by Patrick H. Bellringer 

Have you ever asked why----? Why is it that our Constitution for the united states of America states that our federal government has two basic responsibilities to the states, one, to protect our shores from foreign invasion, and two, to deliver the mail; yet we have scores of federal government departments and hundreds of federal agencies? Our Constitution restricts our federal government to a land area of only ten square miles or six thousand and four hundred acres called George Washington's D.C. or District of Columbia. Why does our federal government have an area of ten miles square or one hundred square miles called Washington, D.C. and have buildings and airports and highways and properties all over the sovereign state of Virginia as well? Why does our federal government have buildings and airports and highways and military installations and parks and wildlife refuges and monuments and forests and reservations and Indian reservations and courts and banks and tax offices and hospitals and cemeteries and munitions plants, etc. in the sovereign states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming? Why does our federal government lay claim to the majority of the land of some of our western sovereign states? I thought the "feds" were only to have post offices to deliver the mail!

Our Constitution explicitly states that no citizen shall pay any direct tax to the federal government. Why are the citizens in all our sovereign states forced to pay federal income tax which is collected by a foreign corporation of England called The Internal Revenue Service? Our Constitution explicitly states that our currency is to be backed fully by gold/silver and that our banking system is to be under the control of the Treasury of the united states of America and the Congress. Why is it that I cannot receive gold or silver coin for my currency at my bank? Why does our paper money say federal reserve note and not gold or silver certificate as it once did? Why are our banks called Federal Reserve Banks and not U.S. Treasury banks? Why is the Federal Reserve Bank system owned by a British foreign corporation and controlled by the thirteen most wealthy families of our world?

Why is it mandatory that a baby born to a citizen of a sovereign state be immediately given a federal government identification social security number?  Why must that child be given mandatory childhood vaccinations under the authority of the American Medical Association, which is a British foreign corporation whose personnel are foreign agents under our Constitution? Why must that same child be educated in public government schools and be taught the accepted government curriculum for twelve years?

Our Constitution explicitly states that as a sovereign citizen of a sovereign state, I have the right to travel freely at no cost on any public highways of the united states of America. Why is it mandatory that I purchase a driver's license, be assigned a driver's license identification number, and purchase a motor vehicle license with a motor vehicle identification number and attach this to my vehicle before I can travel our public highways? I am told that it is a "privilege" and not a right to travel our public highways. Why? 

Why do we have policemen and police women? Our Constitution states that all law enforcement shall be handled in each county by the County Sheriff and his assigned deputies. Should more law enforcement be necessary, then the Militia or those able bodied male sovereign citizens 18 to 35 years of age would be called upon to assist the county sheriff. Why do we have state troopers and federal marshals and FBI and CIA and BATF and Secret Service and IRS agents and DEA and Immigration Service agents and National Guard and U.S. military in our sovereign states?

My love of the out-of-doors takes me to our "public" lands. Why must I pay a fee to camp in our national forests? Why must I pay a fee for my family to have a picnic in our national forest? Why must I pay a fee to visit our national monuments? Why must I pay a fee to travel the Pennsylvania turnpike, to cross the Verrazano Narrows or the George Washington or Golden Gate bridges, or to travel through the Holland, Lincoln, or Brooklyn tunnels?

When I purchase a new car, why is it that the manufacturer's bill of origin and the title end up in the Secretary of State's vault and all I get is a copy called a "Certificate of Title"? Why does the state (my state) own my car?

When I buy a house, why is it that the banker requires me to use my house as collateral for the mortgage, when he loans me worthless paper (fiat) money and puts no collateral up on his side of the bargain? Why is it that after I have paid this mortgage to the banker for 29 years on a 30 year mortgage, and am unable to make the payment for the 30th year, the banker steals the whole house (forecloses) and not takes just on-thirtieth of the value of the house? Why would he do that when he has already been paid twice the value of the house in interest over the past 29 years? Why must I pay such interest? When I look at my mort! gage papers, I find no signature by my banker. The only signatures I find are mine and that of the notary public who verified that I was real and not an alien! Why? Why is this only a mortgage agreement and not a binding contract as required by our Constitution?

For a church in a sovereign state not to be taxed by the federal government, why must it obtain a 501.c3 license under the IRS tax code? Does not such control by the government restrict the church from speaking out against the government? Does not our Constitution state that the government must stay completely out of the church's business, but that the church has every right to be involved in the government's business? Why are clergymen required to have a government license? Why are the bride and groom required to have a three-way license with themselves and the state, and register such with the state?

Why must I have a license to go fishing, to go hunting! ---to fly an airplane, to drive a boat, a motorcycle, a four-wheeler? Where does it all end? We are licensed to death. We are controlled to death! Why?

 I am dragged into court and accused of something that I didn't do, and I am told that I have no rights. Why? I am a sovereign citizen of a sovereign state under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for the united states of America. I ask about the gold-fringed American flag in the courtroom, and I am told harshly that "this court is an admiralty court," a military court, and as a civilian, I "have no rights in this courtroom". Why?

 The judges and the attorneys are all required to be members of the "BAR" aka British Accredited Registry. Why? The judges and the attorneys all confide and conspire together. Why? The jury instructions scare the jury not to challenge the law, as is their duty. Why? Why is it that today my house can be searched with no warrant, I can be! arrested with no evidence of any crime, and incarcerated with no accusers and no trial and left in prison with no one to know who or where I am?

Can you believe this is America the beautiful\the land of the free and the home of the brave? What has happened to this great land and its people? What has happened to the Republic, the Bill of Rights and the original (organic) Constitution for the Republic of the united states of America? The answer is really tragic, yet quite simple. The evil plot to overthrow our new nation began even before the end of our American Revolutionary War.

Our founding fathers never intended for our nation to be a democracy but a republic. A democracy is a form of government in which the people are
represented by a few elected representatives. It is a system of control of the majority by a small minority. The elected representatives are known as public officials because they carry the authority and responsibility of a public office to officiate over the people.

 The republic our founders envisioned would have a form of government based upon the Laws of Creator God in which the supreme power would be held by the people. The elected representatives would be known as public servants because they were to serve the people, and could be recalled from public office by the will of the people at any time. The following chart may help you to understand the order of authority in these two forms of government.

Chart: Order of Authority in Governments (number one being the greatest and five the least) 

Form of Government


1. Laws of God
2. The People
3. Common Law
4. Public Servants
5. Government


1. Government
2. Public Officials
3. Roman (admiralty) Law
4. The People
5. Religious Ethic (separation of church and state)

Let us now turn to some of the history behind our present dilemma in the United States today.

 The UNITED STATES as a corporation existed before the American Revolutionary War. The United States, therefore, did not exist as a land mass but as a corporation. The Revolutionary War was expensive and the UNITED STATES, Inc. incurred 21 separate loans from King George of England between February 28, 1778 and July 5, 1782. These loans were due on January 1, 1788. On September 17, 1787 the Articles of Confederation were revised by the U. S. Congress to place the war debt to the King of England onto the States. The States were now liable for this debt, but the people were not because they had never voted on their original State Constitutions.

 Because the United States could not honor its war debt to England, the government went into bankruptcy on January 1, 1788. To make the war debt legally binding on the people of ! the United States, the following steps were taken. On August 4, 1790 legislation was passed by the Congress titled, "An Act making provision for the payment of the Debt of the United States". This Act abolished the States and created Districts, with each District assigned a portion of the debt. State governments were then reorganized in 1790 with new constitutions and each submitted to the people for their vote. By accepting this, the people became citizens of the STATE Corporation and thereby citizens of the UNITED STATES, Inc. There were now no states, only corporations!

 The United States Bank was created in 1791. This private bank issued 25,000 shares of which 18,000 were held by England. The U. S. Bank made loans to the United States in exchange for U. S. securities. To pay the interest on these loans under the advice of Alexander Hamilton, an alcohol tax was levied. The Whiskey Rebellion caused George Washington to ! use the militia to forcefully collect the alcohol tax. He could do this because the people had been turned into slaves to a corporation and were required to pay any and all of the corporate debt.

 Let us move forward to the events one hundred years later. The Civil War was over, Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated, the slaves were now free and the international bankers had accomplished their goal of control over the U. S. by saddling UNITED STATES, Inc. with huge amounts of war debt. On February 21, 1871 the Forty-First Congress passed legislation entitled "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia" (Act of 1871). By this action and with no constitutional authority, a separate form of government and constitution was created for the ten square miles of land known as The District of Columbia (or Washington, D.C., Inc.)

 The original U.S. Constitution was entitled, "The Constitution for the united states of America". The Act of 1871 changed that title to read, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. By changing the title and the capitalization of the Constitution the people were removed from this "new" Constitution. This "new" Constitution serves only for the corporation of THE UNITED STATES and not for the people of America. The people now have no rights or freedoms, no ownership of property, no right to travel, no right to marry, no right to do business---they are only debt slaves who must serve the CORPORATION! Slaves have no rights, only privileges and permission to live on their master's property. Should they try in any way to use the Corporate Constitution, they will be charged with criminal trespass because they are not a party to this private contract entitled, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Do you now understand why you are charged fees to travel, to marry, to do business, ! or visit corporate parks? Do you understand why you must pay income tax, bank interest, and lose all your collateral in foreclosure? Do you understand why you lose in court, why your family has no privacy or security, and why the "feds" are all over the fifty states?

We are not a free people in a free land with justice and liberty for all. We never have been free! We have always been slaves to the evil controllers and to their plans for world domination. Please understand that their "time" is now ending. We have been people of the Lie long enough. Do you now understand why we need NESARA? God Aton of Light has said, "It's enough!" God Aton's Plan 2000 shall be accomplished. NESARA shall reign supreme! NESARA NOW!