Eternal Vigilance

by: Al Coon

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
– Thomas Jefferson


For the bulk of Americans today being vigilant was something their ancestors did, but not something they need to participate in. Vigilance really had ceased to exist in the majority of the population by early in the twentieth century.

Today, Americans assume that freedom is their "natural right," as if such a thing ever existed. The reason that the price of freedom is vigilance is because freedom is not a right. It is a privilege that is earned by a people who are willing to not only work for it, but who are also willing to die for it.

Privileges can be taken away, as is being demonstrated in America today. Here are a few of the privileges, mistakenly viewed as rights in the past, that we have lost:

  • Spending our own money, rather than giving large portions of it to the government. On average, Americans "donate" half of their paychecks as some sort of tax, toll, fee, or fine. We sometimes forget that when we purchase a product or service, the merchant who provides it has had to pay taxes, fees, tolls and fines as part of production and transportation costs, and that is also passed along, to we the tax payers, in the form of a higher purchase price.

  • Being forced to pay only for the support of children we have produced ourselves, or legally adopted, while expecting others to pay for their own children. This boils down to the privilege of surviving, by being allowed to reproduce ourselves. We have found that White Americans can only "afford" to have one or two children, even after sending mother out to work to pay for the expenses involved, while at the same time, through their taxes, they pay for non-White families who can "afford" 5 or 6 children. This process (along with the immigration attack) is slowly but surely eliminating the White population of America. The privilege (and it is time we understood that it is only a privilege that must be fought for) to survive as a people is being revoked by our government.

  • Spending our charity dollars only on causes and people that we personally have selected. The government has taken this privilege from us, and left us holding the bill for charity programs and projects that the average American would never give a penny to by choice.

  • Living in a neighborhood that is made up of people like ourselves. This privilege was first removed by the Supreme Court and later moved into permanent oblivion by the legislative branch of our government. Americans wanted White neighborhoods to live in, but that privilege was taken from them. The crime rates have gone up, and White Americans have been forced to move out of their own homes in order to find a place that is relatively free of the diversity the government is inflicting upon them. But that is only a temporary solution. Instead of vigilance, it is fear and flight.

  • Sending our children to a local school, that is made up of our own people. This privilege was taken with a vengeance when forced school bussing was implemented by the US government. Parents, who had specifically purchased homes because they were located close to a clean, safe, White and efficient school, were forced to watch their children be driven to a dirty, dangerous, predominantly Black, and poorly run school, while Black kids were put into the school the parents had chosen, and paid taxes for, for their own kids. Even though it was a complete failure, bussing is still considered a good and necessary thing by the government.

  • Maintaining the historical racial balance of our nation. It is a simple fact of human nature that people are only naturally interested in promoting their own culture, and way of life, to their children. By maintaining the same type of people in a nation, the entire population is intent on promoting the same basic culture to the children. That culture thrives and grows. Up until 1965 we had that privilege, but it was taken by the government, when the immigration laws were changed. We no longer were allowed to choose immigrants that were healthy, and of our same racial stock. Instead, our borders were opened wide to anyone of different racial stock, while being nearly closed to our people.

  • Being free to speak our opinion on political issues. This privilege is being whittled down daily. There are groups like the Anti-Defamation League, which are very influential in shutting down free speech. If it were a "right" rather than a privilege, of course things like "hate speech" and "hate crime" laws could never exist, for our own personal opinions would naturally be our own. We could only be judged by our actions, not our inner motivations. Beyond that, political pressure, and even legal pressure is being applied to business and industry so strongly, that verbal political dissent against diversity and multiculturalism cannot be tolerated due to the real possibility of law suits. Openly expressing your political view, will very probably get you fired, not because you are necessarily disagreed with, but because the government will punish the company if it does not take action against non-conforming attitudes.

  • Choosing whom we will hire, fire, and promote based upon our own freely chosen criteria. The freedom of choice in business has been severely restricted. If you are going to hire someone, you must meet the definition of "an equal opportunity employer" or risk punishment. You cannot pick someone of the same race as all your other employees, knowing that they will probably get along better with those in your workplace. You must hire those that you may not want to hire because your privilege of having free choice in such matters has been removed. You cannot fire an employee simply because he is performing in at sub-par level. If all of the people who were performing poorly were fired, the racial homogeneity that would be produced would be rapidly punished by the government. Promoting only the best performers, would put very few, if any, Blacks in leadership positions in your company. Again, that privilege is gone. The government counts how many, of what kind of people, that you have in your company and in what positions in your company. You will conform, because your privilege is gone.

When people do not watch over their privileges, and even fight for them when required, they will evaporate, like a puddle of spilled alcohol. Americans have forgotten that a free people is an aberration in human history. The natural state of affairs is for the strong to overpower the weak, and subjugate them. The American constitution was put in place to try and cage the beast of government, and to protect the people from its abuses.

The twentieth century opened up the door of that cage, as the Supreme Court turned the key in the lock. The decisions and legislation (yes legislation!), proceeding from that misguided body has released the bonds placed on our government by our forefathers. Now, with a wave of the hypocritical "compassion" flag, privileges are extinguished without a whimper being uttered by the herd of citizen sheep. With a mere mention of the word "fairness" the precious freedom we once took for granted is paired down severely. The freed beast is feeding upon the carcass of White America.

Even after watching this process go on for so long, it is absolutely confounding that it could have happened. America was unique in history. It was a land of free White folks, where before 1960, 90% of the population had a wide open door to the riches of the land, and most were taking advantage of it.

All of that was given up. The change from a free, powerful, healthy, growing, well educated White nation, into the controlled, weakening, sickly, decaying, uneducated and progressively non-White nation ostensibly was made to open the door of opportunity to the 10% of the population which was denied that opportunity. Well take a look at the result!

Where once there were White communities spread out over this land from coast to coast, where crime was low, and people were safe on theirs streets, now only a dwindling number of rich neighborhoods can reproduce what was once common to nearly all. Where once America boasted the best school system in the world, today we are educationally falling far behind the other developed nations. Crime has strongly increased in per capita numbers, as our society has been invaded by more and more non-Whites. While the general level of poverty is far less than it was during the Great Depression, the crime level is many times higher. The privilege to live the type of life that our parents, grandparents and their parents before them lived has been forcibly taken from us, and Thomas Jefferson could see it coming! "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," said he.

White folks in America let their guard down, and took their freedom for granted, and now it is gone. They have had their inheritance taken from them and given to the non-White hordes invading their land. They are being displaced from their homes and the institutions their forefathers created. They are one day going to be exterminated completely from this land, unless...

Unless, one day soon, White folks finally wake up and realize that Thomas Jefferson was a wise man, all will be lost. Unless they finally decided that freedom is worth fighting for, things will progress as they are and America will be destroyed. If you want the privilege of being free, it is up to you to fight for that privilege. If you want the chains of slavery, you need do nothing at all, for they will come to you of their own accord. It takes action to survive. Death has no such requirement.

White Americans could not be eternally vigilant. In fact they could not make it through 200 years of being vigilant. Now, freedom is in very many important ways gone, and our nation is being destroyed. We no longer are in a position of watching over our freedom, but we are left only with the option of retaking it.

Can the people who were too lazy and distracted to protect what they had, now be awakened to retake what they lost? Only time will tell, but I feel that the race which built America is not finished just yet