Calls For A Federal Investigation

June Maxam junegaz@localnet.com

Chestertown, New York- The coordinator for the New York State Oath of Office Project June Maxam, tearfully confided yesterday (March 18) that she has resigned from her investigations into the explosive judicial scandal rocking New York courts.

“Something happened to me yesterday, it's like a piece was taken out of me, it's physical, it's like I had a stroke or shock, I am in just a state of total disbelief not only that the court totally disregarded the truth but obviously wasn't interested in the truth.”

Maxam is responsible for uncovering nearly 82 percent of judges across New York who are violating the state Constitution and New York State law for failing to file their oath and or undertaking as mandated. “The situation in our courts extends beyond those in non-compliance and right smack into corruption so wide-spread there must be a federal investigation.” Maxam continued.

“When you have solid proof of falsified transcripts and a judge and a DA who refuses to act upon it …allows this, New York has a major problem.” Maxam was appealing a four year-old harassment conviction before Glens Falls City Court Judge Tarentino.

After a two-year delay in violation of three court orders, whe court stenographer Jayme Harvey finally produced the transcripts needed for the appeal, Maxam found that they had been falsified and could prove it by an unedited tape recording of the proceedings in question.

But Tarantino refused to listen to the tape, refused to compare the actual transcript with the falsified transcripts and allowed the falsfied transcripts to serve as the official record.

“Tarentino isn’t even in office, nor is the special prosecutor, Gary Hobbs and Hobbs even filed a false statement with the Warren COunty District Attorney's office claiming he had filed an oath when the county clerk has certified he did not" Maxam lamented.

“The issue here isn’t about me. Everyday I get calls from all over New York from people so extorted by our courts begging me to help expose the corruption. What they fail to understand is my investigative journalism has cost me the ability to regularly publish my paper, my advertisers were threatened with being burned out and now its gone on to the level of harassing my 86 year-old father, all in an effort to stop me from exposing the corruption. If that’s not illegal what is? That is a total abuse and corruption of the judicial system.”

Maxam says that even lawyers are too afraid of the current system to act, “Judges in New York are allowed to violate our laws and lawyers are too fearful to speak-up…our Attorney General could care less that judges wield power that overextends their authority. Where is Chief Justice Judith Kaye? Does it matter to her that her fellow justices are violating not just public officers law, but trashing both our state and federal Constitutions…apparently not.”

Ms. Maxam’s activism to force compliance by officials has as she stated, “Put me in personal danger and I face four years in jail after having already been illegally incarcerated four times because officials willfully ignore the Bill of Rights.” When asked if she believed giving up her crusade would alleviate her legal problems, Maxam emphatically stated. “Oh, for certain. I’m a threat to their power base. They must shut me up because I have exposed them for what they are … imposters and gangsters in black robes.”

The findings of Maxam’s investigation was hand delivered to Attorney General Spitzer who as of this date has not commented nor apparently acted to reform our justice system.