The entire legislative history of the Privacy Act is contained in a convenient, one-volume compilation. See House Comm. on Gov't Operations and Senate Comm. on Gov't Operations, 94th Cong., 2d Sess., Legislative History of the Privacy Act of 1974--S. 3418 (Public Law 93-579) Source Book on Privacy (1976) [hereinafter Source Book]. The Act was passed in great haste during the final week of the Ninety-Third Congress. No conference committee was convened to reconcile differences in the bills passed by the House and Senate. Instead, staffs of the respective committees--led by Senators Ervin and Percy, and Congressmen Moorhead and Erlenborn--prepared a final version of the bill that was ultimately enacted. The original reports are thus of limited utility in interpreting the final statute, while the more reliable legislative history consists of a brief analysis of the compromise amendments--entitled "Analysis of House and Senate Compromise Amendments to the Federal Privacy Act"--prepared by the staffs of the counterpart Senate and House committees and submitted in both the House and Senate in lieu of a conference report. See 120 Cong. Rec. 40,405-09, 40,881-83 (1974), reprinted in Source Book at 858-68, 987-94.

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