The State Owns and Controls Your Car

                        Volume I, No. 6


                        Richard McDonald

     It has  been brought  to my attention that the license plate
sticker that you voluntarily put on your property has imbedded in
the background  "For Official  Use Only."   You have to look very
hard to  see it  but it  is there.   Now every one knows that all
municipal vehicles (City, County, State and federal) all have the
sign on  the vehicle  "For Official Use Only."  This implies that
the corporate state has an interest in your personal property.

     I myself  do not  have plates on my personal property, but I
do travel  in it.   I  have a  bill of  sale that  this piece  of
machinery has  been sold  to me  free and  clear  with  no  other
outside interests.   The  corporate state  now has  to prove that
they have obtained an interest in my personal property.

     The corporate  state when a car is first sold, requests that
Original Certificate  of Origin, either be destroyed or forwarded
to them.   The  purchaser is  not to  receive it.   The corporate
state then,  has he  purchaser sign  a power of attorney over the
vehicle to  them.   The state  then, assigns  a license number to
that item.   Then,  the corporate  state  can  control  and  tell
everyone how to drive the state vehicle that they have leased for
a yearly  rental fee (an excise tax, commonly called registration
fees).  If you read the California Statutes, you will see that an
individual who  carries his  own property, or travels for his own
reasons and  pleasure is  exempt from such fees.  The DMV Code is
just an administrative interpretation of the Statute that created
the code.  The DMV Code is legally correct, they just do not tell
the whole  truth of the matter.  The code is specifically written
for commercial  users.  So, if you are leasing a vehicle from the
corporate state or from any one else you are operating a vehicle,
(remember that  they  have  combined  the  terms  "operator"  and
"driver" to mean the same thing).

     A Citizen  of one  of the  Several  States,  does  have  the
absolute right to travel, this is unquestioned.  But, an alien be
it a Citizen of Japan, Germany, or the District of Columbia, does
not have  this right,  for them  it is  a privilege to travel, as
they are  outside the  scope of  intent of the Original State and
Federal Constitutions.   This  the Supreme  Court has  ruled upon
numerous times.

     Now that  you have  this information,  what are you going to
do???   You have  to decide  who and what you are, the government
assumes that  you are  an  alien  (citizen  of  the  District  of
Columbia) as  you  have  admitted  such  by  obtaining  a  social
security number,  driver's license, and registering your personal
property.   There are  numerous other legal attachments that also
entrap you, so as the highest court has stated, "Those that sleep
on their rights, do not have any."

                             #  #  #

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