The Coming Battle

I. Origin of the Money Power in America 7
II. Origin of the Present National Ranking System 43
III. National Banks and Silver 89
IV. Conspiracy of New York and London Bankers and Bondholders to Remonetize Silver 109
V. Efforts to Remonetize Silver and Preserve the Greenback 158
VI. The National Banks Wage War Upon the Credit of the United States 203
VII. National Banks Secure a Continuation of Their Existence 236
VIII. The National Banking Money Power Secures Complete Control of the Treasury 270
IX. Money Power of England and United States Combine to Annihilate Silver 304
X. National Banking Money Power Brings on the Panic of 1893 325
XI. Special Session of Congress Repeals the Sherman Law 362
XII. Senate Votes for Repeal 384
XIII. Efforts of Administration to force Carlisle Bill through Congress 407
XIV. National Banks and the Administration Combine to Issue Bonds in Time of Peace 439
XV. Campaigns of 1896 460

*Page numbers correspond to original page numbers in book.