In a continuous effort to improve the quality of our service to the public, several of our loyal readers and followers have graciously donated mirror server space to significantly increase the bandwidth and geographic coverage of this website.  A mirror server is an identical copy of the entire content of this website that is located on another server in a different country or a different region of the same country.  Mirror servers are accessed from a different URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address than that of the main server.  These mirror servers have the potential to dramatically increase the bandwidth available to users like you so as to improve your experience in using this website.

Usually, the closer a mirror server is to your geographic location, the better the performance.  The bandwidth of our mirror servers and our main website (at http://famguardian.org) are a  full 10Mbit/sec.  Therefore, it is always best to pick one of our servers that is geographically closest to you, bookmark it, and use that mirror instead of the main website so that you get the best performance possible.  Don't worry about getting stale information.  We go to great pains to keep our mirror servers synchronized with the main site so that you always get the latest information.

Additional factors that also contribute to why you should use a mirror server instead of the main website include the following:

  1. The IRS or the government might try to JAM our website (we're watching for this and we will NAIL them if they do!).  The more mirror servers we have, the more difficult it becomes for them to jam ALL of them at once, so that chances are at least one mirror will be fully up at any given time.

  2. Our website has over 4 Gbytes of data and once the web crawlers latch on to it, they can incapacitate our server for days scanning all the content that is found here over our relatively slow link. We have taken precautions to exclude most such crawlers from our robots.txt file, but every once in a while, a new one comes along that knocks us out temporarily before we can exclude it.

  3. This is also a very busy website and you are competing with many other patriotic and God-fearing users for the valuable content found on this site.  Our newer users, for instance, usually start with their first visit to the main website at http://famguardian.org.  After they have read our help system and become more experienced, they follow our advice and shift to using our faster and closer mirror servers so that more bandwidth is available to newer users.  You as an experienced user can contribute to improving the experience for newer users by shifting to a mirror server for all your needs as quickly as you can.

  4. As you may know, our socialist republic occasionally has rolling blackouts, which can render this site unreachable.

  5. The IRS might attempt to raid us in vain hopes of confiscating one of our many servers.

If you experience trouble using our website or poor performance viewing site content, it's probably because of one of the above reasons.    The way to avoid these problems is to use one of our fast mirror sites to get much faster performance than the main server (listed with highest preference first):

Mirror Server #1: http://famguardian1.org/

Therefore, please make sure you bookmark all of the above addresses with your browser so you can quickly use the alternate sites if or when the main site goes down at http://famguardian.org.


Evenings and weekends at the main website are less busy if you must use the main site.  We are well aware of your frustration and we we will do our best over time as resources permit to optimize the performance of this site in order to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your visit.  Donations to that end and especially offers of free web hosting are therefore encouraged!  See our Help page section 11 for further details on how to volunteer space for another mirror server.