An Open Letter to America

An Open Letter To America

From Robert McDougall - Canadian


To The Washington Post

Dear America:

And so it has come to this. Your once great nation has fallen into madness, an affliction of mass denial that brings shivers up the spines of millions outside your borders. Yours is a sick nation. But most of you carry on as though nothing at all is the matter.

Dark, evil operations run rampant in the secret corners of your government institutions. An illegally constituted government pursues war at will anywhere on earth, discussing nuclear options that become points for cheerful chatter over lunch. Your military and intelligence agencies employ terrorist tactics around the globe even as they insist that such tactics are necessary in the fight against terrorism.

You have become a nation of monsters, America. Hypocrites.Murderers. Fools.

Your constitution is a shambles thanks to national security measures resulting from what might well be U.S.-government-sponsoredterrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C., covert provocations designed to justify a malevolent, poisonous, oil-based military economy.

Never mind that earth-friendly technology already exists to once and for all end dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy from huge, out-of-control utilities and corporations. You would rather pay through the nose for your insecure comforts, wouldn't you America ? and make others pay with their blood.

At the same time, you stand by as the Israel's secular Zionists ?whom you support through the supply of arms and money -- slaughter untold numbers of innocents in the West Bank, then blame the Palestinians for bringing the terror upon them selves. True, there are terrible Arab suicide bombers in Israel's midst. But are they not driven to madness and desperation by your infernal support of international terrorist politics?

As I write these words, you support a nation run by a convicted murderer who with impunity is carrying out war crimes as cruel andhorrendous as those of other sadistic tyrants in history. And you say, in your utter cynicism, when will these Palestinians bring this war to an end?

You recklessly wage combat on other fronts, too. At home, your War on Drugs is a disastrous 30-year folly -- a gigantic con game designed to benefit lethal cartels, corrupt politicians and menacing intelligence agencies across the planet.

Meanwhile, military tanker jets daily spray massive quantities of unknown chemicals into the skies above your cities without your population's consent, and most of you do not even have the wherewithal to look up. Those who do and who voice their outrage hear only a deafening silence from your congress and your tax-supported health agencies. Some Americans have too active imaginations, yes? Best treat them with mind-numbing prescription drugs, and try to forget that the awful side effects number in the thousands.

Indeed, those who your government appoints to oversee your safety and security laugh in your faces. With your government's support, crooked multinationals like Monsanto buy up the world's water supplies, and take possession of the world's vegetation through Frankenstein technology already known to cause illness.

Does the FDA care about any of this? Hell no. It's long been on the bandwagon to foist genetically altered food on the Guinea Pigs of the country -- including every man, woman and child on America’s increasingly toxic soil.

You are a nation of suckers, America, to be bled dry of your hard-earned pay through outrageous bank schemes, Wall Street rip offs and fake government budget grabs. Your Pentagon cannot account for trillions in lost dollars. Does this bother you? Not in the least.

Your whole economy is controlled by what is for the most part ravenous, international private banking interests in the form of The Federal Reserve, which with your governments consent leads you down the garden path to irrecoverable debt and certain financial ruin.

Is this worth thinking about? When's the football game on? These very same moneymen are the ones who, through unmonitored and unrepresentative world committees, are driving countries like Argentina into hopeless debt and social upheaval. These greedy overlords are creating strife and suffering on a scale too tragic for words in nation after nation. Just look at Africa.

They've got their sites on America, now, too; disrupting economic stability through so-called free trade initiatives and provisions forspecial favors and the endless flow of cash to corporate monstrosities like Enron.

For the most part, your congressional representatives are nothing but swine gathering at the corporate troughs. Your president is a creep and a thug, a hypocrite who through his actions celebrates war, repression and greed even as he gives lip service to peace, freedom and justice.

George W. Bush hoodwinks you daily, the coward hiding behind a phony patriotism. He is an Enron buddy boy, a spoiled child lying in his teeth about his past and current dirty deeds. Does he care about you America? Hardly. This is altogether obvious to those outside your borders who are politically aware and awake to the world around them.

You were never concerned about the disgraceful practices of George's ruthless father, either, a Bin-Laden cohort and friend to criminals and killers in global drug, oil and terrorist enterprises. Iran. Vietnam. El Salvador. Chile. Guatemala. Iraq. And on and on.The never-ending bully-boy story of blood, guns, drugs and money.

Does any of this matter? Not really. Go get your ten-billionth burger America. Fatten your already fat asses withbacteria-and-hormone-ridden meat and do nothing as you sit stupefied before your mind-numbing television sets awaiting the next episode of sad families being humiliated on Cops.

Few among you are the least bit concerned that no real investigation of 911 has taken place, that no serious investigation of theanthrax attacks is moving forward, that no authentic investigation of Enron, or the murder of one of its top executives, is underway.

How many of you give the slightest damn about the totalitarian measures your government is taking to keep its secret meetings, grubby files and treasonous activities from your eyes? You look the other way as your own honest citizens rise up against those within your nation who gassed innocent children to death at Wako, hid evidence in the TWA 800 air disaster and rubbed elbows with foreign terrorists in Oklahoma City.

When did you stop caring America? Was it after your own CIA and FBI plotted the murder of President John F. Kennedy? Or is this just the raving lunacy of the conspiracy nut? What does your gut tell you America? Is something a little amiss here?

Forget about it. Have some Pepto-Bismal.

Today, in futility, your own government goes to court against itself for information you are entitled to by law. But this is hardly deemed vital news in the community. It is a fleeting reference in an electronic sea of meaningless banter. For proof, just look to all the spineless whores who constitute your mainstream news media.

Today, you excoriate, ridicule and ostracize the brave and true among you. Your best investigative journalists are fired from their jobs and ignored. Congress's few courageous souls are laughed at and dismissed out of hand. The most honest and conscientious political leader in the country, Ralph Nader, is a powerless, near invisible curiosity easily side-lined by hired goons. America, you are a goddamn shame.

What law matters now in your despicable state? What justice? What truth? When will you wake up? If you had your druthers, you would right now gather your courage, take to the streets and march on Washington D.C. in the millions. But I know you will do no such thing. The vast majority of you are spiritually, emotionally and intellectually dead.

You consume. You eat. You shit. And that's just about it.

As I write these words in Spring of 2002, I can only imagine what additional horrors your shadow government might be planning in what will surely be an attempt to justify militarism and totalitarianism on a universal scale. A nuclear explosion in one of your cities perhaps?A massive bio-chemical attack?

Or perhaps it will be some Arab terrorist who does the great and terrible deed, his last thought before death being the promises you made to him before killing his family.


Robert McDougall

A Canadian