferson Bible

      Discussions of ethics and morals throughout history, with special emphasis on the ethical teachings found in the Jefferson Bible.

  • The Early America Review

      Actually a major division of Archiving Early America, this is a journal of fact and opinion focusing on the people, issues and events of Colonial America, the Revolutionary War and the beginning years of the new Republic.

  • Grolier's Encyclopedia Americana article on Thomas Jefferson

      This lengthy encyclopedia biography covers Jefferson's entire life and public career. Includes bibliographical references.

  • Institute for American Liberty

      This site contains several essays and important documents related to the fundamentals of liberty, including selected quotes from Algernon Sidney's "Discourses Concerning Government" and Washington's Farewell Address. Emphasizes the religious assumptions that support liberty.

  • Interpreting Thomas Jefferson

      Clay Jenkinson presents in-costume, first-person portrayals of Jefferson, and was a contributor to the Ken Burns special that appeared on PBS. This interesting site contains a large number of materials related to his presentation, as well as links to other resources on Jefferson.

  • Rayner's Life of Thomas Jefferson

      Rayner's lively and interesting full-length biography, published in 1834, emphasizes the role of republican principles in Jefferson's life and thought. It contains many excerpts from Jefferson's writings as well as anecdotes taken from the writings of those who knew Jefferson. It presents a dramatic and passionate portrayal of Jefferson's life, with special emphasis on his contributions to the creation of the American republic. The book is completely revised and corrected, and is divided into 39 chapters.

  • Scholarly Resources with Links to This Site

      For the broadest possible approach to studies of Thomas Jefferson and his times, this link connects to a list of top grade resources in a wide variety of subject areas. The list is located on the front page of this site.

  • The Thomas Jefferson FAQ

      This site has hundreds of questions related to Thomas Jefferson, and to possible quotations by Jefferson, asked by visitors to this website.

  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation

      Has articles on everyday life at Monticello and the many and varied activities of Thomas Jefferson.

  • Thomas Jefferson Online

      Has discussions and materials related to the Ken Burns special on public TV.

  • The White House: Thomas Jefferson

      Presents a brief sketch of Jefferson's presidency.

This site uses the writings of Thomas Jefferson to examine today's political problems:

  • The Jeffersonian Perspective

      Contains 60+ essays with commentary on today's social and political issues based on the political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson. New and revised essays are posted occasionally.



Advocates of Human Rights & Freedom

These are the sites of organizations leading the fight for our inalienable rights in specific areas:

  • The American Civil Liberties Union

      The ACLU is an advocate for individual rights -- litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest organization devoted exclusively to protecting the basic civil liberties of all Americans, and extending them to groups that have traditionally been denied them.

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State

      Since 1947, Americans United has worked actively on many fronts to protect the constitutional principle of church-state separation, a vital cornerstone of religious liberty.

  • Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

      This is a national non-profit lobbying group dedicated to the reform of forfeiture laws to protect property rights and restore due process in the forfeiture process.

  • The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression

      This organization is devoted solely to the defense of free expression in all its forms. A good source for up-to-date information on court cases and violations of free expression.

  • The Second Amendment Foundation

      The Second Amendment Foundation is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. They carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.



Other Sites for Information Related to the
Philosophy of Liberty

These sites provide information about the philosophy of liberty and its application to the problems of today:

  • Capitalism in a Free Society

      A critical dialog that examines Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom, and emphasizes a Jeffersonian perspective.

  • Common Sense Jr.

      Contains a growing list of short essays on topics related to contemporary issues, but from the perspective of the Founders' vision. "A Call To Citizenship, and a return to the ideals of the American Revolution."


      This is an excellent source for libertarian and classical liberal materials available on the World Wide Web. One unique feature allows you to search a subject through a list of different sites. "A starting point for liberty on the Internet."

  • Macaulay on Democratic Government

      These selections from the essays of Thomas Babington Macaulay demonstrate that many of his views were similar and complementary to Jefferson's.

  • Reason Magazine

      This monthly magazine "examines politics, culture and ideas as they affect individual liberty," and includes feature articles, columns, book reviews and editorials. Many of the items are available online.

  • Serendipity

      This huge site (over 600 files) covers a lot of topics, but has extensive materials on liberty, the Bill of Rights, and other topics related to human freedom.



Writing Contests

This site conducts essay contests for persons of all ages.

  • International Mt. Rushmore Contests

      This organization conducts writing contests that utilize the works of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.
      Anyone in the world may enter these free contests, which are conducted throughout the year. Substantial prizes are offered. Check the website for the next contest.