Below is list of changes for the year 2014:

Date Version Description
2/14/14 4.54

1.  Changed all references in chapter 4 to 8 U.S.C. §1452 to include those from American Samoa and exclude constitutional citizens.
2.  Updated section
3.  Updated section
4.  Updated section
5.  Updated section
6.  Updated section
7.  Updated section
8.  Updated section
9.  Updated section
10. Added section 4.2: Public v. Private.
11. Added section 4.5: Separation of Powers.
10. Added section 4.10.5: Citizens v. Nationals.
11. Added section 4.10.6: Effect of Domicile on Citizenship Status.
12. Added section 4.10.9: Summary of Constraints Applying to “State National” Status.
13. Added section 4.10.14: How You are Illegally Deceived or Compelled to Transition from Being a Constitutional Citizen/Resident to a Statutory Citizen/Resident: By Confusing the two contexts.
14. Added section 4.10.18.
15. Updated section 4.4.7.
16. Renamed section 4.10 to: Domicile and Residents
17. Added section 4.11: Citizen and Resident
18. Added section 4.12: The Two types of “residents”: Foreign national under the common law or GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR/PUBLIC OFFICER under a franchise.
19. Added section What’s so bad about the civil statutory law?
20. Added section Jesus refused a domicile, refuxed to participate in all franchises, benefits, and privileges, and refused the “civil status that made them possible.
21. Added section Inevitable effects of government interference with your choice of domicile: Anarchy and violence.
22.  Updated section 4.3: Public Privileges v. Private Rights.
23. Added section 6.1: Main purpose of law is to LIMIT government power
24. Added section 6.2: How our system of government became corrupted: Downes v. Bidwell.
25. Considerably revised section 5.6.13.
26. Added section Administrative Remedies to Prevent Identity Theft on Government Forms.
27. Updated section 5.2.6: “Public” v. “Private” employment: You will be ILLEGALLY Treated as a Public officer if you Apply for or Receive Government “Benefits”.
28. Added section 6.4: How De Jure Governments are Transformed into Corrupt De Facto Governments.
29.  Updated all cites of Downes v. Bidwell, Justice Harlan dissenting.
30. Expanded section 3.8.1 to add Shaffer v. Carter, Stanton v. Baltic Mining.