Created: 7-14-01
Revised: 8-06-01


This thesis should not be construed as my brand of self-righteousness. Instead, I offer this politically insensitive writing to serve as a pick and shovel to pry apart and dig for truthful value expressed by the phrase - IN GOD WE TRUST.

As I continue revising this essay, ignorance is still leading the way, but perhaps one day I will eventually understand the ambiguities that this motto so adeptly expresses.

Throughout history there’s been volumes written about money, but to my knowledge no one has written about what I am trying to propose. Will the following words make any difference in the scheme of human events - probably not; but it is hoped that this essay will nonetheless provoke thought.

Since the beginning of recorded human events there has been constant conflict as to who would rule the resources contained above and below the soil. Curiously though, most people go to their graves never realizing that this war raged all around them each and everyday.

Sadly, history indicates we enjoy living in a fool’s paradise. Oh sure, most of us are living longer and better, but the majority nonetheless remain subjects and slaves to, of and for a minority who claim ruling privileges due to some bewildering intellectual ability or divine right. To explain the foregoing sentence from a different perspective - we humans thought it was and is our right or duty to domesticate plants and animals, but for some strange reason never gave or give much thought about the few human predators accomplishing the same trick on their fellow man. Yet, the American people steadfastly believe they are free.

If you’re really free then let your imagination wonder and ask yourself - am I really in-charge of what I do or where I go? When you get to the bottom-line aren’t you really a consumer advocate who is not only chained to the home, phone, car and things that supposedly provide pleasure, but also chasing the almighty dollar? Once and not all that long ago such possessions, creature comforts and unlimited credit were only for the rich, now they are everyone’s necessities. Ask yourself - doesn’t acquiring, holding and maintaining possessions and money dominate our thoughts and lives? If so, then aren’t we just paving the way of everlasting torment? Sometimes, we get tired of the chase and try to quit or escape, but quickly discover we can’t! If we try to stop or slip away the grindstone threatens to pulverize us into dust. We all know, without thinking what this giant stone feels like, but have you ever wondered what this burdensome stone looks like? Well, believe it or not its called money. Despite reality, most of us, without realizing it accept our fate and smugly call ourselves free.

What is this ever-present tug-of-war? It’s the Golden Rule. In other words - will we treat others as we wish to be treated or will we remain obedient to those who make the rules because they claim to own the gold? Next, while still on the path of enlightenment one must come to grips with which came first or which is on top - power, love or money? Most of us never solve this riddle and remain deadlocked in everlasting battle. For those who grow weary of the grinding effects of this proverbial war ask themselves how to escape this bondage. The answer to this question lies buried within these three mediums of exchange?

While migrating through time we not only merged our hunting and gathering into modern fields of farming and ranching, but also entered the Kingdom of Metals. Upon opening these mysterious metal gates it did not take us long to begin the process of domesticating this fertile domain. And, just like the plants and animals we sheared, bent and molded the elements. The metals expanded our horizons and new doors of freedom opened to our curiosity. Unlike the plants and animals we consume - the metals continue yielding to our insatiable demands. Likewise and without realizing it the majority of humans continue surrendering to the terms of the predatory few and remain servants instead of masters of the environment.

It’s really easy to get side tracked and ramble off onto trails that only skirt the issue I seek to explain. So, in an attempt to avoid the traps of getting lost on the same old battle fields of freedom, rights and property I will proceed to the purpose of writing this thesis.

Although, what I am about to write applies to the world’s people it’s primarily confined to those of us who reside within the United States. Therefore, I begin by saying that everything, no matter what always reduces down to what is held as pure or truth that will set us free. Whether we know it or not there are two competing camps, of which, one or perhaps both we will pledge allegiance to. These sites whether grounded in mind, spirit or body, are often referred to as light and dark, or good and evil. Consequently, tension and continuous conflict is created where each position lays claim to residing on the side of right, while the other is without doubt clearly wrong.

While marching down this path I hasten to add that although I do not subscribe to institutionalized religion I do believe in the foundations of Christianity where YHVH “is” the creator and Christ “is” the Savior. Therefore, as I continue prospecting the path of truth it’s my hope that the holes I’ve dug along the way will allow others find better routes to conduct their search.

Regardless of what camp you choose to dwell in or belong to (the soulless State or Christianity) there’s no doubt in my mind that the soil gives form and sustenance while the metals provide strength and courage so that the wheel of time can transport us into wealth and hope. Strangely or maybe sadly the form of wealth most usually seek is the hope of accumulating possessions which reside in tomorrow’s faith-less mediums of exchange.

For thousands of years gold and silver have been the time-honored, trusted mediums of exchange. Unfortunately, they are not only abused servants in the realm of money, but are all too often used to purchase the reins of power. Therefore, based upon this reality I submit that power is incompatible with freedom because each function as instinct and survival, which are stored in the mythical domain of value.

Today (7-4-01) as I re-write this essay for the umpteenth time I am reminded that we proudly celebrate independence and freedom. Yet, there’s this nagging suspicion that I and maybe a few million others may well be a class act of nincompoops that are blindly accepting the yoke of slavery under the banner of freedom. With this odd thought firmly attached to your convictions please proceed to get a better idea as to the implications of how and what we refer to as money is not only synonymous with power, but might well be functioning as mediums of deceit. When you have finished this zigzag course perhaps you might want to quench your thirst about our current form of money by visiting the below listed link titled “Money, Debt & Gold”.

As said previously, each of us must choose which campsite of belief to inhabit. Regardless of which place we choose, eventually a couple crucial questions surface, which tax us all. First, are humans animals, as the green evolving soulless corporate state would have us believe? Or, are humans the miracle of Yahweh? If humans are animals to be herded, corralled, sheared and worked then what passes for money are merely the exchangeable mediums of power. However, if humans are the creation of YHVH then most if not all of our past and current money are mediums of ruin which constantly exchange one form of chaos for another. Then, depending upon which camp each of us chose the second question ultimately comes down to - who or what will we serve - the State or YHVH?

The State not only creates and issues, but charge fees for their mediums of exchange referred to as money. Yahweh (YHVH) on the other hand gave us the metals to use freely. In addition, He gave us a choice as to how to use what He called “good” and we call mediums of exchange. In Luke -16:13 it says: “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Frequently, I hear statements like: chasing good money with bad (or visa versa), selling something for good money, I made or earned some good money, make good money - come to work for us, or that (car, jewelry, home, gun, etc.) sure is worth good money. On the face of such and similar statements I was often perplexed as to what was being said or quietly implied. I knew that something was wrong but could not quite grasp the elemental meaning of these phases. Now, fortunately I have started to hear with better ears. The statement “good money” surely started with Biblical scripture when God (YHVH) said gold & silver were good. And, when we converted these metals into coin and used them as mediums of exchange then we began saying “good money”. But, today, how can we give equal weight to the adage “good money” to coins and paper carrying the message IN GOD WE TRUST?

In an attempt to clarify the concept “mediums of exchange” let’s examine the route in which the wheels of commerce travel. Before getting ahead of myself - ask yourself - why are metal mediums of exchange called coins? I started this task by gazing upon the refection of an old silver half-dollar bouncing back into my eyes. While trying to understand just what I was really feeling and seeing. I found it interesting to contemplate why “co” and “in” join to form the trade wheel we call a coin?

The prefix “co” portion of coin signifies association and implied latent action; whereas, the appendage “ in” is the expressed presence and active existence. Dictionaries define the word coin as a piece of metal that is stamped and issued by government authority for use as money. Advancing further upon what appears to be such a simple subject, but is plainly not so, I declare that it makes no difference where the coin originated or how old it is, because they all share similarities as to how to freely and easily travel the road to Hell.

I contend that American’s have been deceiving themselves about money since we created our particular brand of coins. Why do I make such a bold allegation? Simple, because at no time in history, that I can find, did we declare by stamping, forging, molding or engraving on Gold, Silver, Copper coins that these mediums of exchange belong to the Creator YHVH. In fact, it appears to be just the opposite. We not only laid personal claim to these metals of commerce, but also idolized kings, queens, animals, trees, etc. by placing these images on them. What’s worse is that America the hope of the world and supposedly a nation of Christians allowed the god-less (secular) State to not only stamp the faces of dead presidents on our coins, but also all manner of beast. The foregoing is rotten enough but to proudly stamp what I think is the pagan god Mercury on dimes and call this dime a Winged Liberty demonstrates just how far we are willing to sink into the depravity pit. For more information of Mercury dimes refer to the links section.

Personally, I see little difference between Caesar’s coins and those of modern day America. How can we say we are Christians when we corrupt what YHVH said was good? Based upon the evidence it appears that we were and still are a nation who believes money is god instead of YHVH and Christ? So, how free can we be if are chained to God-awful money?

What’s baffling to me is why those who voiced their Christian faith did not emphatically declare such on their money soon after winning the battle for independence? In addition, it sure seems to have been a monumental sin to have not declared their faith on the mediums of exchange immediately after becoming a Constitutional Republic. Furthermore, if I was a Christian living in those days I would have found it difficult to explain the concept of freedom if coined money continued to reflect the face of tyranny. Personally, I find it bizarre that I can find no written historical documents challenging this hand to hand reality by the then or present day Yahweh fearing Christ believing people.

Obviously, I most likely will never learn why our Nation’s forefathers who professed allegiance to God and Christ failed to praise YHVH or Christ on the mediums they constantly exchanged. Today, however, the haunting question is why haven’t the enlightened modern day theologians been discussing this in your face motto on money? Oh, I know the Bible beater’s rant and rave about the evils of money, but maybe they’ve misplaced their priorities. Or more likely, they never see what is so clearly obvious. Have you ever heard a preacher reference the IN GOD WE TRUST motto on coins? Probably not and neither have I. Perhaps Biblical scholars ignorantly make the assumption that IN GOD WE TRUST means nothing less than glorifying God (Yahweh). But, what if this presumption is incorrect? I don’t know about you, but when I start assuming I immediately set foot on confusions’ terrain, which begins a hocus pocus tour of mind-numbing proportions, that always leads me down wrong alleys.

It’s understandable why the soul-less corporate church does not speak out about this IN GOD WE TRUST topic. After all, their tax-exempt future is predicated upon how much money their soulless corporate master will allow them to keep. Like unruly children - if the subordinate corporate church gets too loud or rowdy their creator might grow tired of their antics and smack them. But, the reason why the unincorporated body of Christ has not been a vocal spokesman against this possible deceit should be ranked as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is my hope that the few non- incorporated churches who have languished in ignorance like I have will wake up and start shouting as loud as possible. If they don’t then I fear we are doomed.

Ok, I’ll get off the soapbox and begin prospecting the foundation of this thesis. When we put specific words in the form of CAPs within a written/typed sentence are we not SHOUTING or trying to get attention? Therefore, wouldn’t stamping lettering in the form of all CAPs on coins be SHOUTING too? And, if so, who is this furor being directed at? Better yet is the question as to why the shouting is necessary? And, just as intriguing who’s listening and heeding all this yelling?

At this juncture before my thoughts wonder off the beaten path, let’s carefully explore a little deeper the concept of having an all “CAPs” IN GOD WE TRUST motto (statement) on some old and all new U.S. coins. These four well arranged words appear on the surface to indicate exactly what we think they should convey. Ahhhhh, talk about a rub! Are we so confident that there’s no possibility that we’re fooling ourselves? Perhaps, it’s ok we take for granted the meaning of this phrase? After all, like it or not we are married to our coins. And, like a marriage we are dependent upon these mediums of exchange for our daily bread.

What do you say we take a stroll down the straight and narrow where even the wise stray? For many a year, I never gave a moment’s thought about what IN GOD WE TRUST was designed to communicate. And, for some unexplainable reason I either simply ignored or accepted these cryptic words at face value. Therefore, before reading further roll your eyes towards the back of your head and just before entering a catatonic trance ask your inner self what this concocted motto really hints at.

Are we, as a nation screaming to the world that we are praising and glorifying God (YHVH and Christ) because our coins are boldly stamped IN GOD WE TRUST? If this is accurate then wonderful. But, then again, maybe some inquiring mind might ask - what god is actually being referenced? Does not the Bible say that the god of this world is none other than deceptive darkness? Therefore, would it be judicious to conclude that Satan is the “GOD” stamped in CAPs on the coins we use as money to exchange goods and services? Furthermore, once one takes the last characterized leap, then is it not likely that Lucifer actually had a hand in the design of this motto? Oh no, can’t be! Ok, I’ll try to assay the value of this motto.

In order to reliably analyze I’ll have to grind and split the matrix of this motto to liberate any values from the gangue. There’s no better place to start this process than at the beginning of the phrase with the word “IN”. What does IN really mean or suggest? Does it imply inside God, or within a place like the earth or the USA? If it means inside God then that assumes “we” are intimate with God and know God or know the god in which the mint’s designer or director had in mind. Regardless, of the true intent for the beginning word “IN” I can only say that yes I want to know God, but I don’t. I would like to be with God, but that is only a hope. As for being in God, well that could be true only if the politician’s who legislated or gave permission to have this stamped motto on coins were and are referring only to YHVH and not some other god.

Excavating deeper into the meaning of “IN” one could extrapolate that because the God of the Bible (YHVH) made all things and at same time is all things (omnipotent/omnipresent) then, yes we are definitely residing with[in] Him. However, nagging skepticism causes me to have serious doubts that this word “IN” is what the politicians are trying to get us all to believe, or naively accept.

I realize that the play on words can take anyone anywhere. But, being a prospector of metallic truth I don’t enjoy sluicing fools-gold when expecting riffles full of real yellow metal. In other words - it’s best to be wary because not everything that glistens is gold. Therefore, the point is, shouldn’t the meaning of the motto be crystal clear without any possible misinterpretation? This leads me to ask - what if the “IN” means in a place? For instance: because this is U.S. money the word IN could be construed to suggest - In America we believe our faith positions us to trust God (YHVH). But, it is not written this way. So, as before I’m left guessing as to where the illusive truth really can be found.

Most gold prospectors I know use a jeweler’s loop to carefully examine whether or not the gold they find, is really what they think they see. After being fooled a time or two, which all prospectors unfortunately fall victim to it eventually becomes crystal clear that prospecting is rich in confusion. So, to avoid these hazards the seasoned miner diligently tries to avoid being swallowed up in these deceiving holes, which all too often become bottomless pits.

On the assumption that a coin we have in hand contains pure gold/silver and is valiantly displaying the motto IN GOD WE TRUST - could it be possible this motto is a deceptive Trojan Horse we are allowing to dwell amongst us? Being a life-long prospector I’ve learned, painfully, that seldom is what seems to be, is what truly is. In other words there is always an opposing view and I had better be cognizant of this fact if I don’t want to fool myself. Likewise, where I think gold is at or “in” is rarely the case. Often, we prospectors commit disastrous errors by drawing improper conclusions from the perceived facts. Therefore, I’ve found it counter productive to assume anything when it comes to the search for gold and truth. So, again the question begs - is the capped word “IN” a mirage laying in wait to trap the unwary? Most Christians know that Christ was betrayed for a few pieces of silver. Likewise, is it possible that we are being sold out for a few disingenuousness words?

I’ve already offered one possible explanation regarding the next capped word “GOD”. But, for the moment let’s hesitantly take for granted that the combined capped letters forming the word ‘GOD’ means YHVH (Yahweh, Jehovah or Christ). If this presumption has worth then why would the past or present wise and benign public servants within the U.S. government allow the mint to make all the letters in caps? To me, this is a disgraceful attempt by authorities to grab my attention for some unknown and possibly insidious purpose. By making all the words capped would this not authenticate that the word “GOD” has no higher reverence than any other single word within this motto? Oh I know I may be making a mountain out of a molehill. Or, maybe as a dear friend informed me - I am nit picking. Perhaps! But, because each word is capped I feel that I am being purposely led to believe that each word has equal standing and/or importance. Obviously, something is amiss, or perhaps I’ve used the wrong formula to assay this phase properly.

In order to live without too many consequences there are two ways we can choose to avoid traps or inconveniences in the USA. The first methodology is to incorporate into our lives the unimaginable number of laws and rules designed and prescribed by government. The other way is to refer to the KJV Bible and adhere to principles set out in the 10 Commandments. Combining these two prescriptions for living life and obtaining desired results are, to me incompatible, so I use the Bible as my guide. Previously to writing this essay I did not always consult the Gospel and consequently constantly found myself being confronted with insurmountable obstacles. Hopefully, I’ve discovered the errors of my previous ways and will continue to use the Bible to keep me on the path of accuracy.

To determine the precious metal content of a rock an assay is required. However, before conducting such the over-all matrix make-up of the rock must be questioned and determined in order to obtain a reliable analysis. Similarly, and because my memory is notoriously questionable I always consult the books (fire assay manuals) to hopefully avoid questionable results. Along the way of learning the art of assaying rocks I soon discovered that not all who profess to be assayers are reliable, but spotting these so-called professionals requires some knowledge of their art. In other words be wary and question. For some unknown reason I have always been blessed or cursed with the desire to know the whys’ that seem to surround and permeate life’s highway. Apparently my insatiable curiosity causes me to question everything and thus become known as an aggravating nitpicker. It’s this desire to comprehend that has created this current quest regarding why the priestly authorities chose to use the IN GOD WE TRUST motto.

Being unsuccessful at locating Government records as to the real reason why these letters are all in CAPS I again turned to the Bible for answers. While probing the Bible’s contents I discovered that the printed word “God” in the Old Testament was written in excess of 2300 times. And, that GOD (a little larger G, and a little smaller O & D) was used approximately 298 times in the Old Testament, but nowhere found in the New Testament. Even more mysterious and amazing was the fact that the all same sized capitalized letters forming the all upper case word “GOD” was used only one time in each the old and new testaments. Naturally this peaked my interest and ushered in more questions. Needless to say and regardless of the myriad of possible explanations I challenged my reasoning ability with I found no biblical reason(s) to justify the use of an all caps motto. Furthermore, and based upon the long hours reflecting upon the inspired Biblical text and how God, GOD and GOD is written I can find no reasonable explanation for using an all caps “GOD” on our coins. Worse yet, to my peculiar way of thinking is that this all caps motto may well be the ultimate form of blasphemy. Perhaps the use of an all capitalized GOD is meant to indicate what is written in ACTS 17:23 regarding an “UNKNOWN GOD”? To better grasp the possible consequences I listed below (links section) all the references I’ve found in the KJV Bible. Maybe you will discover something I missed. If so, please let me in on your discoveries.

Proceeding to the next capped word - who is the “WE” referring to regarding where trust is understood and placed? Could this WE be everyone who uses and holds these mediums of exchange? On the surface this sounds ok until one begins deliberating the ramifications. For instance is “WE” describing atheists and/or devout environmentalists who neither believe in a Biblical God? Could it be that this WE is meant to represent mammon worshipers? What if the WE is meant to designate the owners of these mediums of exchange? If this last sentence occupies the high ground then ownership could apply only to the corporation known as the United States government and not the American people. If this is the case then God help us, because many, if not all of us bought into a gigantic lie perpetrated at the founding of this corporate republic.

In light of the possibilities it’s simply inconceivable to me that the “WE” has equal footing with GOD. Is it possible that the officers of the soul-less Corporate State directed their creation - the mint and its director - to emphatically state/shout that WE are gods too? No way, absolutely not! Then try to explain why all the letters capped? Is not your name in all caps on your SS, driver’s license, bank account and birth certificate? Do you spell your name in all caps? Do you refer to yourself when writing to your family or friends in all caps signature? Of course not, but the corporate state always does. I have come to the conclusion, perhaps erroneously, that WE are property of the corporate state, just like their awful money we exchange daily.

Here’s something that ought to raise the hairs on your neck or get you mad as hell. Are not all the people who live and work within the boundaries of the USA corporate assets? Aren’t corporate assets pledged to offset or discharge debt? Proceeding further, aren’t current forms of paper money instruments of debt? Sure they are because they boldly say so on each piece of paper, and are likewise implied by simply exchanging worth-less base metal coins. Don’t we use these debt instruments as mediums of exchange? Of course we do. Do we discharge debt by transferring these mediums of exchange? The answer is no, because all recent money, whether paper or coin, which contain the motto IN GOD WE TRUST only transfers debt and thus we who use this medium of exchange remain in perpetual slavery. Something is terribly wrong!

When gold and silver were officially coined as U.S. money I suspect that skepticism managed to get lost because the implied suggestion of “ownership” seemed to indicate that -We - The People, which includes you and me also became property. As I peer through the lens of scrutiny this analogy staggers the my comprehension. Gold and silver never belonged to us. We are merely guardians of a granted trust. But, unfortunately we misplaced this trust by allowing a new Caesar to inhabit this land. If WE are not free then WE cannot consider the coins with this motto to be the WE that is referenced. Yuck, what a bunch of muck WE have allowed to be created.

Although I could continue the subject of “WE” I’ll conclude it with a few more intriguing propositions. If the prominently stamped “WE” in the motto does not include atheists or non-believers then could the “we” be referring to idol worshippers? No way, you say - can’t be! Well then, if this “we” in the motto does not include non-believers why would non-Christians be willing to exchange these coins as mediums in good faith? Perhaps the secular anti-Christian government believer’s know something we don’t? Could it be that their faith and trust is in their god called mammon made by and for a corporate government? Maybe, it might be wise to do some soul searching and ask why you use and have faith in these/their mediums of exchange containing this motto. By the way, inquiring minds want to know - what does the word “faith” mean when referencing “backed by full faith and credit of the U.S. Government”? Which is it - do we place faith in government or YHVH?

The last capped word in the motto is “TRUST”. My first question was and still is - why don’t the coins with the word “we” preceding TRUST say “I” TRUST instead of “WE TRUST”? I don’t see how we can trust this motto unless two or more individual can somehow hold the same coin at the same time. Therefore it would seem far more prudent to say I Trust rather than we Trust. The word trust is to me a fleeting symbolism of something indefinable. Basically “trust” says to rely upon. Ok, no problem, I can accept this premise. But, if I have questioned all of the foregoing words in this motto then I am left hanging as to where this trust should be given, held or positioned. I wonder if while I am dangling on this word if there is not a saw in a non-believer’s hand that is about to show me how much Trust I can afford? I know that I cannot always trust my eyes and ears. But for a varieties reasons I do place trust in 24 carat gold and .999 silver, because they have inherent or stored value that God said was good. But, I have considerable difficulty trusting something that seems to diminish in value each and every day like non-backed paper and clad coins. If we are watchmen why aren’t we demanding the real thing instead of cheap imitations? Is it possible that we like being fooled?

I’ve tried to examine my deepest thoughts regarding whether or not my morality of writing this theorem is tainted or that my ignorance has further contributed to confusion. I sure hope that I am not unwittingly promoting any of the false prophet’s deception(s). All I can say is - I honestly think that what I am saying is closer to the truth than what this motto implies? Regardless of which side of the coin you choose to look at, it’s up to you to accept or reject what the true intentions of this motto - IN GOD WE TRUST really shouts. After all, is not INTENT the foundation of American laws? What if the intent of the corporate coins was and is based upon deception? Do you really TRUST these mediums you exchange your time for?

With the above firmly stamped upon your thoughts here’s a few more possibilities that one might find conclusive or at least acceptable to justify trusting the intent of the motto. Perhaps the engraver found it expedient to only use caps. Perhaps smaller letters would be hard to see. Perhaps engraving and die set maintenance costs would be higher to make the motto in different sized letters. Regardless of the numerous could-be’s none I can conjure up make sense. If the motto “In God We Trust” was stamped as upper and lower case letters I’m pretty sure I could find some glint of truth. However, even this way of describing what we think is true can be safely assumed to be fraught with dangerous meaning. Another way of stating the motto could be “in God we trust” with all lower case words excepting the “G’ used for God the same way the scriptures do. Yet, for reasons discussed above and below even this way of stating faith demands refined clarification. What’s the intent of coined money? Is it not to exchange this metal medium in lieu of goods and services? What’s the intent of placing any type of inscription upon coins? Why would good Christians as our founding Fathers are claimed to be place Liberty or the UNITED STATES above the IN GOD WE TRUST motto? Oh I know, they were proud to name the country with which these coins originated; but what was sacrificed and left at or near the bottom?

Expediency is the course most of us travel. In stark contrast though, the government touts itself as deliberate and thorough, both of which suggests well thought-out designed preparations. Therefore making smaller letters cannot be held as being legitimately difficult to accomplish. This is especially apparent once one recognizes that engraving a dead presidents’ face on a master plate can take several months. No detail is too small to be over-looked. Plus, as all can see smaller lettering can be found on thin dimes. So the size of this motto on coins, no matter the coin’s overall size cannot be considered an issue regarding making/using and maintenance or costs of die sets. In fact, if the government wanted to they could make this motto microscopically small. I suggest that this motto was and is made in the manner it is for a specific purpose. Because government is adept at compromising, could it be they compromised the intent of the this motto?

To bluntly state my suspicions, the all caps motto is merely how the corporate secular government communicates with its assets. For example: when the government refers to naturally occurring commodities such as trees, fish, plants, animals, minerals, mountains and valleys the government calls them natural resources. The same is true when they refer to or describe “The People” as “human resources”. Like it or not We are not who we think we are. We have been deceived for a very long time, and it’s way past time to do something about it.


Regardless of whether you agree or not about the foregoing, perhaps if enough of us will put our heads together we might come up with a way that will reveal the truth. To illustrate the preceding sentence, perhaps you can explain what you see and conclude from this all upper case motto that is set near the bottom of this U.S. $20.00 gold coin?

  Ask yourself these questions about the all caps motto: 1) why is it bent around the Sun? 2) Why is it almost resting on top of the Sun, but apart from? 3) Why is the motto between the Sun and the light rays? 4) Is the motto or the Sun the source of illumination? 5) Is it possible that this is a sneaky way of inserting the ancient belief of the Caesar’s and Pharaoh’s who worshipped the Sun god? Yet, and perhaps this is not the Sun. Maybe it’s the earth and all the possible scenarios that can be conjured up to reflect a dazzling array of even more questions. Then again, maybe it’s none of the above, but is none other than the all-seeing eye. Be sure to examine the links section for more information about this troubling motto.

Is there a solution to this troubling dilemma? I think so. Will it be easy? I doubt it. In fact it might be darn right dangerous. It’s quite likely that Caesar will free the lions to devour those who dare take a new way of establishing faith.

After giving this disturbing enigma substantial attention I’ve come to the conclusion the need to make and use silver and gold coins which clearly and without ambiguity define the Christian faith.

I propose that if such coins were made that in the early stages these new coins could be carried in the pocket, around the neck or on the wrist. Later, these metal mediums could be exchanged between like-minded individuals. Think about it, new metal mediums of exchange that Christians or any other religion could use in good conscience. Furthermore, these new coins might well create a new way for producers, refiners and bullion dealers to develop a heretofore-unexplored outlet.

Someday, which may or may not be in my lifetime gold and silver will once again be the medium we choose to exchange. When that day arrives, I sure hope that all the confusing symbolism will disappear from both sides of these future coins.

For those who want to discuss this subject of making and using a completely fresh medium of exchange I’d consider it a privilege to exchange ideas.


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The motto IN GOD WE TRUST was not always on our coins. It did not appear on our money until the two-cent piece in 1864-5. Since 1864 each new coin’s design sometimes included the motto. However, U.S. law did not require it until 1955.
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Office of Weights and Measures According to scripture unjust Weights and Measures are abominations. Therefore, do you suppose that anyone who tries to deceive via money or the weights and measures of mediums of exchange (coins) might be considered working for Satan?

Bureau of Public Debt

2. A partial list of US coins that demonstrate coins with and without motto
Pictures of U.S. Coins 1872 silver dollar with motto --- click the picture to see reverse side Why is the motto not at top of coin? Why is the motto below the larger all caps UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


Picture of 1921 Liberty Head Silver Dollar All of my physical Liberty Head dollars dating from 1879 to 1904 have this type of logo. Why is this motto so much different? Why did we not keep this style of motto?


Picture of 1921 Peace Silver Dollar with motto. Question: Why is “GOD” smaller than rest of motto. My personal collection of these $1 silver coins the “O” in GOD is also smaller. I wonder why? Could it somehow or some unexplained reason have been associated with the establishment of the Federal Reserve?
1915 commemorative coin picture -- with motto -- by designer George T. Morgan
20.00 gold piece - picture - read about why motto was omitted from type 1 and added to type 2
1900 -$10.00 gold coin - picture - motto information. Also note how the spelling of motto is described in the commentary. $10.00 gold Indian Head - picture - motto data
1889 ˝ dollar with motto --- click the picture to see reverse side containing motto
1909 penny with motto at top of coin. This would seem to be an appropriate location of a motto that declares loud and clear that the people of the USA believe in the God of the KJV. The question remains: is this the God of the Bible or some UNKNOWN GOD? In addition, I am of the mindset that having a picture of a past American president on coins eulogizes/praises a dead man and therefore is a form of idolatry.
Coin patterns for minted US coins. The following 34 links are from this site. These links are listed to show possible intent and the differences of the IN GOD WE TRUST motto.
1869 dime with motto at bottom no date, but notice motto position, probably pattern for the 1869 dime.
1868 - this coin has the motto. Notice how GOD is smaller that the other parts of the motto.
1865 Gold Double Eagle with same motto as previous link
1867 copper pattern strike with same motto as above
1865 Notice the different size of the upper case GOD, versus the above pattern sized GOD.
1861, Notice how the banner containing motto held in jaws of Eagle.
1875, notice smaller all capped GOD
1872 Notice how the motto is draped and held under the Eagles claws. Also notice the apparent intent of the designer to make the predatory Eagle prominent instead of the motto.
1877, Notice position of motto.
1878, Notice position of motto.
1885, Notice how this liberty lady is sitting on top of the motto. It is possible that the motto is meant as a foundation, but is faith a foundation or an inspiration? Where do you think his motto should be positioned. top, bottom, sides or perhaps all?
Walking liberty with motto above Sun
1909, a completely different position of motto.
1915, There is a lot going on with this coin and motto position - you judge the merits.
1922, Notice position of motto on top at rim. The coin pattern appears to say 1822.
1922, apparently part of the immediate above coin.
1935, notice motto position
Proposed half dollar (no date) has motto
1935 half dollar with motto at top
1939 half dollar - Notice how the size of GOD is smaller and set lower in position than the other parts of motto. This is also true for the 1943 half dollar.
1942 penny with motto at top, which remains on pennies to this day.
1948 half dollar with motto at bottom under Ben Franklin.
2000 Sacagawea dollar with motto$20sntix.html
Read about the conspiracy to omit IN GOD WE TRUST from the new 20 dollar gold piece.$20type2.html
Motto history data

3. Mercury Dime

As a result of writing the IN GOD WE TRUST essay posted at I received some deserved email criticisms about this Dime, which I referred to as the god Mercury. I should have said “Winged Liberty” dime that looks like the Roman’s mythological god Mercury. Nevertheless, I still stick by my original thoughts due to a variety of reasons posted below.

Not being sure exactly what this so-called Mercury dime’s face actually is I embarked on a community hunt to find out what others thought. I asked both men and women to examine this winged bust and to tell me if the face was either male or female. All those I asked said it resembled a male’s face, which becomes more so when the dimes wear due to usage.
Photo of 1916 dime
1923Dime.htm Photo of 1923 dime
Split personality. Why the fascination with Roman culture?
Mercury - the god of commerce and speed.
Is this dime really a misnomer for calling it a Mercury dime? Is it really a common misplaced belief by the general public that the face on these dimes is really the face of Mercury instead of the represented face of (goddess) Liberty?
Roman - Mercury ( Greek -Hermes) god of merchants
Greek gods
More info on Mercury
More info on Mercury
More info on Mercury and Christian belief
Contradiction about the winged god Mercury
Picture of Mercury
Gods of the Bible (Mercurius) Acts 14:12

I enjoy looking at how most words seem to be incorporated into other words apparently for better clarification. Thus I find it interesting that the word “dime” is also encapsulated within the word “embodiment”.
Money and God and sincerity
Go to this site and enter Mercury dimes in their search and you look at photos and see if the photos look like male or female winged faces
An interesting description of the Mercury dime and the biblical mention of Mercurius.
See what is said about Adolph Weinman who supposedly designed the Winged Liberty (Mercury) dime. By reading between the lines I came away with the idea that A.A. Weinman had his attention towards artistry that was not founded upon Christianity.
Therefore, this insight further strengthens my presumption that this designer of the dime had intentions that are at best ambiguous to maybe outright deception. On the other hand - he could have intentionally been using a god like face of so-called Liberty. Either way, as far as I am concerned Christian faith is not being represented.
More insight into the craft of Adolph Weinman with this “Court of the Universe - the rising Sun”
Read this description of Court of the Universe & the rising Sun. Make up your own mind as to what the purpose or intent of the Winged Liberty or the Mercury Dime’s was and remains.
Lady Liberty. Who is this lady adorning coins? Is she a Greek Goddess or something else?
“Seeing the unseen” Lady Liberty

4. What is money

5. Religious Issues
Forum - disagreement about the motto on coins
Forum regarding In God We Trust
Forum regarding Motto
Ohair’s quest to eliminate the motto
Take God off money
No god on money
Rejection of motto
See what is said about, God, Christ, silver, gold and government
Understanding Romans 13:1-7 (government authority - tribute).

Way too many people have been, in my opinion erroneously taught that government is, of, by and for God. If God (YHVH) is the only form of government required then current earthly governments are man’s wickedness.

St. Mark
12:14: And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the way of God in truth: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?
12:15: Shall we give, or shall we not give? But he, knowing their hypocrisy, said unto them, Why tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may see it.
12:16: And they brought it. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? And they said unto him, Caesar's.
12:17: And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him.

COMMENT: I interpret this to mean that if there is a graven image or idol upon a coin then, although the gold, silver or copper itself is good and belongs to YHVH that the coin nonetheless belongs to Caesar because it has been corrupted. This also applies to Luke 20:25
Supreme court decision regarding - In God We Trust.
“In God We Trust. In Government We Hope for the Best.”
Reasons as to why we have placed our trust in God and adopted the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. All of the reasons justifying the motto I read at this site and similar web sites certainly have merit. But, due to my suspicious nature I remind the reader that GOD does not necessarily mean YHVH or Christ. We can assume, at our peril, that the words “GOD” or “God” means what we want it to be, but because Satan was given dominion over this world then logically the word “GOD” in the motto could be referencing Satan and not YHVH or Christ.
Separation of church and state

I do not pretend to know what the founders of our Constitutional Republic truly had in mind regarding the “State” and “religion”. This is a debate that seems destined to rage far into the future. I can agree that it is very dangerous for the State to mandate or rally around a preconceived notion as to what is the politically correct form of religious belief. Having said this, I still have grave doubts as to how the corporate State and Christianity can peacefully coexist. In my way of thinking Christianity is first and foremost, whereas the State seems hell-bent on the same designation. Consequently, incompatibility between church and state seems to be a built-in constitutional form of constant warfare.
Separation of church and state
History of the Motto - IN GOD WE TRUST

As I continue to read various accounts regarding the motto I find it interesting that often this same motto is written as - In God We Trust in articles. Strangely, no one seems to be questioning the concept of the use of CAP (upper case) lettering on our coins. Furthermore, even in the sentences attempting to describe and justify why this motto is right to be on our coins the authors of these descriptive sentences don’t bother to explain why they capitalize I - G - W - T or why they use lower case to explain the upper case lettering.

I still say that “In” or “IN” means a place (world, earth, nation or America). That “God” or “GOD” does not necessarily mean YHVH and could just as easily mean Satan, or government Mammon. The “We” or “WE” seems to have the same importance as any of the other capped words, thus negating the importance of YHVH, or that “We or WE” are thus gods too. And finally, it’s pretty common knowledge that in yesterday’s & today’s world that we are not a trusting nation. So how in the world can we trust those who placed this motto on the coins as meaning the same concept of love that Christianity teaches? Furthermore, I do not place my TRUST in a god that the state approves of. Consequently, the whole ideology behind the separation of church and state is at best questionable. Therefore, how can We Trust when we are a divided camp/nation/people?

If a motto on our coins is important should it not be self-evident? What could a new and better definitive motto be? There are several possibilities and I can only hope that wiser people than I will find such a motto to be placed upon future gold, silver & copper coins. What about this as a possible motto: I Trust YVHV. Would this not say it all and no need of further clarification? Then again, why even use “I Trust” when only YHVH on one side of coin and the other side said CHRIST. Would this not say all that needs be said?
Some history regarding gold & silver coins as our Nation’s money.
The paper dollar.

This web page offers many insights that most have forgotten or never knew about our paper money. Also within this text is an excellent short description of the number 13 which abounds on this money.

Although I am not a student of numerology, I do find it interesting that when all the letters of the IN GOD WE TRUST motto are added up it comes to 175, and when these are individually added they equal 13. On the paper $1 bill the all Seeing Eye atop the pyramid has roots dating back to Babylon. I concur that YHVH could well be this all Seeing Eye. But, perhaps it really means something else. You decide.
Worship mammon not God.

Go to & click on FIND then place in FIND the words “in god we trust”.
Freedom From Religion Foundation's attempt to strike down in GOD we trust from money.

As bad as it sounds or may seem I am forced to support a persons right to believe as they choose and not force them to surrender their perceptions to a belief structure they find offensive. I see no point in casting stones at those who do not share my beliefs. But, then again nor do I want those who do not believe as I do to force me to subscribe to their ideologies. Therefore, what I am suggesting and proposing is only for those who may share similar beliefs in what real mediums of exchange ought to be. I do not want to trade with the enemy, which seems to me to be the people’s democratized corporate America.
“The Mighty Dollar”
All the more reason to have a medium of exchange (Au & Ag) that is not easily corrupted by government’s and/or bankers who have the appetites of a gargantuan beast. In my opinion the world’s money system is a huge Ponzi scheme, with only one aim - to make the worlds people slaves to debt (credit). Government’s bemoan the evils of mind altering drugs. But, seldom do I ever hear or read that credit is not only on same par with drugs, but, clearly causes more problems than all the drugs have done since the beginning of time. Credit is a temporary mind altering - feel good - drug, but unlike drugs, credit threatens the world’s people with a New World Order where the Anti-Christ remains in charge.
There are those who say God is dead, and recently these same advocates claim gold is dead.
A provocative site, which may challenge some people’s concepts of our so-called constitutional Republic. I strongly suspect that we were not formed as a Nation under God. Instead it was just the opposite - it was formed as a nation without God. Or at least, not the God Yahweh and Christ.

Although we became a bankrupt nation under Roosevelt in 1933 when he initiated the Banking Holiday and eliminated gold as a medium of exchange I contend that we were always a bankrupt nation. From the first days of our republic we did not honor God on our mediums of exchange. In fact, it was and is just the opposite. We created money without specifically honoring God by stating such on our so-called legal tender gold and silver coins. To our peril we placed all manners of graven images on coins and continue to do so to this very day in 2001
You might want to read many of these articles.
Money & the Beast
Hoover Institution - In God We Trust article as to how religion played an intimate role in forming the government and Constitution.
In god we trust - poem of mammon
What is money to a Christian
Marx and God money
What is money Temple of mammon
God or money? Which master do you serve?

By stamping on our coins all sort of image are we not also doing what’s said in Romans & Corinthians?


1:22: Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

1:23: And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

1:24: Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

1:25: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

2 Corinthians

4:2: But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.

4:3: But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

4:4: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

When a person gives State crafted money as an offering to a Corporate Church what is really being said?

It’s up to us to set the record straight and tell it like it is, as well as accept the responsibility that YHVH so clearly gave each and everyone one of us. He gave us His Gold, Silver & Copper to be used in any manner we chose. And, as we know, all decisions have consequences, so what we do with them is either a blessing or a curse.

We can’t change yesterday but we can alter course and change tomorrows past. Our American forefathers tried to give us a Constitutional Republic. Even though it was flawed that is no reason why we can’t make it work. Oh, I know there simply are not enough people in the Christian camp to easily change our deceptive government. Furthermore, and most likely its course is like a rolling stone and it would be best to stay out of its way as it heads into chaos. Therefore, before this burdensome stone gathers everyone around itself it would seem, at least to me, that Christians should begin to speak out and inform their like minded brethren as to what was at the root of all our problems.

Those who profess to be Christians might want to start this journey in their back yards and churches. It would seem prudent in light of the current circumstances that those who attend church ask two fundamental questions, which are: why are they praying and teaching in a corporate environment and giving corporate government made money in their offerings to do the Lords work.

Perhaps it’s time that the believer’s of Christianity, and while the present government has not yet repudiated its mythic stance that it too is a believer of YHVH and/or Christ, that the body of Christ make new mediums of exchange. I don’t mean to say that this would be a black market enterprise. No, quite the contrary it would be out in the open for all to witness. Gold with YHVH on one side and Christ on the other, with designations of size, weight, date and purity would seem to me to declare our faith. What do you think?
Another different perspective as to what money is.
The war between mammon & God.
God & money --- bible study
Money, god, lender, politics, ethics
Banks & mammon forum Christian site about gold -- 783 times mentioned in the bible
God’s business Greed
Mammon & famine
Money v/s mammon

What makes humans believe in money? Is it the luster of the metal, or that God said gold is good? Did God say we should do anything with gold and silver to glorify Him? Why have we embellished coins with slogans, mottoes, and idols? I can understand why bureaucrats as well as environmentalists accept our current form of money because they worship the sun, moon, stars, plants and animals. But for Christians to use government (Caesar’s) money seems a grotesque event for my mind to contemplate.
What’s in a name
Definition of God

The Bible is the inspired word of God (YHVH) therefore how can it be justified that all capped, same sized letters G, O & D should be used on coins when the Bible only does this twice?
Corporate church --- need anything else be said?

When a church becomes a corporation, naturally it gets a 501 c-3 status, as well as its name in all Upper Case lettering. Is this not shouting to the world that this church is now a new creature?
Is it possible that this new creature is what is being referred to in Mark 16:15: “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
The corporate church

Examine for yourself, by visiting the numerous church web-sites and see their all UPPER CASE letting designating their corporate status.

My interpretation of a corporation is - It is created, but has no life. It is a legal entity or person, but is not human. It has form, but no substance. It can live forever, but has no soul.
The corporate church from another point of view.
Are we a secular nation?
There are those who say God is dead, and recently it’s heard that gold is dead.
Shekel -- what did it look like? Was it pure and did it glorify YHVH?
Unincorporated - taxes - church
List of Christian legal sites
Unincorporated church
Corporations and the church
Church Incorporation - definitions - great info
Treaties with the devil, false shepherds
Look up specifics under “material by topic”
Names of God (KJV Bible)
Online KJV Bible - This online KJV Bible does not show the 3 different ways that God is spelled. You must use a physical KJV Bible to see what is being referenced below.

I was having a lot of trouble trying to decipher the true meaning of IN GOD WE TRUST on our metallic mediums of exchange (coins), so I decided to look for a possible biblical explanation.

When going through the physical KJV Bible I discovered that the printed word “God” in the Old Testament was written in excess of 2300 times. But, found that “GOD” (a little larger capitalized G with smaller capitalized O & D) was used approximately 298 times; whereas, and amazingly, the all same sized capitalized letters of “GOD” was used only once in the old and new testaments.

To help you understand what I am trying to say -- here are the different sized lettering used in the KJV Bible for: God GOD (caps but smaller "od") and GOD (all caps)

My question is WHY is the spelling of this particular upper case letters designating GOD used in this manner? What is the intent? I've searched through many old and new issues of the KJV Bible and they are all the same.

I've tried to come up with possible explanations, such as: intended and unintended type setting, biblical and/or non biblical emphasis, etc., etc.) and keep coming up with no real definitive answers. I also asked scores of friends and so far no rock solid answers. Any and all suggestions/comments are invited.
These are the references that have GOD.

Genesis 6:5, 15:2, 15:
Exodus 23:17, 34:23
Deuteronomy 3:24, 9:26

28:58 has same sized capped letters used for GOD
Judges 6:22, 16:28 2
Samuel 7:18, 7:19 twice, 7:20, 7:28, 7:29, 12:22
Kings 2:26, 8:53
Psalm 69:6, 71:16, 73:28, 109:21, 140:7, 141:8
Isaiah 3:15, 7:7, 10:23, 10:24, 22:5, 22:12, 22:14, 22:15, 25:8, 28:16, 28:22,

30:15, 40:10, 48:16, 49:22, 50:4, 50:5, 50:7, 50:9, 52:4, 56:8, 61:1, 61:11, 65:13, 65:15
Jeremiah 32:17, 32:25, 44:26, 46:10 twice, 49:5, 50:25, 50:31
Ezekiel GOD = 216 times AMOS 1:8, 3:7, 3:8, 3:11, 3:13, 4:2, 4:5, 5:3, 6:8, 7:1, 7:2, 7:4, 7:4, 7:5, 7:6, 8:1, 8:3, 8:9, 8:11, 9:5, 9:8
Obadiah 1:1
Micah 1:2
Zephaniah 1:7
Zechariah 9:14
ACTS - 17:23 Same size caps GOD
Note: Oddly, or amazingly there is no capitalized style “GOD” in the New Testament.
Many of our past/present forms of money contain the Eagle supposedly representing Liberty and Freedom. Personally, I think this is a form of bestiality worship. Whenever I see this Eagle being represented I get the feeling that I am close to death. One of the places that proudly flaunts this symbol is on big banks. When I see this bird of prey with outstretched talons I sure don’t get any awe-inspiring desire to get closer. In fact, it’s just the opposite - I had better run like hell before I get torn to shreds and devoured. To me displaying the Eagle is a warning to any and all Christians.

What am I really saying when I exchange coins (money) with this symbol? Am I not shouting that I too am of the same mind and will try to eat well by taking? In my opinion, American’s claiming to be environmentalists have crossed over to the dark side. Furthermore, why do environmentalists take and use money to destroy the mining of precious metals? Environmentalism is another story, but it is one of the campsites which I flee from and stand against. Environmentalism sounds Noble, but I’ve found it to be deception in its ultimate form and on a par with the IN GOD WE TRUST motto. More bird of prey information, purporting to define theoretical ideals. Each part of the mediums we exchange are a story that many books may not ever completely define. This eagle data is added to further illustrate a portion of the symbolic foundations of our metal money.

6. The Crash of 29
Do you think America would have experienced such darkness if The People’s faith resided in YHVH & Christ versus government.

I keep seeing how The People seek relief from the darkness of environmentalism. Yet, The People keep demanding that government rescue them from this darkness. Why don’t we realize that government is the source of these ills and not the savior?

Deflation and your perceived notion of money

8. Bankrupted
The banks -- FDR scraped/trashed our Constitution
Global troubles/economies - we are really bankrupt - our government and the people are bankrupt and our so-called leader’s insatiable appetite for more and more are making sure we finally succumb to paper beliefs

9. New World Order, schemes, fakes & fiat

A very interesting site regarding the 1913 scam
Uses and Abuses of Gresham's Law in the History of Money

10. GOLD STANDARD, Rare Coins, World currencies & History
U.S. Gold coins facts, and an assortment of related information
Rare coins museum
India’s earliest coinages
Ancient coins - animals and mythic creatures & gods Roman coins
World currencies
Digital e-gold currencies
“NORFED's solution to our nation's manipulated government currency is simple: Stop using "their" money. Start using The Liberty Dollar and return America to value - one dollar at a time.”
History of gold/money article in the Dallas news
History relating to the gold standard.
“Credibility of the Interwar Gold Standard, Uncertainty, and the Great Depression”
The Gold Standard: A Standard For Freedom
Links to related articles regarding Trust, economics and God.
A series of American Heritage articles including the Constitution
The Gold Standard
Gold standard forum
Gold standard opinion forum
Excellent data
Silver standard
Follow this trail and you will get a clear perspective as to why we are in such a financial mess.
Private minting
Why the present monetary system cannot be reformed
The Intellectual Origins of Modern Catholic Teaching on Economics
The Goal of Monetary reform
Gold standard article
Rare US Paper gold certificate
An alternative view against gold
Good articles
Gold’s relationship to labor
They stole our gold
Government’s and money
Gold Standard
Gold Standard
Coinage and motto
Gold trading
Lot’s of data
Catholic money
Coin patterns and related data
In God We Trust
What does trust mean?
An alternative point of view regarding IN GOD WE TRUST on Coins.
I find it a bit odd that the author of this web page did not use all upper case letters for the IN GOD WE TRUST motto. Although I can’t say I agree with the concepts presented herein, this web site certainly provides an argument favoring the idea that since the founding of this Republic we were a secular nation.
Inflation - money running away from value
This site begins with the following words:
“The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.” From my perspective and point of view I fail to comprehend this type of talk. To me it says nothing but a bunch of feel good high-falutin words. Two, three or four NINES Gold & Silver never has to be regulated nor explained nor stabilized.
Oh sure there are the crooks who will immorally shave (stealing) off from the gold and silver coins some of the metal. But what else is new. There have long been thieves. Tell me the difference between one who shaves and/or dilutes the gold & silver to those who say have faith in their clad coins, little alone their paper and plastic.
Historical evidence of unusual gold selling
What the investment community has done to Latin America
While I agree with this writers’ assessments regarding the plight Latin America faces - the question I am forced to ask is how will these south of the border countries pay off their paper debt with their commodities if America and Europe go into recession/depression?
To my way of thinking the whole world is perched on the edge of calamity and ruin which was created by what President Andrew Jackson called the “Monster Bank”.
THE EMERGENCY POWERS ACT OF 1933 Banking Relief Act of 1933
Who’s Running America --- Treasury Act of 1921
Who’s Running America
National Banking Act of 1863
1792 Coin Act and Why Americans need a new monetary system
The 1792 Coin Act - very informative Banking Acts
Put in their search box “Banking Relief Act of 1933” and the “New Deal”
General info about “President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913”
Stuff & money, the Fed & Banking, Law
Freedom is not free
“Where Truth is Destiny and Destination!”
Another point of view of banking and money.
The power of money and the people who worship it.
In this text it happens to be the so-called Jews who are worshiping money. However, I think any nationality, race or religion can be equally applicable.
Money - a tool as a means to exchange various mediums of wants
Roman Denarius + biblical references to the Denarius
Pontius Pilate’s coins
Silver Denarius Circa 225 A.D
Ancient coins -- with photos and prices
Judean coins
Roman coins - pictures
Ancient coins
American coins of the Old West

11. Legal Tender
Legal Tender cases
Legal tender cases
Legal tender Cases
Definition of legal tender
Legal tender notes
Some interesting US paper money -- the 1 dollar 1928 US Note -- no motto
Colonial Currency -- Excellent site to obtain historical information
e-money to become legal tender in Singapore
Pictures of legal tender
Legal tender
The Illegality Legal Tender
Search and list of topics to explore

1878 Morgan Silver Dollar became silver legal tender
The truth about money Coin design by congress and director of mint
Radical Privatization of Gold
Fiat money
IGWT and silver as money Constitutional grounds of/for legal tender.
Did the Legal Tender Act of 1862 usher in the motto due to the use of paper money?

Prior to 1860, America was not a nation. In fact, America was a union of sovereign states. Did Lincoln by the use of force change free Americans into slaves? Or, did The People wanted funny money?

12. UCC

I am currently trying to understand how the UCC affects (commerce and the regulation of) my daily life and possible ways to escape the grasping talons.

The corporate you & Upper Case Names

My suspicions regarding the motto may be inaccurate. Yet it is curious as to why our current bastardized (clad) coins are not only valueless but makes men distrustful of one another and sets indefinable boundaries between brothers.

The UCC may have had good intentions at its root, but without real money what value does the UCC standards set upon sovereign men?

I urge anyone who wants to examine an alternative way of examining UCC to read what’s presented upon this page.

13. History of Money
Some pictures of ancient coins
History of money
Money design - follow the links
History of money
Excellent data
Chronology of money - click on time lines near bottom of page
Money Museum
History of coins around the world.
Merchants & money
American Monetary Institute
History from ancient times
Various history items
An interesting perspective of war & money
Scroll down to “General Resource Sites”
History and further reading
Timeline of the root of all evil
The Federal Reserve When The People have gold and silver then they are not beholden to government. However, if someone or something holds these metals then The People are slaves without knowing it.
A collection of delicious articles which should help anyone’s appetite. 14. Lawful Money
Kennedy and coincidental assassination
Colony coins
Colonial currency
This site takes a while to load, but has Pictures and lots of information. Are Americans the collateral of government?
Many issues presented here including “lawful money”.
Moneysystem.html Money System
True Wealth
Honest Honest money
Law & money 15. Related issues
If you want to know who’s trying to make a difference visit GATA.
Investment Rarities - a web site you should visit often, excellent info on silver that I have found no-where else.
Read what Mr. Tupper Saussy has to say in his book “Rulers of Evil”.
Real free markets depend upon gold & silver
Lessons from Babylon the Great -- A Century Unique in all History --A Great Wealth Transfer in Ancient Egypt
“The Work of Men's Hands”
Wake-up America Foundation - lots of information
Slave Mentality
Gold - lending, banking & derivatives
Rome & USA similarities
John Taylor's Web site regarding economics and is Pres. Bush’s point man.
An excellent site to refresh your mind and body with facts
Behind Closed Doors
A tales of three lies
Insightful data
The Power of Gold
The truth about money
An intriguing article regarding “Consequences of Idealism on Money”
Challenges to the motto
Making coins
Periodic chart
Ron Paul one of the few who has consistently championed the cause of real (sound) money.
Supreme Court rejection to hear case regarding 10 Commandments. If the Supreme Court does not believe in the sanctity of these 10 rules of life then how can the Motto on coins be relevant to mean what many of us think these words do mean?
world wide financial crisis (Bretton Woods gold-exchange system)
"Every Currency Crumbles"
I'm not a defender of wealth per se. I wish I had wealth to defend, but I am a defender of freedom. There can be no freedom, personal or otherwise, without wealth, without the right to own and use one's own property as one sees fit. Remove property rights and you have no means to sustain life for yourself or your family. But now the acquisition and accumulation of productive wealth has become officially suspect in America. YHVH does not abhor wealth, in fact He seems to bless some with abundance.
Davey Crockett Read this gut-wrenching story to get an idea how far America has drifted. “But an understanding of the constitution different from mine I cannot overlook, because the Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions. The man who wields power and misinterprets it is the more dangerous the honest he is.' “ “Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain it."
A listing of excellent articles that everyone should read to better understand gold’s association with money, government and “The People”.
Citizens for better government - lots of related articles
Related issues
Deflation and/or debt. Listing of the various ACTS. Great source of related data.
The merchants of debt A concise essay of what many have known or suspected for many years as to who holds and controls the gold and thus makes the rules.
I found their membership information to most revealing as well as good news. If you really want a good source of great information do yourself a favor and read what this organization/site has to offer.
The Greenback - learn important data about what we call money and why being a debtor makes us slaves to the creditor(s).
Federal Reserve & Corporate Influence
The DixieLand Law Journal. The section on money is particularly interesting.
The Money Changer
Faces on paper money Everything about our current money is deceptive and grotesque. Why we fail to see this calamity is beyond me, except that I too played within the rigged game and said nothing because I was for the moment spared the consequences. Now, we think we can plead our case to the courts, but in my opinion how one can barter with the enemy is mind boggling, yet we continue compromising and pleading for mercy from the very ones who have caused all the problems. I wonder what we are - insane, stupid, brain dead, greedy or just plain foolish?

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