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Independence Day
An Anarcho-Calvinist Perspective

     Vine & Fig Tree is a non-profit charitable religious organization dedicated to overthrowing the Empire of the Secular Humanist "New World Order" and replacing it with a decentralized Christian culture.
     On "Independence Day," July 4th, the Empire honors those who volunteered to kill other human beings in order to avoid paying taxes. Were the deaths worth it?
Our taxes are ten times what they were under Britain;
Our rulers are ten times more corrupt than the British.
     This web page examines the presuppositions behind America's decision to kill Christians from Britain


Date: July 4, 1999

Thus far, the last decade of 20th century America has been characterized by the senseless destruction of a country (Yugoslavia) and over one million of its inhabitants (Iraq), and the outrageous murder of human beings and destruction of nearly a billion dollars' worth of property by racists in Los Angeles. This is keeping with the rest of the century - the most atheistic and the most violent in human history.

In contrast, the first decades of America[1] were characterized by the drafting of legal penal codes which were taken verbatim from the Bible, such as the Body of Liberties adopted in 1641 by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which explicitly provided that no law was to be prescribed contrary to the Word of God, and was annotated with appropriate Scripture references by John Cotton. Crime was low; the country prospered.

Sandwiched between these two contrasting decades is the Revolutionary War against Great Britain, which resulted in the formation of the United States of America as a rival "power." Our nation celebrates this event every Fourth of July.

1. It's fascinating the way our recent "bicentennial" erased nearly two centuries of prior Christian society. The Puritans were explicitly dedicated to making America a "city upon a hill," by concretely putting God's Law into effect. By saying America is only 200+ years old, instead of more like 400, Christian Theocratic history is sent down the "Orwellian Memory Hole."  [Return to Text]

The Declaration of Independence (published July 4, 1776) and the new Constitution (written a few years later) were part of America's repudiation of Biblical authority. The Declaration, which never mentions Jesus Christ, focuses on "Independence" and "rights," and by losing sight of the Suffering Servant, helped change the official character of the nation from the evangelical to the materialistic, and thus helped create the selfish, violent nation in which we now live.[2]

Which America was greater:
that which existed on July 3, 1776,
or the America of July 4, 1999?

2. America covenanted with God to be a "light to the world." America has instead shown a light of secularism and violence over the globe. A substantial proportion of the 200 million government-inflicted deaths in this century were capitalized by American financial and technological interests, with the approval of America's politicians. America's exports of weapons are substantially greater than her exports of Bibles. America has been a missionary for the wrong side.  [Return to Text]

In our day taxes are ten times as great as they were in 1776, illiteracy is also about ten times as great (compare an 8th grade final exam from 1776 with an exam from today's public schools), and the State is incomparably more unGodly. Can anyone seriously maintain that America under George XI (or whoever the king might have been had we remained British) could have been any worse than America under Clinton I?

Clearly, what matters most is the virtue of the people. The system of government really doesn't matter at all. A two percent tax rate and an abstract political theory certainly didn't justify the killing that took place in the war that began July 4, 1776.

Many Christians are very patriotic, and support the Declaration of Independence and America's Revolutionary War for Independence.

How can this be?
The War for Independence was so plainly unBiblical.

Analyzing America's Declaration of Independence from a Biblical standpoint is an easy task. The following passages should be consulted:

Romans 12-13 / 1 Peter 2:13ff / Matthew 5:38ff / Luke 17:7-10 / Jude 8-10 / 2 Peter 2:10-12

Please click those links above. The entire text of the passage from the NIANWOV is supplied for your convenience (New International Anti-NewWorldOrder Version).

Then we can look at the Declaration of Independence and ask some probing questions.

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Americans are great for empty support of the American War for Independence. Many government officials are leery of such Christians taking the revolutionary rhetoric of the Founding Fathers too seriously. Some do: they store arms. Others don't: they claim to be followers of the Founders, who took up arms against a tax rate of less than 5%, but do nothing in the face of the current rate ten times greater. The militia groups at least have consistency on their side, and the government is justified in worrying. Christians animated by Micah's Vine & Fig Tree vision are no such threat.  [Return to Text]

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