The IRS 6209 Manual is a catalog of codes used in the IRS' computer system.  These codes appear within the following types of files which the IRS maintains on you and which you can obtain using a Freedom of Information Act Request:

  • Individual Master File (IMF)
  • Business Master File (IMF)
  • Non Master File (NMF)
  • Employee Plans Master File (EPMF)

Understanding these codes is crucial to understanding what the IRS thinks they know about you.  All of these codes have already been inputted into our Master File (MF) Decoder (OFFSITE LINK) program and the process of decoding the IMF and AMDISA file types above has been completely automated for you by this program.  However, if you want to verify the accuracy of our program or you want to decode file types other than the two that it decodes, you will need to have a copy of the IRS 6209 Manual for yourself.  The version of the book we provide is nicely indexed to make navigation easy.  It is also provided in electronic form and is fully searchable through Adobe Acrobat.  The original IRS book is not so well indexed.  This is probably one of the most important books you can own!

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IRS 6209 Manual

(last updated March 2003, 622 pages)

NOTE:  Available from the non-profit religious ministry SEDM

Below is the table of contents for this book:

ADP and IDRS Information

Section Number Title
Section 1. Glossary
Section 2. Tax Returns and Forms
Section 3. Tax Return Information
Section 4. Document Locator Number
Section 5. Debtor Master File (DMF)
Section 6. Initiating and Monitoring Refund Check Tracing Action
Section 7. Reserved
Section 8. Master File Codes
Section 9. Notices and Notice Codes
Section 10. Federal Tax Deposit System
Section 11. Collection
Section 12. Examination/EP-EO/ Appeals
Section 13. Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS)
Section 14. Corporate Files On-Line
Section 15. Service Center Recognition/Image Processing System (SCRIPS)
Section 16. Julian Date, Cycle and Notice Calendars
Section 17. Appendix

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