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Marcia H. Armstrong

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  Preface -

Usufructory rights; reasonable and beneficial use.

  Doctrine of Riparian Rights -

English Common Law v. Californian; preference of natural over artificial use; irrigation of riparian tracts.

  Riparian Rights -

Right to full flow; water quality; point of diversion and return; reasonable use; riparian tracts.

  Riparian Rights as Real Property -

Severability; no loss from disuse; subject to loss by prescription/adverse possession; date of attachment; correlative right.

  History of the Appropriative Right -

Mining customary law; priority of "First in Time - First in Right"; due diligence and continued beneficial use.

  Principles of Western AppropriativeWater Law -

Doctrine of presumption; Right of possession; Period of silent acquiescence.

  Appropriative Right as Invasion of Riparian Right -

Absolute territorial sovereignty.

  Elements of an Appropriative Right -

Water (rivers, streams, lakes or swamps,) not yet appropriated; physical control; doctrine or relation or "relation back."

  Date of Right -

California Civil Code of 1873.

 Regulation -

1911 Statute declaring (surplus, unappropriated) water the property of the people of the State; 1914 Water Commissions Act - State control of surplus water through permit and license; California Constitution Art. XIV - regulation of water for commercial sale or rental; Cal. Civil Code Section 1007 - prescription/acquisition by adverse possession.

  Comments regarding Ken Maurer's Request to the State of California (State Lands Commission) to have the Scott River declared "navigable"

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