Dear Mom,


I am tired of working and not getting paid.


            Taking out the trash                                                      25 cents a day

            Making my bed                                                            25 cents a day

            Clearing the table after supper                                      50 cents a day


                                                Total    Charge                         30 dollars a month



Dear Johnny


For seven loads of laundry

For vacuuming the house

For clean sheets

For shopping for your groceries

For 21 meals a week

For 14 snacks a week

For baking cookies

For 21 table settings a week

For washing dishes 3 times a day

For 5 rides to soccer each week

For 15 rides to and from school

For 3 rides to church

For 1 trip to grandma’s house

For washing windows

For mopping the floor

For providing a radio for you

For providing a T.V. for you

For providing toys for you

For providing you toothpaste

For cleaning your bathroom

For providing a phone to talk to your friends

For providing a room

For providing a bed

For providing clothes

For paying the rent

For paying utilities

For paying the car loan


                        Total Charge                                      Free

Love Mom