Written in August 1993
Look around and see how things have proven this writer to be 100% correct!

     If one will assemble the vast amount of material written by the "anti-conspiracy" writers (Robert Welch, Rex Hutchens, Anthony Sutton, Constance Cumbey, Marilyn Ferguson, Gary Allen, Clarence Kelly, Jim Shaw, John Stormer, Texe Marrs, et al.), where they deal with the New World Order, the New Age Movement, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the CFR, the Federal Reserve, and the Masons, one will see a pattern emerging that points to the enslavement of the citizens of the United States.  If all the material is summed up, it shows that definite steps precede the enslavement of any populace, whether it be a whole nation coming under the heel of a Fascist or Nazi dictator, or a whole nation coming under the heel of a Communist State operated by the secret police and the army.

From the standpoint of a Bible believer, the first thing that strikes a reader of this material is the awesome fact that not one nation that ever succumbed to Rome, Berlin, Peking, or Moscow, was a Bible reading nation when it fell apart.  Evidently, you cannot enslave a Bible READING people.

No nation goes Catholic, Communist, atheist, or Socialist,
until it quits READING the Bible and substitutes the newspapers
and magazines (or "religious literature") for the Book.

The seven steps to the enslavement of a nation run as follows:

     1.  Someone gets control of their banking system, thus controlling their investments and savings.  This means banks must be "federalized," and forced to fold up if they remain independent.  Further, it means restrictions will be placed on how much money you can take out of the country, plus laws that require you to report to the "controllers" any large amounts of money you withdraw for any purpose.

     2.  Registration (and eventually confiscation) of all hand guns from law-abiding citizens, so that only those outside the law can kill anyone.  Governments that operate (themselves) outside the law, will demand this procedure.  They want to do the killing, and they don't want any interference with their killing when they start it.

     3.  Detention of arrested people without immediate trial.  The case of John Gotti, 1992, is a classic.  In this one, the trial was not only delayed nine months, but the judge refused the defendant the right to choose his own counsel, and then he (the judge) handpicked his own jury.  This felonious judge was not arrested, or charged with anything.  He got away with it.

     4.  Passing of laws forcing children to attend public schools, and passing laws to bankrupt every small, independent school that springs up.  This maneuver has been in effect since 1964 (Civil Rights Act).

     At present, a self-supported group of self-authorized "educators," in Florida, have passed their own laws--apart from the lawmakers in Tallahassee--that a Mafia "street tax" (i.e., the old "protection" racket) is to be levied on all religious and church schools, regardless of whether they are "tax exempt" or not.  This "tax" is called a "fee," which schools are to pay to an unidentified, unauthorized, private group of bureaucrats who demand $400 from every school enrolling 1-99 students, and $2,000 from every school enrolling over 99 students.  With this procedure, these anonymous "Americans" hope to shut down every small, independent school in the state of Florida.

     5.  Laws will be passed that will limit the number of people who can meet in a residential home.  "Zoning" laws must be set up to prevent any religious, or patriotic group from meeting anywhere in "peaceable assembly," after the churches are closed and shut down.  Residents who hold meetings in homes will be invaded by armed SWAT teams to see how many people are in the house.

     6.  Increased property taxes will be designed to make it impossible for a family to own land, or a house.  "New sources of revenue" will be fabricated yearly, and every one of them will be the act of a felon, engaged in stealing money out of someone's pocket or bank account: every one of them.  All "new sources of revenue" come out of a working man's back pocket.  It is stolen by people who do NOT work: Lenin, Stalin, Engels, Marx, and Gorbachev never did "a lick" of work one day in their lives.

     7.  By spreading "global concepts," the original position of Karl Marx will be instituted; that was his position.  He claimed the economic system and the environment determined the character (and beliefs) of the individual.  The best way to enslave all nations is make them "globe conscious" of their common "ecological problems," and then set up international police forces and international "peace keeping forces" to enforce the "New World Order."

     The news media is behind enforced race mixing in the schools, imprisoning people for hurting the "environment," confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens, shutting down small schools and local churches, control of USA income by a private bank (which includes non-U.S. citizens), and they support arrest and detention (indefinitely) of all pastors and Christian educators who will not hire queers, atheists, Catholics, Socialists, and evolutionists to teach in church schools.

That is really something, eh?  Look at those things only 6 years later!

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