Should I hire an attorney?

That is a question that each must answer for themselves.  However, before making that decision, you might wish to consider the following questions and answers:

1. To what or whom is an attorney's first duty?  We consult the latest Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) legal encyclopedia, volume 7, section 4 for the answer below:

Attorneys Duties

2. What is the legal relationship between an attorney and his/her client?

Client Is Ward Of Court

3. What is a ward of the court?

Ward of court
(Are you an infant or person of unsound mind?)

4. Do you need to challenge jurisdiction?  Better read the following, particularly "...because if pleaded by an attorney....."

In propria persona Definition

Conclusions of law:

  1. When you hire an attorney, you become a ward of the court and a second class citizen and you admit the jurisdiction of the court in the matter at hand.

  2. You can't hire an attorney if you want to challenge jurisdiction.

  3. If you want to challenge jurisdiction, the only way you can do it is as a "sui juris" and/or "in propria persona".

Should you hire an attorney? What do you think?


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