tjprof2.gif (2322 bytes)Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government

Table of Contents

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"The principles of Jefferson are the axioms of a free society." --Abraham Lincoln

    I. The Fundamentals of Government

  1. Inalienable Rights
  2. Securing Rights
  3. Moral Principles
  4. Moral Degeneracy
  5. The Sovereignty of the People
  6. The Safest Depository

II. The Theory of Republican Government

  1. Republican Principles
  2. Majority Rule
  3. Self-Government
  4. Good Government
  5. Governed by Reason
  6. Difference of Opinion
  7. Political Parties

III. The Structure of Republican Government

  1. Constitutions: State & Federal
  2. The Bill of Rights
  3. Amending the Constitution
  4. Interpreting the Constitution
  5. Judicial Review
  6. Separation of Powers: Federal and State
  7. Against Consolidated Government
  8. Separation of Powers: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
  9. Elective Government
  10. Legislative Branch
  11. The Legislators
  12. Executive Branch
  13. Presidential Elections
  14. The Art of Governing
  15. Duties of the Executive
  16. Judicial Branch

IV. Government Policy in a Republic

  1. The Justice System
  2. Immigration Policy
  3. Racial Policy
  4. Native American Policy
  5. Public Works & Public Assistance
  6. Commerce & Agriculture
  7. Money & Banking
  8. Taxation & Fiscal Responsibility
  9. The National Debt
  10. Educating the People
  11. Publicly Supported Education
  12. Foreign Relations
  13. The Rights of Nations
  14. Foreign Commerce
  15. Peace & War
  16. Unavoidable Wars
  17. A Republic at War
  18. The Military & the Militia

V. Citizen Rights in a Republic

  1. Civil Rights

        Free Correspondence
        Freedom of Conscience
        The Right to Bear Arms
        Other Rights

  2. Juridical Rights

        Habeas Corpus
        Trial by Jury

  3. Property Rights
  4. Freedom of the Press
  5. Freedom of Religion

VI. The Prospects for Self-Government

  1. Duties of Citizens
  2. The Spread of Self-Government
  3. Revolution and Reformation
  4. The Future of Democracy in America