Below is list of changes for the year 2000:






Completed initial version



1.   Expanded section 3.10 by adding a tabular summary case conclusions.

2.   Complete section 3.10.5: Peck v. Lowe, which previously was blank.

3.   Added section Understanding the Geographical Limitations of Withholding (the 861 source issue);and How Non-government are deceived and intimidated.

4.   Broke chapter 8 into three subsections:8.1:  An Epidemic of Non-Filers; 8.2: Individuals; 8.3: Employers.

5.   Added section 7.2.14:  Avoid Using Banks As Much as You Can.



1.   Added section 10.5.20:Proposed Letter to Employer Stopping Income Tax Withholding.

2.   Moved section 1.5 to section 1.6.

3.   Added seduction 1.7.4: Why Doesn't the Media Blow the Whistle on this?

4.   Added several new books to section 11.2 and websites to section 11.1, including

5.   Added section 7.3:End Social Security Participation.

6.   Added section 6.7.15:Stacking the Deck During Jury Selection.

7.   Added a summary of Constitutional Reasons to the end of section 4.1.2 to explain how income taxes are unconstitutional for reasons other than that direct taxes are not permitted.

8.   Added section 6.8:Statistics on IRS Behavior

9.   Expanded section 1.6 to add references to Matt. 17 and background on Christian obedience to human government.

10.  Added section 5.4:Elements of the IRS Conspiracy.

11.  Added section 1.7.5:Why won't the IRS and the US Congress Tell the Truth?

12.  Completed revised section 6.7.20: Seizure of property.

13.  Added Chapter 10:Federal Tax Litigation Fundamentals and completed it.



1.   Added section 10.3:Basis for Claims/Redress Against the Government Involving Wrongful Taxes

2.   Added section 4.3:Laws that income taxes violate.



1.   Added chapter 4:Know your rights!

2.   Added section 11.2 Case Citations: A Uniform System of Citation (U.S.C).

3.   Added section 8.2.1:Don’t Give Your Children Social Security Numbers.

4.   Added section 2.3.4:Debt.

5.   Added section 3.5.1:Definitions of "Includes" and "Including".

6.   Added section 3.8.8:Lucas v. Earl.

7.   Added section 3.9: Other Court Cases.

8.   Added section 12.3.3:Pamphlet Handout



1.   Added section 12.6.1: Certified Letter of 32 Questions to Send to IRS BEFORE the Audit Begins.

2.   Added section 4.2:Fundamental Rights:Granted by God and Cannot be Regulated by the Government.

3.   Added section 12.7.1:Responsive Letter to IRS Levy.

4.   Added section 12.7.2:Response to IRS Prosecution for "Willful Failure to File".

5.   Added section 8.2.24:Be on the Offensive with the IRS:  Get in Their Face!

6.   Added section 3.8.2:Knowlton v. Moore.

7.   Added sections 12.2.4-12.2.12: Sample opinion letters.

8.   Expanded section 8.2.2 to add references to the Tax Freedom CD-ROM.

9.   Added section 3.10.1:Uncertainty of the Federal Tax Laws.



1.   Removed most references to the word "lesson" from the document.

2.   Removed most references to "this web site" and replaced them with "this document".

3.   Moved chapter titles to top of page with page numbers instead of bottom of pages. 

4.   Corrected several errors in the chapter headings.

5.   Fixed missing figures (had X's).

6.   Renamed the document from "Taxable Income Handbook" to "The Great IRS Hoax:Why We Don't Owe Income Taxes".



1.   Added section 8.2.24:Handle Your Tax Examination Skillfully.

2.   Added section 12.4.2:Letter to Employers about 1099's Provided to Independent Contractors.

3.   Added section 3.6.6 26 CFR Sec. 31:  Employment Taxes and Collection of Income Taxes at the Source.

4.   Added section 3.7:IRS Publications.

5.   Rewrote the introduction to section 3.6 to focus on definitions and the hierarchy of laws.

6.   Rewrote section 3.5.1:Word Games, to reference the definitions of terms found in U.S. Code and the CFR.

7.   Added section IRS Presumptions and Due Process.

8.   Added section 3.6.2: 26 CFR 1.6661-6(b):  Waiver of Penalty.

9.   Added section 3.11.2:Reasonable Cause.

10.  Added section Correcting W-2's to Reflect the Correct Amount of "Gross Income".

11.  Added section 7.3.1:Plausible Deniability.



1.   Added 3.9.3: 1901:Downes v. Bidwell (182 U.S. 244).

2.   Added section 3.9.8: 1920:  Evens v. Gore (253 U.S. 245).

3.   Added 3.9.14: 1978: Central Illinois Public Service Co. v. United States (435 U.S. 21)

4.   Added section 3.10.1: McCutchin v. Commissioner of IRS, 159 F2d

5.   Added section 3.10.2: Commissioner of IRS v. Duberstein, 80 5. Ct. 1190

6.   Added section 3.10.3: Anderson Oldsmobile , Inc. vs Hofferbert, 102 F. Supp. 902

7.   Added section 3.10.4 Conner v. U.S. 303 F. Supp. 1187 Federal District Court, Houston.

8.   Added section 3.10.5 Simms v. Ahrens, 271 SW 720

9.   Added section 3.9.1 1883:  Butchers' Union Co. v. Crescent City Co. (111 U.S. 746)

10.  Added section 3.10.6 Stapler v. U.S., 21 F. Supp. AT 739

11.  Added section 3.10.7: Helvering v. Edison Brothers' Stores, 133 F2d 575.

12.  Expanded section 4.4:Citizenship, to add more detail about differences between being a Natural Born citizen of the U.S. and a Citizen of the U.S.

13.  Added section 11.2 Statute of Limitations for Criminal Violations of the Tax Code (26 U.S.C. 6531)


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