This article describes how to find out if your phone line is tapped or if the government is listening.

First Method:

  1. Call 101028817709889664

  2. You want to hear a voice that says “1” or “2” that means no tap is underway.  If you hear “3” or “4” you are tapped.

Second Method

You can also call your local service provider.    For AT&T this is 800-648-4936

  • If you are being tapped by a private party, you have to get a repair person to come and check your lines.  This will cost you money.  The AT&T Corporate Security phone number to initiate this is 800-822-9009.

  • If it is court-ordered, law-enforcement, or government tapping, then you have to call the Law Enforcement group of your service provider.  For AT&T, the phone number is 800-648-4936.

Another alternative is to buy a box to hook up to your phone line that will tell you if you are being tapped.  This device is available from the following:

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