by:  James Montgomery

I don't know how many ways I can say this, but it does not matter what you file, or where you file it, if via the police power, or war power the government can bring you into their jurisdiction, the court will render a judgment and carry it out with it's police powers. It depends on your case, your visibility, your local law enforcement officers, the district attorneys office and finally the judge, if anything will be done, or carried out. If you have a police department, a D.A.'s office or a judge that can be bluffed, or they are not interested in pursuing the case, because of possible public enlightenment, or public scrutiny, you will think you have discovered the silver bullet and hit the patriot trail.

Move the same exact case to another State, use the same arguments, against a system with no toleration for patriot arguments and you will be hit hard. That's why I am so amazed at patriots around the country that say, oh "I have the silver bullet", and start selling it to others. Other patriots use it in a different jurisdiction and they go to jail, or lose their shirt; or they may win, it just depends, and not on the law, that is the problem. The super patriot says well you did not use it right. NO, NO, NO, every jurisdiction is different. Why? Because you are dealing with public policy, not the law. You are made to learn and argue public policy, their law and procedure. However, if your case is challenging the public policy you can forget it.

Public policy, as a result of an earlier Conquest, overrules the law that they have allowed the public to presume exists, as in the system of government we now have. You can be correct and the best litigator that ever walked into a courtroom, but if you are challenging public policy you will lose, sooner or later when it counts the most. As I said above, if the loss were due to the law, or a procedure, I would say, you know your enemy, do battle. But most are fighting a battle they can never win because they don't know the enemy they are fighting. They are using a law that does not exist, and trying to force the courts with the police and war powers behind them to use a law they have already defeated. You say, how can the judge do that if your argument is correct, your paperwork is correct and your procedure is perfect? The law you are trying to use can be turned any way the judge wants, either by using metaphors, made up procedure, to do otherwise could weaken the Conquerors law, and power to tax. Don't take me wrong, any win is a good win, any way you can win, but you better understand the beast you are up against, and the harsh law of Admiralty, that governs the Conquered.

If you are visible and you are enough of a threat, they will risk the public becoming aware of the fact the law is not adhered to, or that Constitutional rights do not exist, when they come into conflict with the public policy, the status quo. That is why a lawyer will have more success in a court room, not because he is smarter, or knows the procedure better, but because he will not threaten the court decorum; meaning, bring a case that threatens a judge personally, or the public policy he has sworn by oath to defend and protect. A patriot enters the judge's court, not licensed by his fraternity (ABA) and makes known he/she feels nothing but contempt for the governments system the judge represents and has sworn to protect. The patriot makes this abundantly clear in his paperwork and argument, challenging the public policy, or threatening the judge with a Title 42 law suit if he violates legal procedure, etc, which the judge has to do not to expose the Conquest, or violate his oath via the 14th Amendment, not to help the enemy in any way, or face expulsion. At the same time the judge must dispose of you, or your case no matter the process, because he knows he will be protected for his loyalty to the system, that gave him his power.

Your being there, demanding a lawful remedy from a law that has been conquered, proves you are mentally challenged and a threat to the public policy these judges make their living at. Why do you think they will not allow, or continue to allow, in lenient jurisdictions, patriots to change, or challenge the public policy. Its not going to happen, not for long anyway, you may win 20 cases in a jurisdiction, and really have a following, and then the decision is made that you will no longer be permitted to win on any issue, because you have become a threat to their public policy. The possibility of the public becoming aware of the Conquest, or possible collateral damage to the court denying what appears to be a reasonable lawful remedy to you, is superseded and subordinate to the Conquerors public policy.

The judge has a great deal to work with, so as to never draw attention to the truth, this ammo is supplied by you, remember Mercier used the example that if you have a plane with 12 engines and these engines are the social contracts connecting you to their jurisdiction, and you remove 11, the plane will still fly. The only way you could break all the contracts is to die. Let’s say hypothetically, you did break all the contracts and remained above ground, you still have to get past public policy and the Conquest. This is an issue Mercier was not aware of, or for what ever reason did not deal with, and Conquest by it's own nature trumps any argument you can come up with. The only way to remove, or combat conquest is by an organized belligerent at war with the Conqueror, and as far as the American people are concerned, that ain't going to happen. So regardless of what paper you may file, it is meaningless under our present situation, not that it is not valid under the law, as you were lead to believe existed, not that your convictions, or mine are wrong. As a former soldier and I hope an intelligent man, I know suicide is foolish and a sin, and that you must pick and choose your battles, not be drawn into a battle out of pride, or arrogance, that cannot be won.

Does this mean you do not try, or just lay down? No, of course not, that decision is up to the individual and the assessment you have made, with the facts, as to the possibility of your success. Count the costs, the area you live in, the case you find yourself fighting. I recommend that before anyone put their butts on the line, you make sure you know what you are doing, and that you know the facts as seen by both sides. Then read the book, "The Art Of War", if after this and your assessment you come to the conclusion nothing will be gained, not even public awareness by your fight in their arena, I suggest you find another way to fight, or pick a better battle. I have come to this knowledge on my own, and have done my own research, in the trenches so to speak. I have discovered factual information, that caused me to rethink the remedies available to me, I verified the information to my satisfaction, that very few people agree with. I can't help that.


  I have discovered that the solution is not through our wit, learning mans law is necessary in knowing your enemy, but relying and learning God's Law is your real source of being an overcomer. Being mindful of the events going on in the World via God Almighty's Word and being ready to move, or act as warranted, by the leading of God Almighty is where you will win or lose. To fight a battle without being in the will of God Almighty is foolishness and folly. Why? You fight the battle and God Almighty. If God Almighty empowers you for any battle, you cannot lose. God Almighty and one man are a MAJORITY. If you lost, you fought alone! There are many examples in God Almighty's Word where one man overcame the whole government coming against him. However, God Almighty was always the power behind the man, the battle to be fought was the will of God Almighty.

  Ever heard of righteously wrong? You can think you are doing the right thing, because it is moral or lawful. However, if God Almighty did not send you, you fight alone. That's dangerous. Take a lesson from what God Almighty showed Joshua, Joshua saw a man standing with a sword drawn. Joshua perceived that the man might be against him, the man was an angel. Joshua asked the angel, are you for us (Israel) or against us. Keep in mind this is Joshua, he knows he is a man of God and lead by God Almighty. The Angel said Nay, I am the Captain of the host of the Lord am I now come. Meaning, I don't fight your battles, but fight for the Lord under His direction, for His battles are your battles. If Joshua was fighting for himself, the angel was not for him, but if Joshua a servant of the Lord was fighting the Lords battles he would have the angels support, because the angel was captain of the host, a warrior for the Lord. Joshua, temporally forgot, by being caught up in the battle and his position, when the angel reminded Joshua of this, he fell to the ground in full submission to the Lord and under direction of the Lord he lead Israel to destroy Jericho. Also, if you fight a battle without being lead to do so by God Almighty, you risk fighting against the Lord, for the Lord's Word must be fulfilled. Suppose the battle you fight was being allowed to take place to fulfill the Lord's Word, unknown and unseen by you. To do so you place yourself in opposition to God Almighty, even though you may have good intentions and be fighting what would be defined as a moral or lawful cause. All I am saying is make sure of the battles you fight, there can be more at stake than you are able to see. Not only in the natural, as I stated in the beginning, but also the spiritual, which is more important, but often never considered.

James Montgomery