Patrick Henry Writings and Biography

HENRYSM.gif (6629 bytes) Click for larger image. Patrick Henry before the Virginia House of Burgesses.; Rothermel, Peter F.; 1851


Henry, Patrick; 1736-1799; lawyer, statesman, Revolutionary leader; member of Va. legislature 1765, when he introduced famous Resolutions, and made celebrated address, against Stamp Act; member of 1st Va. Convention and of 1st Continental Congress, 1774; in 2nd Va. Convention, 1775, made his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" address; member of 2nd Continental Congress, 1775, and of 3rd Va. Convention, 1776--helped draft first Va. "Constitution" and declaration favoring Independence, May, 1776; Governor of Va. several terms; opposed ratification of U.S. Constitution--fearing danger of usurpation and abuse of power by Federal government and demanding amendments to limit its power more strictly.

Biographical data courtesy of The American Ideal of 1776: 12 Basic American Principles.

Writings on LEXREX:

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death", March 23, 1775 - Famous speech by American Patriot, Patrick Henry.

On the Duty of Christian forgiveness - Quote by Patrick Henry.

Shall Liberty or Empire be Sought?, June 5, 1788 - Patrick Henry speaking in the Virginia Convention for ratifying the Federal Constitution.

Anti-Federalist Papers - (Specifically nos. 4, 34, and 40:4 in the collection we have online). Various writings of the day appearing in newspapers, presenting opposing views to the Federalist Papers. These were selected and edited by Morton Borden. Many more writings like this exist than are included here. We hope to expand the collection in the future.